Let’s listen to the adults here.

It’s okay Freckles, you can come out from the plumbing.

Check out the article in today’s FNP about Kirby’s Gun Sanctuary. If you missed our post on this nonsense last night click here.

We just want to point out the quotes from his opposition in the Republican primary for county executive.

Delegate Kathy Afzali (R-District 4) wrote in an email: “I support the Constitution and all of its amendments, that includes the Second Amendment. Frederick County is already prohibited from taking actions that violate the U.S. Constitution. It is the great thing about living in America. I will not only uphold the Constitution, but I will clean out the squabbling politicians from County government. County government lets developers rule the roost. Clean house and protect the Constitution. I can do both.”

So read between the not so subtle lines here, Kirby you are one of the squabblers, and you need to go.

Regina Williams wrote: “I commend Kirby for his stance on Second Amendment issues. While I am a supporter myself of 2A, as County Executive, I plan to focus on issues within the County’s purview including County taxes, permitting processes, school safety and the heroin/opioid epidemic. Perhaps Kirby would be better suited for a state or federal elected position where he would have jurisdiction over his political priorities.”

We are going to disagree with any notion that Kirby would be better suited to a state or federal position. Kirby should just retire from any public office.

We will just wait for the next thing Kirby does that makes both Afzali and Regina continue to look like better options in the Republican primary.

It’s poll time. But not our poll…

One of our frenemies is looking for information and has put out a survey because Frederick is just too darn big for her to knock on everyone’s door. There are only 11 questions so it shouldn’t take you too long to fill it out. Here is a sample question. See if you can figure out what is wrong with it.

Misleading question
Property tax rates have NOT increased. Property values have increased.

Your yokels like math so that makes sense right?

Math burn

Well, go ahead and take her poll if you want. Make sure you write in the issues that are important to you.

Did they do anything right? Seriously, anything?

We are guessing no!

Yesterday, County Executive Jan Gardner held a press conference on residential growth. Though this is probably no surprise to our readers, the last BOCC really screwed us! Here’s some highlights from the power point presentation that accompanied the briefing:

Screenshot (105)Screenshot (112)Screenshot (113)Screenshot (114)Screenshot (115)Screenshot (116)Screenshot (117)

Holy Crap People! How did we let this happen?

If all that doesn’t show the importance of paying attention to local issues, we don’t know what will! What is almost incomprehensible about all this is that one of the people on that 2010-2014 board thinks that he should run the whole county! Here’s his “Issues” page from his County Executive webpage:

Screenshot (119)

Well, we know from the whole Citizens’/Montevue sell off that seniors are not his priority. He also has not numerically been able to defend his school lease idea, though he has been given opportunities to do so. Isn’t it in question whether he is for or against sanctuary counties? And proven track record?! BAAHAA, just scroll up!!! It’s one thing that we let the Young BOCC get away with what they did. However, if we choose to elect a person to our highest county office who literally sold us away to developers, and put us on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars, then we really don’t care about this place that we call home.

Who wants to be our County Executive? Kathy Afzali edition!

Mr. Hopkins is doing it better than you!

We’ve already alerted you to the fact that #kirbydelauter has a fancy new website up and running to collect all your money for his County Executive bid. Word is that former contender for that office, Blaine Young, is jumping aboard as his campaign manager. And BAWHAAHA! Please let that be true! Today we have some insight into our other rumored Republican contender for that office, Delegate Kathy Afzali.

In one of our fave FNP sections, Political Notes, we are made aware of how Delegate Afzali is conducting herself while representing our fine area in Annapolis. Turns out, not so good! You see, Delegate Afzali refuses to participate in the General Assembly’s women caucus. And wait until you see the REASONS:

“Afzali said she chooses not to take part in the caucus for several reasons. One, she said, is that so-called women’s issues generally apply to the population at large. She also feels that most of the discussion in caucus meetings would likely focus on liberal topics.”

Best go back into hibernation Mr. Fluffs!

Do we seriously have a delegate who believes that women’s issues do not exist? Is sexism over in Ms. Afzali’s imaginary utopia?  If that part isn’t astounding enough, let’s pay attention to the second part of her reasoning. It appears the Delegate cannot bear to be in the same room with those who do not subscribe to her point of view. We can imagine it can be quite taxing to share the same air with those who, through the thorough study of history, realize that women’s issues are not at all the same as those that men face.  And let us also call attention to her use of the word likely, as it appears she doesn’t even know what is going on in these meetings that she has taken such strides to avoid!

What makes this even sweeter for us to write about is that many Republican women statewide do NOT share Afzali’s point of view. In fact the article reported to us:

“Rey, a Republican who frequently takes part in floor debates in the House, said she enjoys the caucus meetings as a time to speak candidly with other lawmakers.”

“I think it’s a good place to really discuss the issues and it’s an opportunity to understand different points of view,” Rey said.”

WOW!! Can we trade Kathy for this gal?! If you want a chance at being our County Executive you better shape up lady! We ladies know that while we have made great strides in this country, there is still work to be done. And, if you do happen to be elected county executive, you sure as hell better get used to hearing opposing viewpoints. Because right now, you are doing it all WRONG!

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Come on people! Don’t you know that ethics is Kirby’s trigger word?!?!


There’s ethics talk on tonight’s agenda!  Better batten down the hatches!!! This week we are going to try something different. After describing a part of the agenda, we are going to share a Jack Handey quote that hopefully illustrates how we feel about Shrelauter. Grab your agenda, fire up the FCGTV and let’s hope we don’t all get an ulcer. Keep a bottle of your preferred beverage on hand, and just take a swigg as needed. We are going with the honor system on drinks this week.

We start off the same way every month. Pubic comments, voting on the agenda, budget adjustments and then approving previous minutes. Billy, who we hear is considering a run against Ron Young in the next election, thinks it’s all fine and dandy to waste everyone’s time with his abstentions. Mankind is mysterious isn’t it?


Next up with have some County Executive appointments to confirm and FY 2018 Operating and Capital Grant Resolution presented by Nancy Norris of the Transit Services Division. If there’s anything negative to be said, well, this is the best we can do for you:


Here’s where things can go South. It’s the first reading of a bill to appoint an independent council to nominate people to the ethics board. Refer to this quote if there are any rumblings from the far sides of the podium:


Next, there’s a new bill on solar facilities. That’s right Billy did tell us that solar was dead in Frederick County. He also told a big fat lie and said he saw billboards up in Central Pennsylvania thanking Frederick County  for outlawing solar panels. We wonder if Billy would believe this:


Next, we have the reallocation of the Recordation Tax .  This funding needs to go back to our parks and schools where it belongs. This is followed by a public hearing on the Agricultural Preservation easement applications. It seems as though the Recordation Tax issue will be squared away nicely, but we imagine we are going to hear something about land grabbing when it comes to the preservation issue. It makes us want to scream, when they get things so very wrong. Speaking of screaming:


There’s a break until 7:00, (keep your trap shut Billy!) and then there’s the chance for the public to comment on two separate issues. First up, is a bill regarding bond authorization.  Then we are off and running on the bill regarding farm distilleries and tasting rooms. We don’t see Tony’s competing bill on the agenda so hopefully that issue has been settled. We end up, as we always do, with public and council member comments. We’ll leave you with one final thought since we know this is the part of the meeting where Shrelauter likes to shine:


Time to celebrate!!!! Two new elementary schools are coming to Frederick!


Some good news in the county today. County Executive Jan Gardner  announced that the county has teamed with two developers in a $27 million deal to get Butterfly Ridge and Sugar Loaf Elementary  built. Kirby was not in attendance and for some reason we don’t believe that either one of these developers were the “secret developer” that he had in mind.

In the same news release we learn of the formation of a round table to discuss building schools more cost effectively and a task force that Kirby and Tony wanted to talk about leasing school buildings.  A round table sounds like a reasonable adult discussion may take place. On the other hand, a task force has connotations of a brawl waiting to happen.  See the press release for yourself:

2016-03-10 (6)

Poor Blaine. “Oops. I did it again.”

Our poor ousted former County Commissioner has changed his mind about what a great and high and mighty exalted thing this whole County Council government is. Wonder what’s caused his change of heart? We’ve compliled a story in pictures to illustrate his changing stance on the County Charter.

It doesn't get any less subtle than this.
It doesn’t get any less subtle than this.

According to Blaine Young, BOCC president, Frederick County is at a crossroads, and the road Young thinks it should take is in the direction of a strong county executive, like that of the 10 Maryland counties—including Baltimore City, which has county-like standing— that currently have charter governments. Four- teen others have either commissioner or code home rule systems. Frederick Gorilla February 1, 2012

But, as you can see, the winds of change are blowing wild and free.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.05.33 AM
Look at me! I’m still relevant!


Call the waaaaambulance.
Call the waaaaambulance.


Sour grapes...a drink best served cold.
Sour grapes…a drink best served cold.

We’re inclined to think he’ s busy making himself useful with stupid distractions. Focus on doing something productive. Stop breaking everything all the time.