Poor Blaine. “Oops. I did it again.”

Our poor ousted former County Commissioner has changed his mind about what a great and high and mighty exalted thing this whole County Council government is. Wonder what’s caused his change of heart? We’ve compliled a story in pictures to illustrate his changing stance on the County Charter.

It doesn't get any less subtle than this.
It doesn’t get any less subtle than this.

According to Blaine Young, BOCC president, Frederick County is at a crossroads, and the road Young thinks it should take is in the direction of a strong county executive, like that of the 10 Maryland counties—including Baltimore City, which has county-like standing— that currently have charter governments. Four- teen others have either commissioner or code home rule systems. Frederick Gorilla February 1, 2012

But, as you can see, the winds of change are blowing wild and free.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.05.33 AM
Look at me! I’m still relevant!


Call the waaaaambulance.
Call the waaaaambulance.


Sour grapes...a drink best served cold.
Sour grapes…a drink best served cold.

We’re inclined to think he’ s busy making himself useful with stupid distractions. Focus on doing something productive. Stop breaking everything all the time.

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