It’s poll time. But not our poll…

One of our frenemies is looking for information and has put out a survey because Frederick is just too darn big for her to knock on everyone’s door. There are only 11 questions so it shouldn’t take you too long to fill it out. Here is a sample question. See if you can figure out what is wrong with it.

Misleading question
Property tax rates have NOT increased. Property values have increased.

Your yokels like math so that makes sense right?

Math burn

Well, go ahead and take her poll if you want. Make sure you write in the issues that are important to you.

Well that was fast!

Can we keep it under Billy’s desk?


We are going to go ahead and close our latest poll. Now we know none of our answers were right! Poor Billy just wanted to sound off on someone who sounds like they were *GASP* doing their job. We know that is oh, so, hard for poor Billy to grasp. Some people take their responsibilities seriously. Thanks for playing! That was fun.

Don’t worry. The Ouija Board will be back to play again soon.

Polls, polls and more polls!

As always, before starting a new poll, we need to close out our last one.



Looks like you think there will be a bonfire at Winchester Hall in the near future.

Just kidding. Sort of.

We hope you all remember the council meeting where Council President’s Otis’ phone rang and everyone was treated to his “Bad to the Bone” ringtone.
That got us thinking. We need your to help us decide what ringtones to assign to each council member and some other locals that we want to set up on our speed dials.

We realize this means you will have to do extra work this week with all these polls, but we think it is important enough to ask you to take the time to complete each one.

We also highly recommend you google the lyrics of any titles of which you are not familiar. WARNING: some of these songs contain lyrics that some may find highly applicable offensive.










And for infotainment purposes only:








Last week’s poll results and this week’s happy fun time!

Wow! Thank you very much looking forward to seeing y'all out in the field.
Wow! Thank you very much looking forward to seeing y’all out in the field.
Ha ha!  But seriously, who voted for Blaine?!
Ha ha! But seriously, who voted for Blaine?!

So for this week we want to imagine that you are going to attend a lecture series. Which one of the following would you like to attend for the purpose of heckling?