Let’s listen to the adults here.

It’s okay Freckles, you can come out from the plumbing.

Check out the article in today’s FNP about Kirby’s Gun Sanctuary. If you missed our post on this nonsense last night click here.

We just want to point out the quotes from his opposition in the Republican primary for county executive.

Delegate Kathy Afzali (R-District 4) wrote in an email: “I support the Constitution and all of its amendments, that includes the Second Amendment. Frederick County is already prohibited from taking actions that violate the U.S. Constitution. It is the great thing about living in America. I will not only uphold the Constitution, but I will clean out the squabbling politicians from County government. County government lets developers rule the roost. Clean house and protect the Constitution. I can do both.”

So read between the not so subtle lines here, Kirby you are one of the squabblers, and you need to go.

Regina Williams wrote: “I commend Kirby for his stance on Second Amendment issues. While I am a supporter myself of 2A, as County Executive, I plan to focus on issues within the County’s purview including County taxes, permitting processes, school safety and the heroin/opioid epidemic. Perhaps Kirby would be better suited for a state or federal elected position where he would have jurisdiction over his political priorities.”

We are going to disagree with any notion that Kirby would be better suited to a state or federal position. Kirby should just retire from any public office.

We will just wait for the next thing Kirby does that makes both Afzali and Regina continue to look like better options in the Republican primary.

Project Runway: Fredneck Edition

There’s one and only one contestant on this edition of Project Runway! SPOILER ALERT: we have already voted him off! Instead of engaging in any kind of constructive debate or offering any realistic solutions to the challenges we face, Kirby instead seems hellbent on decorating the county with his poorly designed campaign shirts.

We have already discussed his line of clothing for the mythical Lego Friends among us, but hey look again:

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 3.15.24 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 3.15.53 PM
Lame! Sad!

Kirby did not want the menfolk to be left out, so in the spirit of Minecraft and G.I. Joe, voila:

Not sure what constitutes a real man. Probably includes only those that support Trump and Confederate statues.

If those two options don’t toot your whistle, never fear!! Kirby has a whole line of “specialty” shirts created just for you:

Better snatch this one up quickly! Only one Grandma is allowed to vote for Kirby!
No law enforcement experience required!
No comment!

If none of these options should accurately describe you, go ahead and put in a special request to the Delauter campaign. We would sure like to see Kirby waste spend some more of his hard earned campaign money on these things!