We’ve cracked the code!

The first part of the workshop was relatively calm. There was a good presentation from our fine county employees regarding the creation of a Senior Services Advisory Board. We predict this bill will get through with no problems. It only makes sense that we stay responsive to the growing needs of our rapidly growing aging community.

Next, there’s a long discussion on the upcoming Farm-based Craft Beverage Promotional Events bill. These are events that can take place at an established brewery or winery, and this bill establishes guidelines to help these types of businesses grow. Tony was on the work group and he’s got lots to say. Kirby just wants to make sure y’all know the difference between legitimate complaints and you know, people who need to keep their traps shut! Billy tries to compare this to wedding venues, but is mercifully shut down as being irrelevant to the current discussion.

Tony is going to be candid folks! He doesn’t like that the quasi-judicial planning commission members can go on Facebook AND donate to political candidates. I mean really folks, (and this is his example not ours!), when  if Tony is ever brought up on weapons charges he is going to be so dismayed if he ever finds out that the person sitting in judgment of him has donated thousands of dollars to an anti-gun organization! Can y’all just imagine the injustice!? There’s lots of free speech concerns, with Tony going back to how they are quasi judges, so there! He also wants to give specific examples! M.C. says he can’t use people’s names. He then says can he use positions, and how about he just talks until someone tells him to shut up? Bud, says that no, none of this is a good idea. So, your Lady Yokels, really want to know what the hell is this all about. First, we hop on over to the planning commission site to see who could have invoked the ire of Tony:

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 5.51.33 PM

We automatically recognize two of the names from Kirby’s failed flow chart!!!!


download (2)
We sure do!

Tony has some nerve as well, especially after all we uncovered concerning the Off-Track Betting bill! People can objectively serve on boards and have political opinions! It’s crazy and naive to think otherwise.

The last bit of the evening was unfortunately devoted to Billy. He wants to repeal part of the ethics  bill they passed in 2017 in which a nominating committee nominates people to the ethics board instead of the county executive. M.C. thinks he must be confused so she specifically asks if that’s what he wants to do. Jessica asks for his rationale, to which he replies, “The other way was better!” So, this begs the question: Which one of Billy’s cronies was denied a nomination? Since all this stuff seems to be personal to these guys.

The new business part of the evening gets testy. Tony is VERY ANGRY over the state of water and sewer amendments. Wants to know why sometimes the process works and why sometimes it doesn’t. Billy is a complete jerk in trying to demand that he be given a workshop on building costs. This was previously denied because he couldn’t prove it served a legislative purpose. He yells at Bud that he never puts anything on the agenda! And there we are folks. Three and a half more months and we will be free of the Shreve! Let the countdown begin!

Skeptical workshop

We all are!

There are four issues to be discussed at this evening’s workshop. The first two are about the Senior Services Advisory Board and Farm-based craft beverages promotions. It’s the second two that we fear may be two lame duck council member’s attempts to “fix” things that perhaps really don’t need to be fixed. Tony wants to pass a bill that ensures the impartiality of the planning commission. Which is super rich considering he did not take that advice in his own dealings! And Billy (we know folks!) has a bunch of changes to submit to the ethics bill. No word if ethics is still a trigger word for Kirby since he’s soon to be out of political office. We’ll let ya know!

TFW the local Republicans go cannibal

You are definitely going to want to see this. Team Hogan Frederick County Edition has emerged, and since Team Hogan is code for Team Afzali (*actual Hogan endorsements ambiguous) a brouhaha has ensued on the Republican Club of Frederick County page. The principal players are One Potted Plant Enthusiast, Area Woman, #KirbyDelauter, and Our Least Favorite School Board Candidate in History (et. al. aspiring BOE idiots). All have gone Full Donner Party, and they aren’t going to wait for anyone to get cold before they roll up to the all day cray cray buffet.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 1.09.22 PM.png
Although this post is principally about the epic mudslinging going on on the Republican Club of Frederick County’s page…(there are two, because of course there are; when you look at this hot mess it appears that soon each Republican will need their very own club, because otherwise they would be part of a slate that no one can tolerate)…anyway, we would be remiss if we didn’t wonder how to freeze taxes and fix infrastructure. Like that’s free. That sounds like some GWB nonsense. How “fiscally conservative” of them.

Here are some of the beautiful things that are going on for all the world to see. We can start with this announcement of our intentions:

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 2.05.21 PM
yah. That’s the idea.

Cindy Rose adamantly refuses to vote for Afzali and maligns anyone who appears with her as having the stench of Afzali on them. There is a mighty feud between Cindy Rose and Mary Posey on this point, because Mary Posey understands how politics works, and the bulk of these other people seemingly do not. They take Mrs. Posey’s superior comprehension personally. Dummies gonna dumb, yo.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 1.25.49 PM
In Afzali’s defense (gag), it would be so easy to have a personal problem with someone who has a personal problem with everyone, and who now refuses to compromise during an election because she has a personal problem. #irony
Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 2.15.27 PM
Guess who we specifically would not trust on the little things? If you think it is someone who didn’t take the time to read a picture book with about 45 words in it to discern whether or not it is socialist propaganda before spouting off about it, step up and collect your prize!

Kirby blames Chuck Jenkins for Afzali’s win. ICYMI Jenkins and Afzali have a difficult history, which is also fun. These people must have the best parties. Like the Palins in the neighbor’s driveway…


Kirby blasting off at Jenkins is the most fun we’ve had in years.


This dramedy between Jill King (failed aldermanic candidate from days of yore) and Seth Eisenberg (failed BOE candidate and supermoron) goes on for awhile, mostly a lot of the same. None of it surprising.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 1.52.20 PM


Then Jill King deigns to take up the mantle of Miss Manners, and Seth Eisenberg may be a total jerk, but he isn’t wrong about the figurative running of her mouth online. So that’s too funny.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 1.35.28 PM
Not really the main idea, but who is Fred Propheter’s ideal conservative?! Yikes. Incidentally, Jill is correct, they are crazy to behave like this, but please proceed, right? There’s a field day to be had.

Boy howdy. Nothing like an intramural butthurt festival to get the Local Yokel Correspondents popping our popcorn. Incidentally, we hate that word, but it always seems to be a favorite maneuver in any Frederick County Republican Online Catfight. The County Council Watch Membership has some sort of butthurt identification service, apparently, because it comes up a lot. Either that or they are as emotionally mature as the average twelve year old.

Kirby calls Mary Posey a “POS.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 1.19.38 PM
We’re always surprised when we see Mary Posey’s perspective. We thought she was wacky when it seemed like Bud Otis’s moderate politics were a personal affront, speaking of taking things personally. But today is a different day. Wow.

Oh! And then there is this! Different space, but on the same topic of cannibalism, Kirby endorses Kai Hagen over Danny Farrar! The one endorsement Kai may have preferred to skip. But oh well, right? We will all hope to see more of Kirby’s Epic Sour Grapes. Election 2018 is going to be more fun than we had hoped for!



The tale of the irrelevant abstainer: Your July 17th meeting run-down!

It’s been a rough four years!

It seems to be that we will be reporting on these last few meetings with a sense of relief. For everything that Shrelauter and Tony does is TEMPORARY. Let’s get to it!

Kirby comes in late and Billy abstains on voting on the agenda.

There are a bunch of concerned citizens making comments about the Sheriff’s agreement with ICE. More specifically how there needs to be an external audit since he’s apparently taking in more than he’s spending. Lots of good points made about how the Sheriff’s office should not be the only entity that has oversight of this program. We also loved Matt Seubert’s comments about the primary election results!

Billy abstains on the budget adjustments, of which there are many, AND the minutes. He then goes on to abstain on the appointment of Kathy Schey to the division of Senior Services, as well as to the appointees to the Board of Appeals. Can someone just write him an excuse note for the rest of his term?

Other board’s members are approved with no issues.

The Bikeways and Trail plan is approved 5-2. Billy tries to make some noise about how this is just like the Monocacy River Plan, to which Tony disagrees.

A bulk of the evening is spent discussing the charter amendments that will find their way to our ballot this Fall. Tony doesn’t win with his amendment that would allow the council to add, delete, and move money around in the budget. Most people are in agreement that we need another council to see if this is actually a charter problem or just a problem with certain “personalities” on the present council. LOL! Jessica pulls her collective bargaining amendment that she was working out with the firefighters because they wrote their own and have been all over town getting people to sign their petition. You can read a more in depth analysis of this section of the meeting here.

The council voted to surplus a building on Ballenger Creek Pike. Originally slated for a firehouse, it has been sitting there for 30 years. Billy wants to see if the original owner can be tracked down, and the county representative is pretty much flabbergasted by this suggestion. The council, except for the abstainer, agreed to surplus it.

We then go through a bunch of First Readings, which will be discussed in more detail at a later date. And sorry/not sorry, we are skipping the sewage amendment hearing portion of the evening!

We return at 7:00 with two public hearings on bills that have to do with accessory dwelling units. All conversation is positive!

He’s been quiet all evening, but now it’s time for council member comments and Kirby has some things to say! He’s got one issue! The mayor of New Market contacted him because the he says the county agreed to take care of a new by-pass, but now wants the town to do it. We are treated to such Kirbyisms as:

“The county is trying to strong-arm a municipality!”

“The agreement says what it says!”

What will we do without this hyperbolic language come January?

True Facts!

Billy agrees that we’ve all seen this movie before! And don’t you know that all the municipalities are suing the county?! We sure didn’t!

Jerry has nice things to say about the carnivals. Tony has nothing to say. Jessica reminds us that the council really can’t do anything about the agreement with ICE nor can the Executive. M.C. makes us aware of a forum that Ft. Detrick is having about the sterilization plant shut-down and also had some nice events to tell us about. Bud ends the evening recounting all the fine things going on around these here parts.

Overall, we made it through the first post-election legislative day relatively unscathed! Here’s to the last four months going as smoothly!

Lame ducking it through the next 5 months! Your summer time council drinking game is here!

Take it easy Fluffy!

Today is the first legislative day since the primary election. That means..dun, dun, dun….council member comments! Billy didn’t bother showing up at the last workshop and Kirby was very quiet and even pulled his bill, so we don’t know what to expect!!! It makes us a little uneasy! Anyhoo, grab your trusty agenda, fire up your FCGTV, and be sure to take care of that liver. There’s no way that Billy is coming to save any of you ingrates now!

What are we going to do without someone to vote against the agenda come December? Who will abstain on the budget adjustment just to see the expression on the faces of his fellow council members? Just thinking of this makes us feel all giddy inside. No matter what happens with the passing of the agenda and approval of adjustments, slam back a tall Happy Camper, for this will all be over soon!

Up next is a bunch of approvals of nominees and appointments. May be the time to get some last minute digs in, but we hope not. Mix up a pitcher of Tomorrow We Sail, in anticipation of rosy times ahead!

Now it’s time to vote on the Bike and Trails plan and Four proposed amendments to the County Charter. Don’t listen to the “noise” about the collective bargaining and instead know it’s going to help our county employees, firefighters included, to get a fair shake. If the “noise” becomes too loud, soften it up with a high ball of Silent Touch.

Now it’s time to determine if a building in Ballenger Creek is no longer necessary, and there’s quite a few First Readers to get through. Let’ s see if everyone can remember that First Readers are just an introduction, not a time to debate!

For the three public hearings, pick your poison and drink at will!

It may be a long night with all of this on the agenda! When the time comes for council member comments make sure you have your wits about ya! You probably don’t want to miss a second of this!

Workshop absentee.

Naa, we’re good!

From our post on Tuesday we saw that there was some speculation that Kirby would not show up. He did show up, though he was as silent as could be. Billy, on the other hand, did not bother. Therefore, between Billy’s absence and Kirby’s silence we had a pretty nice meeting!The first order of business is that Jerry would like to add an amendment to the Elderly Individual and Retired Military tax credit. The FNP, did a nice job of covering this part of the meeting, so we’ll just direct you to that.

With no explanation Kirby pulls his bill for the Public Safety workers tax credit.

Lori Depies is always a pleasure to listen to. There will be a bill asking to remove the BoE representatives from the Retiree Benefit Trust. There is also a representative from the BoE on hand to explain why they would like to dissolve their relationship. The BoE will be managing a separate trust for their employees. Read more about the bill here.

Bud has a bill that would transfer control of compensation from the County Executive’s office to the County Council for council employees. Bud has worked on this for over a year, however, many of the council members did not see this exact bill until this evening. This bill caused the most back and forth of the evening. Some council members are concerned about this turning all council employees into at-will. Others want to know why this is necessary. Tony accuses M.C. and Jessica of saying this bill is horrible. Something we did not hear. M.C. takes issue with this characterization and tells him that having concerns and wanting some language changed does not equal saying it is horrible. Jerry has a few hypothetical situations that a future vindictive council member may take advantage of with this bill. This then leads to Bud saying the most wonderful thing: ” The public will take care of unreasonable council members”. Damn right we will! There’s some more discussion, so we predict some more changes before this bill sees its first reading.

No one to object to going into closed session! What a refreshing change!

The council reconvened at 7:00 for a public hearing on the new bike trail bill. The county has been operating under the 1999 plan and staff feels the need to update it. They are taking some of the trails out of the original plan due to such factors as cost, need, and environmental impact. The third reading of this bill, which means the final council vote, should appear soon.

We were spared council member comments this week since it was a workshop. We’ll see how things go next week during their first legislative meeting since the election.