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The slacks of one Blaine Young are charred and ashy! Yokel Fact Check Edition.

By now we all know that Blaine Young was convicted on three out of the four counts of prostitution that he was charged with. Subsequently, he was given the equivalent of a slap on the pinky. We need to explore what happened in the courtroom a little more today as the details of his Ryan Lochtiesque story have come to light. You can read the whole description here…let’s begin with our analysis.

Blaine claims that on that cold February night, he was driving part time for the Yellow Cab company. While waiting for a fare at a local Shell station, this convo took place:

He was waiting for the client at a Shell station near the airport and he mentioned to other drivers waiting there that he was having foot and neck pain, he said.

Another cab driver said that he knew an attractive blonde in the area who gave good massages. Young said he entered the terms “BWI,” “massage” and “blonde” into a search engine on his cellphone and found the ad that led him to the undercover officer, according to his testimony.

Are we to believe that this mystery cab driver happened to know that an undercover police officer gave good massages in the area? And then, in an attempt to alleviate his foot and neck pain, Blaine decides it would be a fine idea to put the words “massage”, “BWI”, and “blonde” into his search engine?  We are also middle aged people who have also suffered from neck pain. When this pain became  unbearable we went to our doctor and got a referral to go to a physical therapist. Like normal  people do. Another alternative would have been to contact any one of the legitimate massage therapists that we have here in Frederick. So not only is he weaving a web of lies, but he is attempting to implicate this other poor cab driver, of whom he is accusing of leading him down this path. This part of his story gets one of these:

download (5)

Next up we have this little nugget:

Young said he called to see if he would have enough time for a massage and when he learned that the person he believed to be a masseuse was nearby, he went to meet her. He paid her the $60 she requested, thinking it was for a massage, and he was arrested.

According to the police report he went to a website called and answered an ad where the following was stated: “Smoking Hot Blonde, Fun Freaky and Fetish Friendly.” Not only that, there was a pic of a woman in a thong that accompanied said ad. Therefore, he not only lied about the purpose of the call, well, we’ll let the judge take it from here:

“A 12-year-old boy can look at that ad and know what it’s about,” the judge said.

Duden said he did not believe Young’s version of events. Young should have reasonably concluded, he said, that the ad — which referenced fetishes and contained an image of a woman in a thong — was an ad for prostitution, not massages.

In addition, here’s what the undercover officer had to say:

The undercover detective testified at trial that Young entered and quickly began to undress. He told her that he didn’t have much time. She asked him what he wanted and Young inquired what she did. The undercover officer said she responded everything. She then asked if he wanted sex and he said yes, according to the officer.

For this part of the story  lie he gets:

images (3)


If you click back to our original post on this story back in March, you would see that Blaine apologized on Facebook for this arrest. The prosecutor brought up the post and Blaine also had an explanation for that!:

When prosecutor Natalie D’Antonio asked him about a Facebook post in which he apologized for his actions and referenced “demons to deal with and conquer,” Young said that was not an admission of guilt, but expression of remorse for what he had put his then-fiancee, children and family through.

We will just answer that with this:


Maybe, just maybe we would believe that he’s trying to change if he got before that judge and took responsibility for what he had done. Instead, he weaves a fantasy that not even the most dense among us could possibly believe. This just shows that he’s just as he always was and  probably always will be. WTOP ended their coverage of his trial with this:

“I’m just sorry and want to be a good citizen and get back to my community,” a sobbing Young told the judge.

You know what Blaine? Your community has had just about enough of you. Enough is enough. Your chances are all used up!


We’ve reached the end of our rope with the one named Shreve!

Well we have a whole lot of letters we can use to describe it.
Don’t worry we have a whole lot of letters we can use to describe it.

At the end of our very informative workshop on human trafficking, Billy lit everything on fire and we mean everything. We first have to commend County Attorney Kearney and Council Member Keegan-Ayres for not flying across the dais and taking a hold of that man’s neck. Seriously, we could not deal with his nonsense, which only seems to get worse as the weeks go by.

After sitting quietly through the presentation, our most useless council member decides he has some items that must be addressed. First off, he wants a formal investigation into why the County Executive returned the money to the City of Baltimore for expenses incurred during the Baltimore riot. Billy wants to know why his question has not been addressed! Well hold on there fella! Did you not receive the email that Ms. Kearney sent you detailing why this in fact was legal? Come on guys…you don’t expect Billy to read do you? So it is the opinion of the attorney that since they have a mutual aid agreement with Baltimore AND this money was not a budgeted item and therefore did not fall under the purview of the council, the Executive (like many across the State) was completely within her rights to return the money. Like because, uh, maybe we all want to help each other out around these here parts. I would imagine that if we were ever so unfortunate to have a disaster in Frederick we would be very appreciative if our neighbors lent a helping hand. Without expecting cash money in return.

You would think this is over, but my poor naive friends, you would be very wrong indeed. Because Billy wants a FORMAL INVESTIGATION into why this money was returned. You can’t believe a word out of Ms. Kearney’s mouth because she was hired by that “fox in the hen house” (Kirby’s words) Jan Gardner. So there’s some argument over this that goes along the usual lines. Billy ends up yelling at Bud, “You’re out of order, just ask anyone who voted for you!” Jessica and MC try to push the point that we can just ask people about this instead of having a FORMAL INVESTIGATION. And that’s what is going to end up happening because only Billy and Kirby voted for this nonsense.

We were all so hopeful that this would conclude our evening, but we were all so very wrong. Because: Nursing Home!! Billy wants all the details of the deal. He is informed that County Attorney Mathias does not want the details released to the public yet because it is still in litigation. Everyone seems to be fine with this except our two revenge seekers. Billy yells at Bud again about how he’s showing no leadership and how can he expect anything less and OMG Bud’s phone goes off and his ringtone is Bad to the Bone!!! We swear on Helena’s throne that is true! How in love with that are you? We’ll leave you with this last little pic that so exemplifies what Billy is doing to our county government:


PSA: The county human trafficking workshop is legit worth seeing

So much so that you might even want to have your young ‘uns check into it. The CNN video clip of the interview with Jada Pinkett Smith was something that is worth a glance, because the anecdote they discuss really shows that this could happen to anyone under the wrong circumstances. We learned a lot tonight:

Not New Business: Billy is an infantile hominid.

New Business: Human trafficking is the real deal. It’s here, and we need to be looking out for people. And our own kiddoes. Back up, you say? Will do…

They opened the workshop with this video from the Department of Homeland Security. Which is odd, because some local naysayers were very sure that this matter was just some sort of teacher orchestrated boondoggle.

Geniuses you are not.
Geniuses you are not. Further information about this catastrophic meltdown is available on the County Council Watch Watch page. Hats off to the dedicated public servant(s?) there for pointing us in the right direction.

One of these “thinkers” by the name of Cindy Rose is running for the BOE. Is it possible that the crew here is so wedged into Blaine Young‘s rump dumplings that they forgot to A.) have empathy like human beings? and B.) that they too should be worried about kids (who are hopefully at school) vulnerable to some deviant lunatic predator on social media? Because that’s all it takes nowadays.

Anyhoo, it is all well explained by Frederick Chief of Police Hargis. He had the experience of attending a youth/law enforcement forum where he actually met a couple of young victims of human trafficking, which made him more interested in the issue. One young lady came from poverty, described herself as a “bad kid” and had tried to improve her circumstances. She was exploited by a man she thought would rescue her from a miserable outlook. Another young lady had come from a family of means, but was trying to escape her parents’ bad relationship, ran from home and ended up abducted, raped, and enslaved in a motel room. One of his takeaways from these discussions was that it is important that they build rapports with victims and ask the right questions. That is what this task force is seeking to do. Build community protocols so that victims have a certain path out of victimhood, and establish the procedures to keep people from slipping through the cracks.

It is truly a shame that the dialogue above is not the slightest bit concerned with the things that the speakers this evening talked about. It really makes you wonder about the community we live in. We have nothing but respect for the input of this panel this evening. Everyone doing their part to make people safer in Frederick County. And on that note, many thanks to Councilwoman Jessica Fitzwater for shining light on this issue.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Blaine’s verdict is in!




According to the FNP he was found guilty on all three charges. However, since it’s a misdemeanor, all he will get is probation before judgment and a $200 fine. According to the article, Blaine claims he was going to the hotel to get a massage! Thankfully the judge did not buy that line of nonsense!

We’ll have some  good reporting on tonight’s human trafficking workshop where hopefully we can come up with some good solutions to this very real problem.



You broke our poll record!! Now it’s time for a new one!

Well, well, well…it seems that our last poll about Blaine got a lot of people’s attention. For we had never had so many people participate before. Here’s your results:

Continue reading “You broke our poll record!! Now it’s time for a new one!”

Oh what a coinkydink!

Cinnamon, we really don’t know where you come up with these crazy ideas!!! Nobody could possibly believe that!!!

Tuesday will bring us dueling human trafficking events. In one corner we have this:

2016-08-18 (1)

That’s right! It’s finally time for Blaine to face a judge over his prostitution arrest. Some may say that he’s irrelevant here in the county, seeing as how Jan trounced him in the last election. However, many birdies have told us that he wishes to become the shiny brand new District 5 Council representative once Kirby gets his butt whooped in the County Executive contest. So as long as he keeps trying to creep back into elected office, we will be here to remind you what a catastrophic mistake that would be.

Keep District 5 Blaine free!
Keep District 5 Blaine free!

The second event is attempt to deal with the very real problem of human trafficking here in Frederick County:



We highly recommend that you read through these pages and become educated on the problem. For this is a subject that is very dear to your Lady Yokel’s hearts. We firmly believe that   no person such be forced into any kind of slavery, sexual or otherwise.

Our faithful readers will remember back when a vote was taken on having this workshop. Billy voted against it because, and we quote, “There are groups both for and against this.” Jerry and Jessica were both incredulous as were we!  (Of course we kinda suspect this was all a cover to protect Blaine and his transgressions). There couldn’t possibly be people in favor of human trafficking, could there?  We are very sad to report that Billy may just be right. For those of you who are not yet acquainted with the watchdog group Frederick County Council Watch Watch you need to click on over and take a look. This page watches the Frederick County Council Watch page, and believe it or not  they have found people who think this whole human trafficking workshop is a huge conspiracy. Including a few people who are running for public office in these here parts.  

Look what you did to Spongebob and Patrick! Aren't you ashamed people!
Look what you did to Spongebob and Patrick! Aren’t you ashamed people!

As always, we’ll let you know the outcome of both the trial and the workshop. There is never a dull moment in Frederick politics.

All the dead horses fit to be beaten were trotted out after the long council break

This meeting started with all the regular malarkey. There was a grand opening event in the first public comment section. Thanks be to Yokel reader and frequent public commenter Patrick Schempp. He came with audio effects so that we could all hear Blaine Young at the last BOCC meeting brag about how he screwed us all for generations to come. That’s may be a slight paraphrase, but not at all a mischaracterization of the attitude. The AV Club presentation ran a little long, so by the fourth minute of the meeting Billy had already started his insolent griping at Bud about controlling the meeting. I think Mr. Schempp must’ve hurt Billy’s feelings…

Sorry to have to keep using this one folks. But it's kinda not our fault.
Sorry to have to keep using this one folks. But it’s kinda not our fault.

And then came the consent items, and Kirby took the opportunity to wail on the most brittle skeletal remains of his favorite dead horse. One of the consent items involved BOE money and that was going to affect Jerry and Jessica’s salaries. Oh. Mon. Dieu. How many times are we going to go over this? But he knows. He just wants the public to know that if they vote on the whole consent agenda one of the line items will give money to the BOE to decide what to do with it, and years down the road the teachers on the Council may benefit from it. Probably maybe eventually they will see seventeen cents more than they had yesterday. Shut up, Kirby. Shut. Up. We are bored of your stupidity. Jerry and Jessica both responded, kind of the same way they always do when Kirby pulls this crap (oh, consent items passed, in spite of time wasted).

Other Shrelauter horse carcass flogging included the continued denial of the science of water. Why should we comply with the Clean Water Act? Again (and this is a review for Kirby, too–goodness no wonder they have no respect for education issues, look how it helped them comprehend nothing at all). To ignore the problems with erosion and pollution that Shrelauter disbelieves, there are significant fines and prison time at stake. Why be bothered with reality, though. Also Billy says it is good thing that they have learned some of our local streams are polluted by animals. Tony jovially concluded that they need to shoot more deer. The thing is, we are pretty that you are NOT just allowed to go shoot the domesticated bovines standing in area streams, and their pies are so much more copious than the fewmets left by deer. But harharhar. Thriving animal populations or whatever. This is a positive spin a la “the Grand Canyon is beautiful and caused by erosion.” Psst Billy: our troubles here are generally caused by sediment deposition. Also, according to Billy our water is obviously fine. “No one has died.” (true story) O.K. Please explain how we are to listen to your possibly lead poisoned brain thoughts and reach the same “it’s all good” conclusion. We’ll be waiting…

A new and head-scratching thing occurred during the discussion concerning the payment in lieu of tax agreement to establish workforce housing on North Market Street. Billy seemed at a loss when he was told about fair housing laws. This means incentives can’t be given to certain classes of people. He was hoping it would be guaranteed somehow that the available units would be filled by teachers, nurses and first responders of the highest workforce caliber and obviously not some ambiguous lesser riffraff. Indignantly, he demanded to know what laws. This ignorance was shocking to your yokels, only because we have bought houses and dealt with realtors. Then we remembered: Billy is a realtor. We don’t know if our jaws will ever come off the floor.

A quick and dirty guide to the hot topics:

Everybody likes the hotel tax. Except Randy Cohen of the Holiday Inn (can’t really blame him for that, but try as he might that Holiday Inn is not going to move itself downtown, so…). He did bring a couple of friends. One of them was so angry about Redheaded Eskimos.

Nobody likes the medical marijuana pilot program. They all came out of the woodwork to say so.

Council member comments at the end of the evening had us laughing so hard we were unable to breathe and nearly passed out from lack of oxygen. Kirby is still complaining about his lease back option getting nixed. And just because it was obviously a terrible idea from the first day! Billy had a lot to say, and this post would be twice as long if we just focused on that (see yourself at 5 hours 43 minutes, no, that is not a typo). Jessica ducked out because of new motherhood, and she honestly must have been miserable by that point and probably wouldn’t have even been able to laugh at her neighbor on the dias. We highly recommend that she does as promised and goes back to watch them. Of course she will. She is a responsible council person.

There is another phrase kind of like beating a dead horse, but it is much cruder and involves a chicken. If this redundant stuff continues, we may be forced to drag that ghastly thing out. We can’t keep being forced to say the same things over and over again just because Shrelauter hasn’t had a fresh thought in over a year.


Hope your livers are all rested up! Cause tonight’s going to be a doozy!

It's amazing how backed up you can get in a month!
It’s amazing how backed up you can get in a month!

Howdy Yokels! The council has taken a month off from legislatin’ and tonight they are coming back with a vengence! Billy should be all nice and relaxed from his bro vacay with Blaine to Costa Rica. And Kirby should be in high spirits since he’s been planning a weapons give-a-away at his place of business. Will this be enough to put them in a jovial mood? Only time will tell! Grab a hold of your agenda and pace yourself for we are in for a looooong night (please click on that–there’s really no way we can do it all justice here).

We’ll skip over the first Public Comments, because usually everyone else does, too. Also we’ll skip the Consent Agenda. If Billy doesn’t have to participate in this part, we don’t either, right? There are plenty of Business Items to keep us really busy.

Two items on the first reading calendar. A bill regarding Fire and Rescue Services and changes to the noise ordinance. If anyone should throw a fit during this part of the process, throw back an Anti-Freeze #2. 

Two items on the Third Reading Calendar, and a few Public Hearings. This is why we ask you to click, since today’s abridged version of the Agenda Drinking Game is in the interest of our sanity and your safety so that we can segue into the part of the meeting where there may well be lots of public comments. Wheeeee.


The APFO (Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance) presented on behalf of the County Executive by Bud Otis will absolutely require the consumption of a Drama Queen (or two…or three) while we see which of our CouncilTrumpets makes the most noise.

The Zoning Bill: usually a zoning discussion is the point during which yer Yokel ladies stop laughing and our text exchange looks more like “zzzzzzzzoning this is so boring.” Maybe just take a rest yourselves. This agenda is a lot to process.

A Pilot program to allow Medical Cannabis Growers in the Agricultural Zoning District will require a Back Stage Pass to get you past Sheriff Jenkins’ objections (presumed, y’all know we don’t call him up and ask, we just stereotype the High Sheriff because it’s easy and predictable and we aren’t getting paid for this job).

A Bill concerning Frederick County’s Hotel Rental Tax Rate. Whilst this discussion carries forth, sip your Hotel California, if you have entered into one of the internet chat rooms (that link is good for a chuckle) for or against the construction of this hotel:

“You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave!”

Council Member comments are often the most melodramatic of the evening. If you can still see at this point, mix up a Curtain Call.



Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most unethical of them all?

Since we used the word ethics in our title, we’re sure you’ve already discerned we are talking about Ole #. Remember last year when he voted against the historical designation of  Trout Run, stating if anyone was for it he didn’t hear from them? We were surprised and enchanted that Kirby took his constituents’ opinions into consideration! Someone or something (Xenu?) got to Kirby between then and now because he’s whistling a whole different tune. Not only did he refuse to vote for the council’s answer to the lawsuit, he sent a few emails to the Trout Run’s lawyer. Take a peek:


In what world is it okay for a council member to send emails to the lawyer of an entity that has a pending case before the council?!?! Why the hell does he think it’s all fine and dandy to give Bruce Dean a heads up? And does he not realize that his emails on this very subject are in the public domain? If anything is deserving of an ethics violation, it’s got to be this. Seriously people, is Kirby purposefully trying to destroy the county? Does he love Xenu more than the taxpayers of today?

All so very wrong #!
All so very wrong #!
What do y'all think of #'s new look? You should send him an email and recommend Stitch Fix or something, because this needs more work.
What do y’all think of #’s new look? You should send him an email and recommend Stitch Fix or something, because this needs more work.

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