Let’s paddle all those brain washed kids! Your BoE election week in review!

We can barely keep up with this year’s slate of BoE candidates! We shared quite a few of Cindy Rose’s Facebook posts on our Facebook page last week, so make sure you take a gander at all of that!  Since we have heard so much lately about how Twitter and other social media outlets are the best way for politicians to communicate, we are going to go ahead and present to you some of our latest social media findings.

If you haven’t had the chance to read our post on what a friend of the Yokel termed “The Hate Slate”, please take the time to do so. There we not only point out how very poorly written their “For Immediate Release” post was, but we also took the time to research and refute the claims within.

Did we ever!

The Hate Slate really doesn’t like it when we re-post their posts, read their press releases, or write anything about their awful ideas. According to them, that is bullying.


LOL! If they want to believe that pointing out why they would be terrible members of our children’s board of education is bullying, we’ll just have chalk that up to one of the million things they are confused about.

Let us first see how some of our candidates felt about the school walk out, shall we?

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.31.50 PM
Take heed liberals! Cindy will have you beaten into submission!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.32.19 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.32.30 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.32.36 PM

Before we say anything else, let’s also explore what some members of her “Dream Team” had to say:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.39.12 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.34.01 PM

Chaz also went before the BOE this week to explain to us all how very concerned he is that those kids who did not want to participate in the walk out are somehow persecuted in an interesting interpretation of the 1st amendment:


Here’s our Yokel analysis of all of the above:

Free speech does not apply to kids if they disagree with our point of view. These teenagers could not have come to a different conclusion than us (i.e.-we don’t want to get shot at school) without somehow being brainwashed by the evil liberal teachers. However, if a teenager does happen to subscribe to our point of view, they are heroes and critical thinkers who are the TRUE future leaders of these here United States. Also, Freedom of Speech ONLY applies to those who share our point of view because those who express a different viewpoint RIGHT IN OUR VERY FACES  are somehow making us feel very bad and now we need our safe space!

Please, continue posting, people! PLEASE!

We also found a few goodies on the candidate page of Seth Eisenberg. Please take a hot second to read this blog post on his BoE page:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.56.29 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.56.37 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.56.45 PM

Yeah, how about that Maryland Case Search!? Go take a look folks! Of course people are going to look at what kind of person you are if you want to represent our interests! And that includes whether or not you have had any run-ins with the law! And of course we want those in charge of making educational decisions for our children to have a basic understanding of education (and to know how English works)! To us this requires at minimum a college degree. (Yes, we know, elitist!) And #sorrynotsorry we are not going to be positive with people who have no business in the world running for the board of ed!

You may be asking why we have chosen to spend so much time lately on the board of education race. These types of races don’t usually get a lot of press and in our opinion that is a huge problem! If rational folks don’t pay attention you wind up with board of education members who choose textbooks that treat slavery as just another world migration, or decide that creationism belongs in a science classroom, or try to ban books like Harry Potter. We can’t let these people on our school board. Pay attention and be vigilant!

Here’s one more chuckle for your Sunday afternoon:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.36.38 PM
Appealing to the disgraced-several-times-over Milo Yiannopoulos for campaign advice is simultaneously tragic and hilarious. You have to be a special kind of nuts to get Twitter banned, and some of Milo’s big troubles come from appearing to promote pedophilia, so…

If you haven’t heard about Milo Y’s latest adventures, definitely enjoy some whimsical reading about his retracted CPAC invitation, kooky-stupid book deal that vanished into thin air, and termination from his cranky Breitbart covfefe production gig.


Your double meeting Yokel report!!!

Well, it wasn’t quite that dramatic Sparky!

Yesterday, the county council had a workshop. The first part of the workshop was a hearing on the proposed MXD bill. Only one person came to speak. The gentleman was a lawyer speaking on behalf of St. John’s Properties. He believes this bill would short circuit the entire zoning process. He also believes that it is unfair to tenants and homeowners who had previously bought their property or set up their businesses in this area. As do we! Contrary to what Billy told us the last meeting, this gentleman lets the council know that it is NOT a good idea to just pass this now and fix whatever problems come up later. That’s just not good legislating!

The majority of the workshop is devoted to budget information. Esteemed Budget Director, Rick Harcum, is in the house to talk about all the different options he is willing to give the council on the budget, as far ahead as possible, so they are able to to have any and all information to do their jobs! Will Billy still complain, abstain,  and say they need their own budget analyst?  Is the ocean wet?

Anyhoo, the meeting has a lot of presentations from various departments within the county, which we didn’t have time to listen to. The evening ends with a report on A Better Maryland that you can read about here.

This evening we had the shortest meeting in the history of forever!


No public comment at either end of the meeting. Billy votes against the agenda and abstains from the minutes. County Attorney, Michael Chomel, is present to have the council sign the Ballenger Run PUD. Then, Bud pulls his MXD bill! Apparently without any notice to any of his other council members! It seems to us that he could have just canceled the entire meeting since this was the only reason for the meeting to begin with! But that’s for his fellow council members to argue.

We close out with council member comments. Tony and Kirby pass. Jerry wants the public to contact him so he has the necessary information in case this MXD bill is brought back. He also wants everyone to know how successful the senior tax credit information sessions have been! Billy promotes his Classmates 4 Life, telling us that this is how kids are learning that drugs are bad! Jessica is willing to work with anyone who wants to make a new MXD bill, as does M.C. Bud is surprised that everyone is willing to work together and since some people, and he’s not naming names, were unwilling to help him with this.

Until next week folks!

It’s meeting time again. What could go wrong this week?

Stay awake Freckles. This stuff is important.


Grab your agenda  and hold onto your liquor cabinet. It’s a short agenda this week so for your ease and ours we are recycling a bingo card for you to enjoy. We predict a whole lot of bingos!


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 10.27.08 AM
Some of these items aren’t on the agenda. Don’t worry one of the Tweedles will bring something up about them anyway. Our Cristal Ball says so. Drink!


Does Cindy Rose even know what she wants anymore?

We think not Tom!

Friday is supposed to be that day when you can breathe a sigh of relief that the work week is almost done. But then we open the Frederick News Post to find an LTE from Cindy that is such a hot mess. And now we are going to have to spend our precious time getting the word out, again, about what a terrible BOE candidate she is!  Thanks a lot Cindy!

Let’s dive right in shall we? She’s upset over the planned walk-outs organized by the Parkland students, who, for some reason, want to prevent any further gun violence in American schools. Since she can’t get an answer from FCPS (more on that in a minute), she mines the internet to misconstrue one:


“A Feb. 28 post on the school board president’s Facebook page by a retired FCPS teacher and current elected member of the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee (FCDCC) gives insight into FCPS’ stance.

The FCDCC member quotes a Slate.com article, and writes “I cannot love this article enough.” The article credits the organization of the Parkland walkout to the students. Both fail to mention that Oprah, George Clooney, and many others each donated $500,000 to help organizers who also organized the “pink hat” protests: Everytown for Gun Safety, Move On and Planned Parenthood, to name a few. It’s a gun protest victimizing victims of a tragedy. But I digress.”

First of all, is looking through the comments section of Brad Young’s Facebook page the best place to find FCPS policy? It is a good place, however, for her to fuel her vendettas against those she deems an enemy. We know this member of the FCDCC, and she is more a friend to education than Cindy will ever be, however, she does not set policy for FCPS!

Yesterday, your Lady Yokels came across this in our inbox:

There is one advocacy strategy we have asked students not to use–walking out of school. FCPS does not condone student walkouts due to safety concerns that could result from such action. The most significant factor in our request that students not walk out is safety not only of the students protesting but of students in the building as well. Participating in a walkout makes students vulnerable to the very safety concerns that they are advocating we need to address. The students outside are vulnerable to anyone in the community who may seek to harm or cause conflict with the students. Students leaving the building through numerous doors endangers the students in the building as opening the doors allows access for outsiders to enter without checking in at the front office.

Guess that Oprah and Clooney money didn’t find its way to the right people yet!  Maybe she should contact Scott Baio to see if he’s got any cash to pass out!

Let’s delve into some of the hypocrisy present in her writing. Cindy has long been an advocate of those “good old days” of education. You know when schools just stuck to the learning, not the brainwashing.  Shall we take a looky at that Slate.com article she referred to above? Yes, we shall:

Despite the gradual erosion of the arts and physical education in America’s public schools, the students of Stoneman Douglas have been the beneficiaries of the kind of 1950s-style public education that has all but vanished in America and that is being dismantled with great deliberation as funding for things like the arts, civics, and enrichment are zeroed out. In no small part because the school is more affluent than its counterparts across the country (fewer than 23 percent of its students received free or reduced-price lunches in 2015–16, compared to about 64 percent across Broward County Public Schools) these kids have managed to score the kind of extracurricular education we’ve been eviscerating for decades in the United States. These kids aren’t prodigiously gifted. They’ve just had the gift of the kind of education we no longer value.

Part of the reason the Stoneman Douglas students have become stars in recent weeks is in no small part due to the fact that they are in a school system that boasts, for example, of a “system-wide debate program that teaches extemporaneous speaking from an early age.” Every middle and high school in the district has a forensics and public-speaking program. Coincidentally, some of the students at Stoneman Douglas had been preparing for debates on the issue of gun control this year, which explains in part why they could speak to the issues from day one.

There’s also this super interesting article about the AP Government teacher at Stoneman Douglas who was quoted as saying:

These students are clear-eyed, media-ready, and sophisticated, often rejecting the premise of interview questions or entirely reframing them. Foster says it’s not surprising to him which kids are getting repeated interview requests and continue to speak publicly. He’s seen these same students shine in his classroom debating controversial issues like gun control, abortion, and Colin Kaepernick. Foster says he stirs the discussion to both sides. When students don’t bring up counter-arguments, he brings them up himself.

Let’s contrast all of that with this discussion that we were unfortunately a witness to on Facebook (since that is apparently the mode in which we find out how people and organizations feel about policy):28810373_10155721321867599_1190720629_o28942920_10155721322212599_2186776_o28768153_10155721322357599_1301335770_o28822702_10155721322487599_1498211201_o28822575_10155721504507599_1060832472_o

NO SIDES? WOW! Let’s go to another section of her LTE to find out more about that no sides she’s in support of:

You doubt this? When did you last see teachers unions or a student group “walk out” in defense of any Republican cause? Do Republican causes lack substance? More likely, conservative causes don’t fit the liberal political agendas in the classroom.

That’s her, “No-Sides” Cindy Rose! It is our conclusion, from not only today’s writing but ALL of her writings, that she sincerely believes that anyone who does not feel the same way that she does about certain issues must have been brainwashed by those liberal progressive teachers. There’s no other way that students have come to the conclusion that we have a gun problem in this country other than they have been brainwashed. Oh, will someone please think of the children?


She is not interested in having a school system that creates free thinkers and good debaters. She’s only interested in having a school system that espouses her belief system. Take a look at her PIA requests if you are in doubt of that. We must also point out that someone who loves to lament that the Constitution isn’t being taught in school is surprisingly (?) against students learning how to exercise their First Amendment Rights!

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Cindy, along with the rest of her slate, doesn’t want our children to learn about the issues. We are super curious how you are supposed to teach a subject like World War II without talking about “sides.” How anti-intellectual and anti-American can you get, we ask you?!  We are still waiting for her, and her slate, to tell us what qualifications and special skills they possess that give them the authority to tell us what our kids should be learning in school! NOTE: COMMON SENSE IS NOT A MEASURABLE SKILL! Stay vigilant friends! We cannot make the third time the charm for her!

*And lest you think that FCPS isn’t encouraging our students to make their voices heard, here’s another section of the letter we quoted above:

… staff are meeting with student leaders to discuss the variety of ways we can work together to help students express their concerns. As a united school and through student and staff collaboration, we have explored options that include the following:  Creating a video to share student advocacy via school announcements, our website and our multiple means of social media;  Creating short video clips to share on Twitter to help individual students share their perspectives;  Arranging in-school activities during Connect so students can follow the national trend of 17 minutes of advocacy to honor the 17 victims of the recent tragedy in Florida;  Printing and distributing contact information for government officials that students may contact with concerns about legislation and policies;  Providing forums for students to gather signatures on petitions to government officials; and  Ensuring delivery of student-generated concerns to community leaders and elected officials. These potential activities are constantly evolving as we deepen our conversations with students about effective and safe advocacy.


Billy did some work! Bad, and possibly illegal work, but work!

The second half of last night’s meeting was a bunch of public hearings.  Most of them from the desk of none other than Billy Shreve! We’ve already spoken to the fact that Billy cannot expect to do zero work for over three years, and then last minute put forth a bunch of well, nonsense, and think no one is going to notice!  Let’s go through them one by one:

18-01- General Fund Mandate Reserve Increase. Lori Depies is at the mic to tell us why it would be a good idea to increase the reserve from 5% to 7%. No member of the public is on hand to testify. Jerry asks Lori if this change would be a step in keeping the county’s Triple A Bond ratings. She believes it is.

18-02- Billy wants the council members to take a planning education class. He did it online all by himself a bazillion years ago. Billy wants to know if he has to give an intro to each of his bill or can we just have the public hearing. SIGH! No one is in the house to speak to this.

18-03- Elderly and Retired Military tax credit. Ray Barnes is at the podium to tell us that the “3rd Floor” is not in support of this bill because it is more restrictive than the tax credit already in place. Mr. Barnes thinks we are better off modifying the existing program than putting this more restrictive one in place.

18-04- Zoning Violations. Billy wants a monthly report of ALL code violations so he can stay on top of things. You know since Jan is trying to put ALL the wedding venues and mulching companies out of business. Mr. Barnes is again in attendance to say the administration is not in support of this bill for a couple of reasons. First of all, this bill takes away the anonymous option to report violations. And secondly, two people have to report the violation before it can get investigated. There is an all so amusing discussion about the anonymous provision. Mr. Barnes argues that people should have the option to report anonymously, especially when they fear for their safety. In fact, about 25% are reported in this fashion. Not to the county mind you, they know the reporter’s names, but to the person that has the complaint made against them. I think we can all envision a few scenarios where this would make sense. RIGHT? WRONG according to Kirby! He thinks it is COWARDLY to make an anonymous complaint. If you need to make a complaint against your gun-toting, crazy neighbor, your neighbor should have access to your name and address. What’s the prob? Kirby says that anonymous reporting just opens the door to vindictive behavior. We can’t help but speculate that Kirby must have been on the receiving end of some anonymous complaints to be so strongly against them! Perhaps on his car wash? Or for peeing in his side yard? The possibilities are endless! Top scholar, Billy Shreve, adds that if 75% of people are fine with their name being released, so should the other 25% . What logic!

Very poor indeed, Shreve!

18-05- Billy’s very last poorly constructed bill has to do with public safety facilities exemptions. Billy feels that volunteer fire departments shouldn’t have to pay permitting fees on their social events. Mr. Barnes, who Billy has kept very busy this evening, disagrees. He states the existing tax credits in place for fire departments are adequate and the administration doesn’t want to open the door for all non profits asking for exemptions.

Billy then asks Mr. Barnes since he hates all of Billy’s very badly constructed bills, has he written any of his own? Ummm, is that his job? We think not.

The very last hearing is on Tony’ s bill, 18-06, Temporary  Limited Wood Waste Recycling In the General Commercial Zone. Mr. Barnes wants everyone to know that he doesn’t oppose every bill that comes before the council, and he cites examples! But, this one is also terrible. Temporary is supposed to mean a year, with an option to extend if necessary. And, the administration does not believe that wood mulching is a good fit with other businesses in the GC zone. Billy goes on with the old racetrack crap he tried a few months back, and we fast forward the recording because we cannot listen to that crap again!

All bills will be put forth for a final vote in the near future.

No public comment, so it’s off to council member comments. HOORAY!

Tony passes. Kirby lets us know that Jan is obstructing jobs and none of this is rocket science people! Or Kirby wouldn’t be running for the CE position in the first place! Durh! According to Kirby we shouldn’t even be here discussing these things, and if it were up to him, he would have this whole Jefferson Technology Park thing settled in 6 seconds! He leaves us with these words: “It’s ridiculous! Make a decision!”

Jerry informs us that 23% of the Seniors eligible for the county tax credit don’t take advantage of it. So, the county is hosting some information sessions to make Frederick County Seniors aware. While the AV person tries to figure out how to project the dates, this happens:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.30.41 PM
LOL! It looks as though Billy is trying to stick a pen in Jerry’s ears! It’s the simple things that make us laugh folks!

Technical difficulties are addressed and we are presented with these dates:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.31.29 PM

Billy wants to know why we were aren’t just mailing notices out to people. Isn’t it cheaper to research all the Seniors who aren’t taking advantage of the tax credit, print out letters and then send them off? We don’t know and we are SURE he doesn’t either. But, why does he have to be such a jerk about everything?

Jessica thinks we need a standardized process for all of the council bills that begin with a workshop. She also alerts us to the fact that Billy’s education bill has language in it that’s illegal. Specifically, you can’t ban council members from voting just because they didn’t take a class! Man, he’s bad at this.

M.C. has nice announcements about things going on in the community. Bud ends the meeting by letting us know he likes the new communication procedures that are being implemented between the County Executive and the council. There’s a meeting tonight between the council and the BOE. These usually go pretty well, so if anyone notices anything out of the ordinary, be sure to alert us!

Texsplaining: child trafficking, crime, and immigrants, oh my…

Hey, folks. Two stories popped up on the news junkie radar yesterday, and got us thinking about Sheriff Jenkins “expertise” in a couple of key areas. When Jessica Fitzwater promoted the Human Trafficking Task Force, and the Frederick City Police Department took an active and engaged interest, but the Sheriff’s Department found it unnecessary (and Billy Shreve #neverforget said that some people are in favor of human trafficking) we developed a new awareness of this horrifying issue that our Fredneck Trump Train Faction seems so untroubled by. Oh, and Cindy Rose had some thoughts about that too, now that we recall. It was allegedly some sort of scam for teachers to get more training or something that makes covfefe amount of sense. How could you possibly look more foolish than dismissing the efforts to keep kids from being sex trafficked as an evil liberal teacher plot! But, you do you, crazies. Please proceed.

Well, yesterday The Washington Post had a story about a training program the Texas Department of Public Safety has launched to help officers recognize when they find a child who is being trafficked and what they can do to help. The officers down there have found it to be so helpful, they want to see it go nationwide! This is a fantastic story about good policing–please do follow the link. Isn’t it a wacky coincidence that this type of training was the exact reason cited for forming a task force locally? Is there some reason we wouldn’t be promoting good policing?

It’s incredibly disheartening to review the local discussions surrounding this issue. The more we learn about it, the more monstrous the ambivalence toward–or, more accurately, the hostility toward acting to stop this seems.

Every damn day these people make us ask…

But there’s more Texsplaining to do, because another thing that we read yesterday in The Houston Chronicle deals with immigrants and crime. We’ve bristled before at our local “expert” on the border and what exactly would qualify someone on the Mason-Dixon border to act as a special adviser on these matters. Well, it seems that the quite well-known and esteemed conservative think tank, The Cato Institute, has research indicating that undocumented immigrants in Texas are less likely to commit crimes than native born Texans are. In the immortal words of Rick Perry, “Ewps.”

“Using data from the Texas Department of Public Safety, researchers from the conservative think tank Cato Institute found the arrest rate for undocumented immigrants was 40 percent below that of native-born Texans.” — Fernando Ramirez, The Houston Chronicle, March 6, 2018

Law enforcement officers in real border states uphold sanctuary policies as a tool to help them to solve crimes, because it increases the reporting of those crimes and the cooperation of witnesses. It seems like The Cato Institute’s research suggests something in support of that thinking. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from people who have first-hand experience and research in support of their positions? Just a thought.


What’s lurking on the 3rd Floor?! And, how many days left until we don’t have to put up with Billy anymore? Let the countdown begin!

The first half of the meeting ran a mere 45 minutes. Since it was so short, you may be led to believe that things must have gone pretty well.


Because they certainly did not!!

Billy votes against the agenda. One of our readers contacted Billy about this bad habit and received this reply that was then shared with us:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 5.44.55 PM.png
Uh, public comment has been restored to the beginning of the meeting for quite some time now. And, the county has a whole budget department, but waah! Billy doesn’t want to talk to them because they report to the County Executive. This is not a good explanation Billy!

Lori Depies is before the council to ask the council to renew the contract for the external auditor. All vote yes.

One County Executive appointment. Ray Barnes has been chosen to be the Chief Administrative Officer (yah!)! Well, well, well, Tony has words to say about all this! He was going to withhold his precious vote, but he didn’t want to set a bad precedent for future County Executives when it comes to them being able to chose their CAOs (what?), so instead he will pontificate. He sincerely hopes that Mr. Barnes can find it in his heart to work with this council in a non-adversarial way. Not sure what he is talking about since we have seen Mr. Barnes be nothing but respectful. Probably has something to do with a difference of opinion. Any hoo, he is confirmed with only Billy saying a very loud and annoying no.

Billy wants a workshop on council staffing and the budget. (See above I guess.)

Three First Readings:

-Tony’s OTB bill

–Veteran’s Advisory Council

-Interagency Internal Audit Authority

Public hearings coming soon.

Then we are off to the drama of the evening. Bill 17-21- Permitted Uses in MXD.

Tony has an amendment that strikes out an earlier amendment. Jerry suggests that they table the bill and have another workshop. You know since it’s kind of crazy that amendments are being put forth that get rid of previous amendments. Kirby agrees! But then starts rambling on about the 3rd Floor and how this is an easy fix.

There’s many references to the 3rd Floor this evening! I guess they can’t even manage to say Jan’s name anymore.  So, she will hereby be known as the 3rd Floor!

M.C. and Jessica also agree. The process is bad if amendments are made to correct earlier amendments. Well, now hold on there ladies, but this is all anti-job talk! Billy explains to us all that we aren’t talking about developers we are talking about 2,700 jobs (a number that most members of the council have never even heard before this evening) and we should just pass the bill and fix it later because 2,700 jobs! Tony doesn’t want the past brought up anymore. No more negative talk about the Young BOCC, because apparently it is irrelevant. Tony wants assurances that if he tables this bill, the scary “3rd Floor” will work with Jefferson Technology Park. “Stop the Bleeding,” he says! Billy then jumps in and says, “What’s really interesting is there is someone with 2,700 jobs.” Now wait a minute, weren’t we told there would be thousands of jobs with the original Jefferson Technology Park?  WHOOPSIE!  There we go bringing up the past again!

Kirby kinda agrees, but there’s other developers out there who are upset over all this and guess what? They want amendments too! Jessica points out that his conversation just proves that they need another workshop. Bud chimes in that the developer contacted him because he felt he wasn’t being heard. Bud also wishes everyone would stop living in the past.  He also hopes that the “3rd Floor” will work together to find a solution. Bud advises everyone to vote for it, let the developers hash it out amongst themselves, and then we’ll fix it all nice and pretty.

M.C. DISAGREES. She begins by saying she hasn’t been a part of all of these behind the scenes talks. Billy then rudely interjects: “You are Mrs. Behind the Scenes, you are the least transparent person up here!”


She also points out that these “projected” 2700 jobs are not a reason to pass a bill that nobody understands. Billy then says that is isn’t about developers, it’s about jobs. He then uses a Trumpism: “Frederick County First.” Seriously, folks we can’t take much more of this guy. He tells M.C. that she can’t pander to developers. (!) To which she replies that this is all this bill does! Jerry wants to hear more from the biggest stakeholders-the people that actually live in Jefferson Technology Park. Billy tries to argue that this isn’t really important because the developer representative to the HOA already spoke to the council, as though that’s an accurate view!

Tony won’t pull his amendment, but he hopes this whole discussion has woken up the “3rd Floor”! Tony then decides to bash his primary opponent, Steve McKay, by dissing his comment on the bill, it was rambling or something. Keep it classy Tony! Amendment passes 4-3, but not the way you think. Jerry, M.C., and Kirby voted against it.  Jessica has a question about the bill. A representative from the administration is there to answer, but she wants it in writing since they are not talking about the bill anymore this evening.  Jerry says, “See how nice the administration is.” Billy replies, “Depends who is asking the questions.” Jerry retorts, “Be Nice!” We love you, Mr. Donald! But, Billy is the direct opposite of nice.

Bunch of public hearings on at 7:00. We’ll let you know what happens when we can get to it!