We’ve got to keep up the fight!

It’s a pretty simple concept!

If you read our very fine reporting of last week’s meeting, you already know that it wasn’t as bad as the previous Curriculum and Instruction meeting that was raided by the pitchfork crowd. A crowd that seemingly has a lot of trouble with reading comprehension and understanding the consequences of their actions!

Uh, what are we protesting again? Just say parental rights!

This past week we’ve become really concerned with some folks’ ability to look within. Back in high school psychology class your Lady Yokels learned about the Johari window model:

Maybe we should be careful about what we bring up as this surely qualifies as Social Emotional Learning and apparently should not be taught in schools!

Some of our local candidates have a lot going on in those unknown by self windows. Here’s our proof!

First the Hate Slate made this post:

Now keep in mind the “hateful people” comment as you watch the proof that they seem to think clears them of this charge!
They turned off commenting, so you’ll need to go to their Facebook to let them know what you think!
These folks are a long way away from being wise!

April Montgomery, Tiffany Noble, Ashley Nieves, and Heather Fletcher also would like you to know that they have no hate in their hearts. But, at the same time they want a school system that is hostile to anyone who is not heterosexual so…..

We are sure they don’t!

Anyhoo, there’s a couple more issues we want to bring up today. First of all, let’s discuss how unoriginal these folks are in that they are regurgitating some sickos they heard on Fox News or whatever other backchannel social media they are patronizing. This article is a good one to read on that subject.


The gist of it all is the Republicans are afraid of the mid-term elections. Therefore they are using this sick and dangerous rhetoric in a last ditch effort to shore up some votes. They’ve even convinced some folks that Mickey Mouse is evil, if you can believe that! Even Carroll County made a mountain out of a cave over some pride flags that were donated to county:


Here’s our favorite part of that article:

“These flags were shoved down teachers’ throats to put on their desk – that’s not inclusive,” added school board President Kenneth Kiler. “That’s not the way it ought to be.”

A good old fashioned throat-crammin’!

“What this does is open up a gateway for other flags to come into our schools that other people will not like,” said school board member Tara Battaglia. “We’ve already banned the Confederate flag, and that was done a couple of years ago. … The premise behind the Pride flag was social advocacy … which is political.”

Gateway flags.

You also won’t be surprised to learn that some weirdass groups with names like “Concerned Parents of Carroll County” and the local chapter of “Moms For Liberty” are part of this.

It’s horrifying that any of these people whining about getting “bullied” or having flags shoved down their throats are allowed anywhere near the education of children. They are clearly absolute morons.

Absolute morons is right. Yesterday, we posted a video from a Michigan state senator that is worth another look if you didn’t get the chance.

We can’t let this happen here either. We need to keep showing up, to not allow these people to misconstrue the health curriculum to their own political advantage. We cannot tolerate them calling teachers or Mickey Mouse groomers. (What kind of stupid world are we living in anyway?) And, we certainly cannot allow them to marginalize the LGBTQ+ community.

We noticed that a lot of the above mentioned folks referred to LGBTQ+ community, or in Nancy Allen’s words “LGBTQ or whatever it is”, as a minority that shouldn’t have a say. They still don’t see that this isn’t just the LGBTQ+ community on the side of these new health standards, there are also a lot of us cis gendered folks who would like to see a more inclusive world where kids don’t feel bad about who they are or who they love. We are okay with our kids knowing about and accepting people different from themselves. It’s not okay to get up during public comment and declare that you are being persecuted for your beliefs when your beliefs hurt others. It’s just not.

That’s not how this works people!

We need to show them that we are in fact the majority. So here’s a couple of events that need to be well populated.

Be alert when you see Parent’s Rights used in anything .
Tiffany Noble and pals (who Cindy banned any discussion about on her hate slate page) are planning on doing a super fun screening of a propaganda film in order to make people believe that sex acts are being taught in schools and that learning actual American history makes everyone hate one another. Grab up all the tickets ahead of time! We wouldn’t dream of asking you to actually attend.

Here’s a trailer for that film if you have the stomach for it:

Big, deep sighs folks.

And last but not least, there’s a Curriculum and Instruction meeting this Wednesday, April 27th at 4:00. This is the same meeting these folks derailed last time around. We can’t let them do it again. Grab a friend, neighbor, anyone who cares about the future of this county’s educational system. This is not the year to sit out!

3 thoughts on “We’ve got to keep up the fight!

  1. Just one correction. The first meeting was FLAC, not C&I when all heck broke loose. Then they followed up at a regular meeting. This will be the first C&I that a large turnout is expected.

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