Your Yokel week in review!

We’ll help you out, Marmalade!

There is so much to point out to you this week, we thought it was best to do one Friday post to wrap it all up for y’all!

Let’s start with the FNP’s snazzy photo, which you may or may not have seen flying around the intertubes. Definitely check out the link to the interview below if you missed it, because our very own Sheriff talks about his meeting with Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard “I ain’t answering none of your questions” Sessions! Sessions is wearing a yellow tie, and according to some nouveau Victorian tie custom (we guess) this means Sessions is a coward! Wow, don’t y’all feel so much safer with these two in charge? You can read the write up of the FNP”s interview with Jenkins, but not Sessions! Because he don’t have no time for y’all’s inquiries!

On the subject of Jenkins and his immigration stance, there was a brilliant LTE from a nice fella that was in attendance during last week’s 287 (g) meeting.

While we are on the subject of LTE’s. Let us direct you to this one regarding the festering dead horse beating of Jessica and Jerry voting for their own salaries  and this one regarding Kathy Afzali’s legislative style! Keep up the good work fellow citizens of Frederick County!

Speaking of Kathy, she sent out a little note letting us all know that she is not running for her Delegate seat, but she’s got some plans! Plans that will be revealed AFTER Labor Day!

Well, some of those who have the same “plans” have officially filed their paperwork. Check out The Frederick Extra’s story on Blaine’s former flame, Regina Williams.

Let’s move on to the city of Frederick. Two stories out of there. First of all, Randy McClement has filed for re-election. Putting him in the ring with Alderman Michael O’Connor and former mayor, Jennifer Doughtery.

The only Republican on the Frederick City board of Alderman, Phil Dacey, has announced that he will not seek re-election to that post. However, he is interested in pursuing the At-Large County Council seat. If he didn’t have the wherewithal to fulfill his duties as an alderman, how can he expect us to vote him onto the council?

This Tuesday, the county council will have a workshop. We don’t do drinking games for workshops, but don’t worry we won’t judge! Whatever works peeps!

There’s no electoral college for the mayoral race, Sherlock.

We had a scare earlier today when Katherine Heerbrandt’s report in the Frederick Extra seemed to allude to Frederick County’s worst sex exercise addicted buffoon. Running. For. Mayor.

And then we died. Laughing.

If he was emboldened by Trump, we have a newsflash for him. Trump did not win the cities. Have you seen that Swiss cheese looking map of what it would look like if we divided into two nations, and all the holes are the urban areas? Have you seen the shaded map of how people voted in Frederick County?


You know, come to think of it, Trump didn’t even win the nation by like 2 and a half million votes or some such. If it weren’t for being given a couple of laps head start via the electoral college, it wouldn’t have happened for him either. The mayor of Frederick is not elected according to weird customs puzzling the rest of the world, which result from banging out a compromise in the 18th century between plantation states and the Northeast.

Get one!
Get one!

Look, Trump Lite with Highlights, it ain’t happening. But thanks for all the chuckles. Now go away!