Your Yokel pals watched the public comment (again-it’s what we do) so you don’t have to!

We do it all for you!

Man oh man, what drama! We have some stories for ya! Some bad and some glad! First of all this woman has stayed off our radar, but apparently she’s running for a spot on the BOE.

Her question was, “What kind of messages will children hear over the PA for mental health awareness month because her 10 year old doesn’t know anything about mental health?” Well, that’s on you lady. No vote from the Yokel headquarters on that one.

It gets so much worse before it gets better. But it does get better.

This woman deserves some kind of perverse honorable mention because from her lips came some of the worst public comment we have ever had the misfortune of listening to. She cautioned us that teachers start out by patting kids on the head, then hugging, and then kissing the kid, before moving to the anal sex. She said she isn’t trans/homophobic, but she would rather be called that than be a sexual groomer. Teachers are using our kids to fulfill their needs. We hope the school psychologists are still there. This woman needs a lot of help!

The Moms for Liberty woman said she loves the LGBTQ+ members of her family BUT homosexuality is a sin and schools need to be neutral. (Because why won’t anyone think of the bigots?)

BOE candidate Tiffany Noble, who made sure all the ladies knew that Antifa would be in attendance on her Facebook page, wants all the health curriculum in the elementary school thrown out. All you need to do is tell the kids take care of your body and it will take care of itself. She even advocated bringing back D.A.R.E, which is laughable because that program was an abject failure.

April Montgomery, another BOE candidate, was almost in tears because all of this health stuff is inappropriate! Such drama and a big no vote from your Yokel ladies.


Kris Fair, District 3 candidate for State Delegate and Director of The Frederick Center brought it!

Thumbs up from your Lady Yokels!

He reminded us how hard it is for LGBTQ+ students to function in an institution that doesn’t respect who they are. Some loudmouth shouted at him while talking about scripture, but without batting an eye Mr. Fair continues on and reminds us that kids are suffering, and we all need to be kind and compassionate. The interrupter was one of three people who were removed for being unable to conduct themselves properly in public.

There were so many more good commenters. The next fine gentleman told people that they are being used for political purposes and manipulated by liars with all this nonsense about teachers being groomers. Josh Cramer gave a wonderful comment about how these so-called “free speech advocates” are very selective when it comes to who is entitled to that First Amendment right. Next, two transgender women shared their stories, and we want you both to know that we love and appreciate your bravery ladies. We see you. And a huge thank you to the Evangelical Church Reformed Faith for speaking good sense, and bringing such kind words of acceptance for members of the community who are being publicly maligned by these rambunctious fools.


First of all, Liz implores parents that they need to watch their language; the kids are watching and listening and by saying the things some people have been saying you are hurting kids. But Sue Johnson was our hero of the evening when she brought out the children’s books in an attempt to speak the language of these ignorant folks while providing examples of elementary school appropriate content on these topics.

You have to meet people at their level!

The only fear we have now is that these rabble-rousers are going to divert their malignant energy toward our outstanding public library system! Jason Mason reminded these folks that they are on the wrong side of history. He also mentioned that they are causing pain and some absolute asshole made a snarky “awww” so he had to again remind them that it is children and their families who are hurt by this conduct. Karen Yoho is amazed, as we are, that they are bringing back the pedophilia assosciations that she recalled from the 1970s, but Jay Mason also noted that some of this is so retrograde that it’s from 70 years ago! And David Bass reminded people that public schools need to make all kids feel welcomed and affirmed. Brad apologizes to the staff, FLAC members, and people who were at the meeting for the right reasons last week.

We need to get rational people out to the next curriculum meeting and make sure these folks don’t hijack it. There’s more public comment to come, but we are tired and can’t stay up all night. So, we are going to crowdsource this one out. Put what you saw in the second half of commenting time in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Your Yokel pals watched the public comment (again-it’s what we do) so you don’t have to!

  1. Mark Johaniddes became completely unhinged (interesting that he is running since he homeschooled his kids) and Nancy Allen saying “LGT …LBGQ…whatever it is” showed just how much respect she has for differences.

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  2. Thank goodness there are still some people who will stand up to do the right thing for children! Let’s be examples to children of compassion and fair mindedness! Bravo to our educators and librarians who work tirelessly on behalf of children. Please do not vote for bigots and mean spirited, racist, homophobic candidates who are serving only their own outdated ways of thinking.


  3. I hadn’t discovered fclocalyokel yet, so I sat through all 5 and half hours of that meeting. Highlights you didn’t cover include when some guy–was it Joannides?–declared a speaker quoting scripture was “not a true Jew”. (If anybody can verify that it was the male ENI candidate who shouted that on his way out the door-for interrupting–please let me know because I’m aiming for accuracy when I write about these nuts.
    I also want to thank trans and LGBT for their bravery and effectiveness relating how early kids need protection from bullies, and to apologize to the brave Black woman who sat on their side (it was divided like a sporting event) and brought up racist incidents that have not been satisfactorily addressed by FCPS.
    I spoke second to last, using my 3 minutes to try to connect with them over issues we agreed on that are getting sidelined, like the need for improving dyslexia services. Then I asked the Stop-Sexualizing-Children!-Sign Crowd “Exactly what do we risk by teaching that gender expressions vary and all must be treated with dignity and respect?” One woman asked me, “How do you explain gender to a 4-year-old?” I answered that sex is determined by biology and gender is a set of ideas that societies come up with. She shook her head and I don’t blame her, because this definition is not concrete enough. Who has a definition that we can use? Please share! Because when I questioned a self-described teacher holding a six-foot pre-printed sign out front a few hours before that meeting, though I got him on what exactly in that curriculum standard offends him and he got me on not being able to define gender. So they are using this against us. Let’s take it away from them. Thank you!

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