Cindy Rose is stupid AND dangerous

There continues to be absolutely no evidence Cindy Rose has ever read a book. Maybe if she had she would be aware that “Hitler’s Brown Shirts” were not a part of a grassroots organization protesting the government, but a paramilitary government police faction that operated tippy-top down, predating Hitler, and weaponized by him against the people to the point that stuff like, oh, say…Kristallnacht happened. If you are a reader, we have a book to recommend by Erik Larson called In the Garden of Beasts that may help clarify who is a good guy and who is in charge of whom in Nazi Germany. If you are Cindy Rose, there is a chance that they are going to make it into a movie. Get a load of this:

This is really, really reaching.

Here’s a tidbit for ya: in 1920 Hitler outlined the Nazi Party’s 25 Point Plan. Perhaps a more thorough investigator would like to check those out and assess in what ways history may repeat itself. Protesters tried to shout Hitler down at *his* big rally in Munich, and they got rounded up by these Brown Shirts (a.k.a. Sturmabteilung, or maybe you’ve heard of them called the SA)!  All of the people who possess critical thinking skills are able to see the delineation here where the Brown Shirts and the protesters are on opposite sides, right?

For the lady who is not even able to lay claim to the weakest degree of verystablegenius, please note that the government leadership and the ruling party who hold power (who would that be in America right now?) and who are getting shouted at by upset citizens are all on the same side of the analogy, and the Brown Shirts act against those out of power on behalf of the government to violate their free speech. Pro tip: Cindy Rose is a dangerous idiot.

She plugs away at proving it constantly. To the point that we have ignored a lot of it lately, because frankly it gets old, but this is beyond the pale. Before you get on the Board of Education, just get an education.

Maybe ever.

4 thoughts on “Cindy Rose is stupid AND dangerous

  1. I agree. Cindy ‘s energy would be amazing if she was reasonably educated, a good thinker and had a fair amount of empathy. But currently she is a menace to our public schools.


  2. Cindi Rose, our dear Mother Rose: I greatly appreciate this “Oracle of Knoxville” leading the charge & organizing the Write In Campaign of “Kirby Delauter for County Executive”.

    It is NO secret this registered card carrying republican now typing this comment voted for Kirby in the republican primary in 2018.

    I am always speaking as private citizen and not speaking as a member of any FC public citizens’ board advisory

    I know Kirby D. unlike Kathy Alfzali does research to get the facts correct before making public comment & risk embarrassing himself.

    Miss Alfzali used “Monocacy River Valley land owner resident talking points” for her 3 minutes,, ending her glorious & inaccurate 3 minutes of public comment before FC at the Winchester dais by concluding , “The August 2017 Recommended Monocacy River Plan is a solution looking for a problem that does not exist”. WOW, was Alfzali wrong, very, very wrong !

    In those glorious 3 minutes she failed to follow the wisdom of Ronald Reagon who is famous for saying, “Trust and Verify”.

    Kathy Alfzali lost my vote in 3 minutes, maybe one minute or less! . I have no faith she will learn the true facts on real issues facing FC as CE. That is not the county executive I want leading our county unless I want retrograde motion moving forward into the dark ages.

    I can not vote for some one who has proven definitely beyond any doubt, they can not do simple research to learn our Monocacy River has tested polluted for over 30 years. The Monocay our beautiful river but it is polluted in every test by every tester ever!

    Ask our Hood College professor & aquatic scientist Mr. Kevin Snellner who wrote an LTE mid August 2018 to the FNP on how to write a new river plan by each group of players writing their wish list.

    One group being farmer/lcontiguous river front land owner and the other group using scientific principles & using proven Chesapeake Bay Foundation best practices to gather & observe real facts.

    One must remember the MD Wild & Scenic Rivers Act was written to improve water quality in streams and rivers. It says nothing about promoting private property and land rights but these are also important factors to be protected. A third prong of this approach is forming a rational board that will sit down and compromise from these two wish lists to complete one River Plan. The current 2018 Summer Rescinded River Plan gives all rights to land owners and short changes every one else especially putting the health , safety and welfare of all those who drink water from the Monocay River like residents or visitors of Fredreick City. We all live downstream from some one or something.

    Now going back to the general election, I am trying to learn the spelling so I can do a write in vote for Kirby but I am having trouble spelling his name. I just broke my glasses. I keep confusing it w/ToniKirby Chemelkdelauter. Which write in candidate will get my vote ?

    Being an independent free minded voter w/dyslexia is a challenge after losing & breaking my glasses but I am thankful to Connie and Cindi Schaff for having elevated me to supreme justice of the Frederick County Republican Party? I am of the party of Lincoln, not recent hijackers !


    1. You lost me at “Kirby D. […] does research to get the facts correct before making public comment & risk embarrassing himself.”

      Like when the told FNP they couldn’t use his name?


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