Billy did some work! Bad, and possibly illegal work, but work!

The second half of last night’s meeting was a bunch of public hearings.  Most of them from the desk of none other than Billy Shreve! We’ve already spoken to the fact that Billy cannot expect to do zero work for over three years, and then last minute put forth a bunch of well, nonsense, and think no one is going to notice!  Let’s go through them one by one:

18-01- General Fund Mandate Reserve Increase. Lori Depies is at the mic to tell us why it would be a good idea to increase the reserve from 5% to 7%. No member of the public is on hand to testify. Jerry asks Lori if this change would be a step in keeping the county’s Triple A Bond ratings. She believes it is.

18-02- Billy wants the council members to take a planning education class. He did it online all by himself a bazillion years ago. Billy wants to know if he has to give an intro to each of his bill or can we just have the public hearing. SIGH! No one is in the house to speak to this.

18-03- Elderly and Retired Military tax credit. Ray Barnes is at the podium to tell us that the “3rd Floor” is not in support of this bill because it is more restrictive than the tax credit already in place. Mr. Barnes thinks we are better off modifying the existing program than putting this more restrictive one in place.

18-04- Zoning Violations. Billy wants a monthly report of ALL code violations so he can stay on top of things. You know since Jan is trying to put ALL the wedding venues and mulching companies out of business. Mr. Barnes is again in attendance to say the administration is not in support of this bill for a couple of reasons. First of all, this bill takes away the anonymous option to report violations. And secondly, two people have to report the violation before it can get investigated. There is an all so amusing discussion about the anonymous provision. Mr. Barnes argues that people should have the option to report anonymously, especially when they fear for their safety. In fact, about 25% are reported in this fashion. Not to the county mind you, they know the reporter’s names, but to the person that has the complaint made against them. I think we can all envision a few scenarios where this would make sense. RIGHT? WRONG according to Kirby! He thinks it is COWARDLY to make an anonymous complaint. If you need to make a complaint against your gun-toting, crazy neighbor, your neighbor should have access to your name and address. What’s the prob? Kirby says that anonymous reporting just opens the door to vindictive behavior. We can’t help but speculate that Kirby must have been on the receiving end of some anonymous complaints to be so strongly against them! Perhaps on his car wash? Or for peeing in his side yard? The possibilities are endless! Top scholar, Billy Shreve, adds that if 75% of people are fine with their name being released, so should the other 25% . What logic!

Very poor indeed, Shreve!

18-05- Billy’s very last poorly constructed bill has to do with public safety facilities exemptions. Billy feels that volunteer fire departments shouldn’t have to pay permitting fees on their social events. Mr. Barnes, who Billy has kept very busy this evening, disagrees. He states the existing tax credits in place for fire departments are adequate and the administration doesn’t want to open the door for all non profits asking for exemptions.

Billy then asks Mr. Barnes since he hates all of Billy’s very badly constructed bills, has he written any of his own? Ummm, is that his job? We think not.

The very last hearing is on Tony’ s bill, 18-06, Temporary  Limited Wood Waste Recycling In the General Commercial Zone. Mr. Barnes wants everyone to know that he doesn’t oppose every bill that comes before the council, and he cites examples! But, this one is also terrible. Temporary is supposed to mean a year, with an option to extend if necessary. And, the administration does not believe that wood mulching is a good fit with other businesses in the GC zone. Billy goes on with the old racetrack crap he tried a few months back, and we fast forward the recording because we cannot listen to that crap again!

All bills will be put forth for a final vote in the near future.

No public comment, so it’s off to council member comments. HOORAY!

Tony passes. Kirby lets us know that Jan is obstructing jobs and none of this is rocket science people! Or Kirby wouldn’t be running for the CE position in the first place! Durh! According to Kirby we shouldn’t even be here discussing these things, and if it were up to him, he would have this whole Jefferson Technology Park thing settled in 6 seconds! He leaves us with these words: “It’s ridiculous! Make a decision!”

Jerry informs us that 23% of the Seniors eligible for the county tax credit don’t take advantage of it. So, the county is hosting some information sessions to make Frederick County Seniors aware. While the AV person tries to figure out how to project the dates, this happens:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.30.41 PM
LOL! It looks as though Billy is trying to stick a pen in Jerry’s ears! It’s the simple things that make us laugh folks!

Technical difficulties are addressed and we are presented with these dates:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.31.29 PM

Billy wants to know why we were aren’t just mailing notices out to people. Isn’t it cheaper to research all the Seniors who aren’t taking advantage of the tax credit, print out letters and then send them off? We don’t know and we are SURE he doesn’t either. But, why does he have to be such a jerk about everything?

Jessica thinks we need a standardized process for all of the council bills that begin with a workshop. She also alerts us to the fact that Billy’s education bill has language in it that’s illegal. Specifically, you can’t ban council members from voting just because they didn’t take a class! Man, he’s bad at this.

M.C. has nice announcements about things going on in the community. Bud ends the meeting by letting us know he likes the new communication procedures that are being implemented between the County Executive and the council. There’s a meeting tonight between the council and the BOE. These usually go pretty well, so if anyone notices anything out of the ordinary, be sure to alert us!

What’s lurking on the 3rd Floor?! And, how many days left until we don’t have to put up with Billy anymore? Let the countdown begin!

The first half of the meeting ran a mere 45 minutes. Since it was so short, you may be led to believe that things must have gone pretty well.


Because they certainly did not!!

Billy votes against the agenda. One of our readers contacted Billy about this bad habit and received this reply that was then shared with us:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 5.44.55 PM.png
Uh, public comment has been restored to the beginning of the meeting for quite some time now. And, the county has a whole budget department, but waah! Billy doesn’t want to talk to them because they report to the County Executive. This is not a good explanation Billy!

Lori Depies is before the council to ask the council to renew the contract for the external auditor. All vote yes.

One County Executive appointment. Ray Barnes has been chosen to be the Chief Administrative Officer (yah!)! Well, well, well, Tony has words to say about all this! He was going to withhold his precious vote, but he didn’t want to set a bad precedent for future County Executives when it comes to them being able to chose their CAOs (what?), so instead he will pontificate. He sincerely hopes that Mr. Barnes can find it in his heart to work with this council in a non-adversarial way. Not sure what he is talking about since we have seen Mr. Barnes be nothing but respectful. Probably has something to do with a difference of opinion. Any hoo, he is confirmed with only Billy saying a very loud and annoying no.

Billy wants a workshop on council staffing and the budget. (See above I guess.)

Three First Readings:

-Tony’s OTB bill

–Veteran’s Advisory Council

-Interagency Internal Audit Authority

Public hearings coming soon.

Then we are off to the drama of the evening. Bill 17-21- Permitted Uses in MXD.

Tony has an amendment that strikes out an earlier amendment. Jerry suggests that they table the bill and have another workshop. You know since it’s kind of crazy that amendments are being put forth that get rid of previous amendments. Kirby agrees! But then starts rambling on about the 3rd Floor and how this is an easy fix.

There’s many references to the 3rd Floor this evening! I guess they can’t even manage to say Jan’s name anymore.  So, she will hereby be known as the 3rd Floor!

M.C. and Jessica also agree. The process is bad if amendments are made to correct earlier amendments. Well, now hold on there ladies, but this is all anti-job talk! Billy explains to us all that we aren’t talking about developers we are talking about 2,700 jobs (a number that most members of the council have never even heard before this evening) and we should just pass the bill and fix it later because 2,700 jobs! Tony doesn’t want the past brought up anymore. No more negative talk about the Young BOCC, because apparently it is irrelevant. Tony wants assurances that if he tables this bill, the scary “3rd Floor” will work with Jefferson Technology Park. “Stop the Bleeding,” he says! Billy then jumps in and says, “What’s really interesting is there is someone with 2,700 jobs.” Now wait a minute, weren’t we told there would be thousands of jobs with the original Jefferson Technology Park?  WHOOPSIE!  There we go bringing up the past again!

Kirby kinda agrees, but there’s other developers out there who are upset over all this and guess what? They want amendments too! Jessica points out that his conversation just proves that they need another workshop. Bud chimes in that the developer contacted him because he felt he wasn’t being heard. Bud also wishes everyone would stop living in the past.  He also hopes that the “3rd Floor” will work together to find a solution. Bud advises everyone to vote for it, let the developers hash it out amongst themselves, and then we’ll fix it all nice and pretty.

M.C. DISAGREES. She begins by saying she hasn’t been a part of all of these behind the scenes talks. Billy then rudely interjects: “You are Mrs. Behind the Scenes, you are the least transparent person up here!”


She also points out that these “projected” 2700 jobs are not a reason to pass a bill that nobody understands. Billy then says that is isn’t about developers, it’s about jobs. He then uses a Trumpism: “Frederick County First.” Seriously, folks we can’t take much more of this guy. He tells M.C. that she can’t pander to developers. (!) To which she replies that this is all this bill does! Jerry wants to hear more from the biggest stakeholders-the people that actually live in Jefferson Technology Park. Billy tries to argue that this isn’t really important because the developer representative to the HOA already spoke to the council, as though that’s an accurate view!

Tony won’t pull his amendment, but he hopes this whole discussion has woken up the “3rd Floor”! Tony then decides to bash his primary opponent, Steve McKay, by dissing his comment on the bill, it was rambling or something. Keep it classy Tony! Amendment passes 4-3, but not the way you think. Jerry, M.C., and Kirby voted against it.  Jessica has a question about the bill. A representative from the administration is there to answer, but she wants it in writing since they are not talking about the bill anymore this evening.  Jerry says, “See how nice the administration is.” Billy replies, “Depends who is asking the questions.” Jerry retorts, “Be Nice!” We love you, Mr. Donald! But, Billy is the direct opposite of nice.

Bunch of public hearings on at 7:00. We’ll let you know what happens when we can get to it!

Is it possible there are still some people who are unaware of Billy’s Oppositional Defiance Disorder?

There was an amusing discussion on our Facebook page yesterday regarding Billy’s bad habit of voting against the agenda. During our meeting coverages we have suggested if Billy insists on voting against the items on the agenda, he shouldn’t be allowed to vote on anything! Perhaps we should gather the necessary signatures so we can change the charter come next election! At this point, we don’t even believe that Billy knows why he votes against it anymore!


In this morning’s Political Notes, we are treated to some drama between Billy and the Frederick County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC). As we all know, Billy is running for Maryland State Senate. He’s also running for a seat on the FCRCC, which according to the by-laws in a no-no:

“Any FCRCC member who intends to run against another Republican (other than for Central Committee) should, upon filing, resign from his or her position on the FCRCC since such a candidacy creates a conflict of interest between the member’s personal interests and the interests of the FCRCC and/or Party.”

Billy, in a telephone interview with the FNP, stated the by-laws do not REQUIRE him to resign. You know because of the word “should”. And, we all know that Billy doesn’t do what he SHOULD! Well, Lois Gibson, who happens to be the treasurer of Greater Frederick Republican Women, thinks Billy behavior is unethical and was quoted as saying:

“If he has integrity he should, in fact, resign,” she said.

Your Lady Yokels will be chuckling about this all day!

Please, Ms. Gibson, read through our blog to learn all there is to know about Billy’s governing style. Integrity is not in his playbook!