The unbelievable musings of one Billy Shreve.


Howdy Yokels! Some good news! We have just discovered that we have our very own version of the satire newspaper, The Onion, right here in Frederick County. It’s operating under the name of the Emmittsburg News Journal.  What’s that, you say? That’s a real newspaper? Well how can that be, after they printed this nonsense from Mr. Shreve?

I tell everyone who wants to run for office the same thing….pay your $25 and sign. Any idiot can get elected. It never ceases to amaze me how many smart people have lost elections and how many others have won.

Wait a minute….we actually agree with this statement.  We are amazed that he recognizes the fact that he’s an idiot. Maybe he’s more introspective than we have given him credit for. To illustrate the fact that he is indeed an idiot, he continues with this description of the first year of the County Council:

Year 1-My take…We have accomplished nothing zero- Goose egg-Nada-Nothing.

Goose egg? And Billy better watch the use of the word nada, people may get the wrong idea concerning his stance on the English Language Ordinance. He also, very maturely, refers to Bud as “DUD.” In fact, he goes on a long rant about Bud and what a horrible, terrible, incompetent fool he is, and how we can ask ANYONE and they will tell you how difficult Bud is to work with. Maybe we should ask Disco Doug who the most difficult person is to work with really is. If you want read the whole article here. You will have the added bonus of seeing Kirby’s letter in which he repeats his really dumb story about how NASA invented a pen to use in space and the Soviets just used a pencil. I guess he doesn’t care for progress or American ingenuity. Maybe Kirby’s a communist? What’s even funnier is the whole story is a bunch of bunk.



Read the whole Snopes break down here. 


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