It’s workshop time!!!!

There’s only two items on the agenda to discuss this evening:Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 11.08.16 AM


We really hope there isn’t any nonsense about Bikeways and Accessory Dwelling Units. After all, we remember Kirby and Billy saying the tiny houses were a good idea just last year! However, it is an election year so we will have to wait and see how these two will react to a proposal “from the 3rd floor”.


2 thoughts on “It’s workshop time!!!!

  1. As a Jan Gardner republican I am perplexed, confounded & dumb founded by the poor choices on my republican b allot except for very few worthy candidates. Should I follow the suggestions of my many new river. Valley friends and it’s for commissioner kirby?


  2. Stan,
    You’re a good man. Back slowly away from that ballot marked “KIRBY.”. Don’t let anyone tell you who to vote for, especially Six Bridges Road citizens that think they own the river. They don’t.


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