Natelli is getting another hearing and what the hell is going on in Carroll County?

Is this required reading for Carroll County politicians?

So we’ll get the meat of the meeting out of the way first since we have some cray cray to discuss. Mr. Natelli came to the council to ask that his application be split into three separate applications. Everyone seemed amenable to that solution and hearings will be scheduled in the near future.

Now, let’s go back to some comments that Matt Seubert made at the beginning of the meeting. He was discussing the Monocacy River advisory board. He advised us that Carroll County is not a good faith partner in all of this because their board, led by Richard Rothschild, is on an anti U.N. agenda 21 Conspiracy Theory kick.


So what is going on along our Eastern boundary? We must admit, this isn’t the first time that Mr. Rothschild has been brought to our attention. But, since he wasn’t our problem, he was kind of out of sight out of mind. However, if he is sabotaging the protection of a river of that runs right through our county because of some crack pot conspiracy theory, then he IS our problem.

We’ll let you pursue some information about what exactly Agenda 21 is and the SPLC’s report on the right-wing conspiracies about this non-binding report on making the Earth a sustainable place. We had some inkling, when the Frederick Extra reported on the disbarred lawyer who took some silver bullion from a couple and was also threatening to sue the board,  that some craziness was afoot. (Check out that guy’s Stand and Fight site if you want to delve into the other side.) But we had no idea the nuttiness that is now the Carroll County government. There are some folks in that fair county who have not drunk the Kool-Ad as evidenced by this LTE and this one. We feel as though Carroll County is in DIRE need of their own local yokel site. So if y’all know of anyone willing to provide this essential service, send them our way. We’ll be happy to get them set up and on their happy way.  From what we have been able to dig up, they may have more dysfunction that we do!

Prepare for the mantrum! Kirby’s workshop has been replaced with a public hearing!

Tantrum Brewing
Sorry Hoppers, but your tantrums will never exceed those of #!

We were scratching our watches and winding our butts a few weeks back when Bud said he was going to allow Kirby to re-present his ideas for school construction.We were most aghast earlier in the week to see that that the workshop to discuss such a thing was indeed on the schedule…again.  But, whoopsie-daisy look what happened:

2017-05-21 (2).png

Brace yourselves peeps!

It appears that the developer is back with some additional information about the re-zone case in Urbana. We’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Who is the flip-floppiest of the flip-floppers?

Sorry Mitt, there’s  a new Sheriff in town!

We here at the Yokel headquarters value the past. You can acquire so much insight by  studying the choices made by those who came before us.  It’s also super enlightening to look back on an individual’s history. There are times when the change an individual makes, in let’s say 10 years time, can be startling.

Way back in the FNP’s archives, we found a fun little article from 2006 about Billy entering the political scene. It is chock full of good stuff, so make sure you read the whole thing, while we point out some of the juicier bits.

You may remember, back in December 2016, there was a ground breaking ceremony at 520 North Market Street for low to mid-income housing. C.Paul Smith wrote a nasty letter to three members of the council, that we picked apart here, in which he so eloquently stated:

“Those who don’t understand market and economic forces should avoid involving themselves in economic development projects.”

When it came to the vote on what to do with this property the vote count went something like this:

2017-03-12 (2).png

So, Billy voted against the findings of the County Executive and then abstained on the selling of said property for $1.6 million! Despite the fact that C. Paul Smith told us that there were NO buyers for said property. For those who don’t remember, this property is being developed with teachers, police officers and other first-responders in mind. Fifty-nine units will be set aside exclusively for those who make less that $60,000 a year. Wait a minute, what say you 2006 Billy?

“Billy wants to introduce legislation giving preference in the moderate income housing program to school teachers, firefighters and police officers who are having trouble finding houses they can afford.” (FNP, March 22, 2006)

Oh, we hear it loud and clear!

Wow! What the heck happened!? Oh, that’s right, a Democrat proposed it. Therefore, there’s no way in Poseidan’s blue seas that Billy could support it! Even if, at one point, he was all for it!

You may recall, that over the last couple of years, Shrelauter has thrown a lot of fits when Jessica and Jerry vote on the budget. Since said budget gives FCPS some of their money, but does not control or dictate how that money is spent, they are corrupt money grabbers. Not that anyone with a brain doesn’t see what their objections are really about.  A lame attempt, to be able to control and no doubt further strip, FCPS’ budget. Well, let’s pull this out as a refresher before we move on:

We are going to have to make a new one of these for Billy!

Last week, there was a rezone application brought forth by the developer Natelli. Now, if the rule exists that if you have in any way, shape or form benefited directly, or indirectly from a vote made upon said council, then why didn’t Billy recuse himself?

“Billy has been selling commercial real estate with Tony Checchia at the Frederick Land Co. and also peddles houses and townhouses for Natelli Communities, which is developing a mini-metropolis in Urbana.” (Frederick News Post, March 22, 2006)

Well, well, well that seems looks a straight line from Natelli to Billy’s pocket !!! According to his county council bio, real estate is still listed as his profession. When is the last time Billy sold a Natelli property ? That should be something Billy should be able to answer rather quickly. Because if he has profited from the Urbana development anytime during his tenure on the BOCC OR the Frederick County Council, he needs to disclose that. If voting on a zoning change on a development from which he has profited isn’t a conflict of interest, we are not sure what is!

It’s your “In like a lion out like a lamb” drinking game extravaganza!

It’s March y’all! And even though we haven’t had much of a winter this year (thanks Al Gore!), lions and lambs are still on our mind. Maybe it’s because Kirby pulled this out when describing Trump last week:


Or perhaps we just like sweet little lambs:

This could end badly! Just like a county council meeting!

As always, this game is just for the chuckles. Be responsible and stay informed.Away we go:

We start at 5:00, which is not the norm,  we suspect it’s due to Billy’s whining about start times. We know he’ll shoot down the minutes, so we won’t bore you with that. How Shrelauter will act when the Finance Department asks them to extend the contract with the outside audit company is up to debate. If they don’t see the value in an outside company checking the books, let’s all encourage them to pull the Lion’s Tail.

A decision will be made concerning the rezone request for the Urbana application. The last two council meetings were devoted to this issue. You can read our coverage here and here. We are all hoping for smart, responsible growth in our fair county. We need adequate roads, schools, police, fire and rescue, libraries, and retail to make life good! Let’s toast to smart growth with our Smarty Pants cocktail. We can figure this out together!

On break until 7:00. We may hear a squeak out of Billy depending on the end time of the first part. Oh, he’s become so tiresome to us.

After the council reconvenes, there is a 2nd reading on a bill to reallocate the county recordation tax. Read all the details here.  If this is in any way, shape, or form painted as some kind of tax hike, slam back a pitcher of Red Lion.

Onto public and council member comments. Our crystal ball isn’t giving us a real clear signal this week. However, we can posit that since Billy was absent from the last meeting he’s going to have a thing or two to say. When he and the yin to his yang, start a yapping, sip on your Warm Wooly Sheep cocktail, since we all need some comfort by this stage of the meeting.

A child’s view of rezoning applications

We’ve been trying to follow this riveting rezoning application discussion (from yesterday) and the cross examination process. None of us live in Urbana, so while we sympathize BIGLIG with the concerns about adequate public facilities and overdevelopment, it has been difficult to stay awake.


What we know is that 75 townhouses and 700 age restricted units and maybe an assisted living facility, too, plus some additional market place development are part of this rezoning application–and the estimated figures are that this will add 30 elementary school, 10 middle school, and 11 high school students.

To liven this up as best we can, we will tell you what observations were made by the children who were innocent bystanders during the viewing of this event.

  • They’re talking about bonds! We just learned about that at school! (ok, that was really during the first half, but how often do you hear a child get excited about a bond proposal?)
  • Wait, he doesn’t vote for the minutes. Why not?????
  • Look at Billy and Kirby! They are all slouched in their chairs!
  • Do you like her? She seems smart.
  • Do you like the younger lady? She seems smart, too.
  • What is he (Billy Shreve) playing with? Does he have yarn?
  • Why does that man with the sweater always have his hands on his face? Do you think he’s just really tired?
  • Ohmygosh! He (Billy Shreve) is such a BUTT!!!
  • How long do these last??????


Mark Jafari gets our award tonight for asking good questions, especially the one about having the age restricted community and the high school traffic all concentrated in the same area. Like most good questions, the answer was something like, “Well, we deal with that kind of thing at a later phase.”

Zoning out on the zoning workshop. And what did Kirby accuse the libs of inventing today?!


Yesterday’s workshop agenda had two purposes. The first purpose was to change some of the procedures in regard to rezoning hearings. They were passed 7-0, click here to see the changes in red.

The second part of the meeting was to inform the council about the upcoming public hearing concerning the Urbana rezoning application. The application was read aloud to council members so they would be prepared for next week’s public hearing . If you would like to peruse the details, clicky here.

Billy ends the workshop by demanding there be more workshops on why he can’t call into closed sessions and tracking all the rogue inspectors running loose through the county.

Kirby blames a lot on the liberals. (AKA Libs!) Today’s edition of “How terrible those libards are” is a sight to behold:


WHEEE! It’s always hard to know where to begin with these kinds of posts. Apparently,  the civil and women’s rights movements were all an unnecessary waste of time! Didn’t your history teacher enlighten you to the fact that business owners didn’t give a damn about any of those things? IN FACT, liberals made up the concepts of race, gender and ethnicity just to stick it to the businessman! Businessmen all over the world have always been at the forefront of the equality movements. If they happened to be a bigoted, misogynistic pig, well, a GOOD employee could just take their feet and find a job elsewhere. There’s so many jobs to be had people! There’s no reason that KLY needs to introduce this pesky legislation.  It’s a true historical fact that before those pesky libs got involved in labeling, everything was great! Women and minorities had equal rights and there were rainbows and unicorns everywhere! Right?!




In the comment section of this post we have even MORE Young family drama:



Really, Blaine? You are accusing someone of playing the trouble card. Don’t let the irony knock you down on that one!