Zoning out on the zoning workshop. And what did Kirby accuse the libs of inventing today?!


Yesterday’s workshop agenda had two purposes. The first purpose was to change some of the procedures in regard to rezoning hearings. They were passed 7-0, click here to see the changes in red.

The second part of the meeting was to inform the council about the upcoming public hearing concerning the Urbana rezoning application. The application was read aloud to council members so they would be prepared for next week’s public hearing . If you would like to peruse the details, clicky here.

Billy ends the workshop by demanding there be more workshops on why he can’t call into closed sessions and tracking all the rogue inspectors running loose through the county.

Kirby blames a lot on the liberals. (AKA Libs!) Today’s edition of “How terrible those libards are” is a sight to behold:


WHEEE! It’s always hard to know where to begin with these kinds of posts. Apparently,  the civil and women’s rights movements were all an unnecessary waste of time! Didn’t your history teacher enlighten you to the fact that business owners didn’t give a damn about any of those things? IN FACT, liberals made up the concepts of race, gender and ethnicity just to stick it to the businessman! Businessmen all over the world have always been at the forefront of the equality movements. If they happened to be a bigoted, misogynistic pig, well, a GOOD employee could just take their feet and find a job elsewhere. There’s so many jobs to be had people! There’s no reason that KLY needs to introduce this pesky legislation.  It’s a true historical fact that before those pesky libs got involved in labeling, everything was great! Women and minorities had equal rights and there were rainbows and unicorns everywhere! Right?!




In the comment section of this post we have even MORE Young family drama:



Really, Blaine? You are accusing someone of playing the trouble card. Don’t let the irony knock you down on that one!


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