What does Billy think is the “absolute right thing to do”? BEHOLD:

Surely you heard the infuriating news that the Orange Menace banned transgendered people from serving in the military. He cited monetary concerns and distraction as reasons to ban people who are brave enough to sign up to serve our country. Something, both he and his relatives avoided at all costs. We won’t address the distraction part of his reasoning, because GROW UP, however, the monetary reasoning doesn’t seem to pan out either.

What does this have to do with Sheep Shreve, well look:

ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT THING TO DO! ABSOLUTELY! Oh please Billy please talk to Nancy so your opinion can be out for all to see! And how does he suppose this makes us all great again? Oh that’s right, we keep forgetting that MAGA is code for some rose colored discriminatory 1950’s utopia that these fools believe once existed.  The only thing that made us chuckle just a little yesterday was this analysis of the situation:

Billy had another Orange Menace re-tweet yesterday that we find perplexing:


What is that even suppose to mean? Are Billy and Trump hoping to establish some kind of theocracy?  We’ll let Mr. Whiskers take it from here:


It’s your “In like a lion out like a lamb” drinking game extravaganza!

It’s March y’all! And even though we haven’t had much of a winter this year (thanks Al Gore!), lions and lambs are still on our mind. Maybe it’s because Kirby pulled this out when describing Trump last week:


Or perhaps we just like sweet little lambs:

This could end badly! Just like a county council meeting!

As always, this game is just for the chuckles. Be responsible and stay informed.Away we go:

We start at 5:00, which is not the norm,  we suspect it’s due to Billy’s whining about start times. We know he’ll shoot down the minutes, so we won’t bore you with that. How Shrelauter will act when the Finance Department asks them to extend the contract with the outside audit company is up to debate. If they don’t see the value in an outside company checking the books, let’s all encourage them to pull the Lion’s Tail.

A decision will be made concerning the rezone request for the Urbana application. The last two council meetings were devoted to this issue. You can read our coverage here and here. We are all hoping for smart, responsible growth in our fair county. We need adequate roads, schools, police, fire and rescue, libraries, and retail to make life good! Let’s toast to smart growth with our Smarty Pants cocktail. We can figure this out together!

On break until 7:00. We may hear a squeak out of Billy depending on the end time of the first part. Oh, he’s become so tiresome to us.

After the council reconvenes, there is a 2nd reading on a bill to reallocate the county recordation tax. Read all the details here.  If this is in any way, shape, or form painted as some kind of tax hike, slam back a pitcher of Red Lion.

Onto public and council member comments. Our crystal ball isn’t giving us a real clear signal this week. However, we can posit that since Billy was absent from the last meeting he’s going to have a thing or two to say. When he and the yin to his yang, start a yapping, sip on your Warm Wooly Sheep cocktail, since we all need some comfort by this stage of the meeting.