Who is the flip-floppiest of the flip-floppers?

Sorry Mitt, there’s  a new Sheriff in town!

We here at the Yokel headquarters value the past. You can acquire so much insight by  studying the choices made by those who came before us.  It’s also super enlightening to look back on an individual’s history. There are times when the change an individual makes, in let’s say 10 years time, can be startling.

Way back in the FNP’s archives, we found a fun little article from 2006 about Billy entering the political scene. It is chock full of good stuff, so make sure you read the whole thing, while we point out some of the juicier bits.

You may remember, back in December 2016, there was a ground breaking ceremony at 520 North Market Street for low to mid-income housing. C.Paul Smith wrote a nasty letter to three members of the council, that we picked apart here, in which he so eloquently stated:

“Those who don’t understand market and economic forces should avoid involving themselves in economic development projects.”

When it came to the vote on what to do with this property the vote count went something like this:

2017-03-12 (2).png

So, Billy voted against the findings of the County Executive and then abstained on the selling of said property for $1.6 million! Despite the fact that C. Paul Smith told us that there were NO buyers for said property. For those who don’t remember, this property is being developed with teachers, police officers and other first-responders in mind. Fifty-nine units will be set aside exclusively for those who make less that $60,000 a year. Wait a minute, what say you 2006 Billy?

“Billy wants to introduce legislation giving preference in the moderate income housing program to school teachers, firefighters and police officers who are having trouble finding houses they can afford.” (FNP, March 22, 2006)

Oh, we hear it loud and clear!

Wow! What the heck happened!? Oh, that’s right, a Democrat proposed it. Therefore, there’s no way in Poseidan’s blue seas that Billy could support it! Even if, at one point, he was all for it!

You may recall, that over the last couple of years, Shrelauter has thrown a lot of fits when Jessica and Jerry vote on the budget. Since said budget gives FCPS some of their money, but does not control or dictate how that money is spent, they are corrupt money grabbers. Not that anyone with a brain doesn’t see what their objections are really about.  A lame attempt, to be able to control and no doubt further strip, FCPS’ budget. Well, let’s pull this out as a refresher before we move on:

We are going to have to make a new one of these for Billy!

Last week, there was a rezone application brought forth by the developer Natelli. Now, if the rule exists that if you have in any way, shape or form benefited directly, or indirectly from a vote made upon said council, then why didn’t Billy recuse himself?

“Billy has been selling commercial real estate with Tony Checchia at the Frederick Land Co. and also peddles houses and townhouses for Natelli Communities, which is developing a mini-metropolis in Urbana.” (Frederick News Post, March 22, 2006)

Well, well, well that seems looks a straight line from Natelli to Billy’s pocket !!! According to his county council bio, real estate is still listed as his profession. When is the last time Billy sold a Natelli property ? That should be something Billy should be able to answer rather quickly. Because if he has profited from the Urbana development anytime during his tenure on the BOCC OR the Frederick County Council, he needs to disclose that. If voting on a zoning change on a development from which he has profited isn’t a conflict of interest, we are not sure what is!