A child’s view of rezoning applications

We’ve been trying to follow this riveting rezoning application discussion (from yesterday) and the cross examination process. None of us live in Urbana, so while we sympathize BIGLIG with the concerns about adequate public facilities and overdevelopment, it has been difficult to stay awake.


What we know is that 75 townhouses and 700 age restricted units and maybe an assisted living facility, too, plus some additional market place development are part of this rezoning application–and the estimated figures are that this will add 30 elementary school, 10 middle school, and 11 high school students.

To liven this up as best we can, we will tell you what observations were made by the children who were innocent bystanders during the viewing of this event.

  • They’re talking about bonds! We just learned about that at school! (ok, that was really during the first half, but how often do you hear a child get excited about a bond proposal?)
  • Wait, he doesn’t vote for the minutes. Why not?????
  • Look at Billy and Kirby! They are all slouched in their chairs!
  • Do you like her? She seems smart.
  • Do you like the younger lady? She seems smart, too.
  • What is he (Billy Shreve) playing with? Does he have yarn?
  • Why does that man with the sweater always have his hands on his face? Do you think he’s just really tired?
  • Ohmygosh! He (Billy Shreve) is such a BUTT!!!
  • How long do these last??????


Mark Jafari gets our award tonight for asking good questions, especially the one about having the age restricted community and the high school traffic all concentrated in the same area. Like most good questions, the answer was something like, “Well, we deal with that kind of thing at a later phase.”

3 thoughts on “A child’s view of rezoning applications

  1. I feel sorry about what they are continuing to do to Urbana. Every piece of open space will disappear if the rezoning application goes through. I noticed something interesting driving south on Worthington Blvd. It seems like your driving down a canyon road because the shadow of the tall townhouses.The buildings cast a shadow completely across the road. As close as they are, you cannot even see Sugarloaf mountain. The scenic beauty of Frederick is being destroyed rapidly. So much for moving out to the countryside. Until the roads are upgraded, get use to gridlock traffic


  2. I guess the town is so named because it’s becoming an Urban area.

    I heartedly dislike driving through that area. Too much pretentious over-development.


  3. Billy Shreve has sold Natallie homes in Urbana. He should recluse himself from voting on the rezoning application,
    Just like he said the teachers on the County Council should do when voting on BOE raises.


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