Natelli is getting another hearing and what the hell is going on in Carroll County?

Is this required reading for Carroll County politicians?

So we’ll get the meat of the meeting out of the way first since we have some cray cray to discuss. Mr. Natelli came to the council to ask that his application be split into three separate applications. Everyone seemed amenable to that solution and hearings will be scheduled in the near future.

Now, let’s go back to some comments that Matt Seubert made at the beginning of the meeting. He was discussing the Monocacy River advisory board. He advised us that Carroll County is not a good faith partner in all of this because their board, led by Richard Rothschild, is on an anti U.N. agenda 21 Conspiracy Theory kick.


So what is going on along our Eastern boundary? We must admit, this isn’t the first time that Mr. Rothschild has been brought to our attention. But, since he wasn’t our problem, he was kind of out of sight out of mind. However, if he is sabotaging the protection of a river of that runs right through our county because of some crack pot conspiracy theory, then he IS our problem.

We’ll let you pursue some information about what exactly Agenda 21 is and the SPLC’s report on the right-wing conspiracies about this non-binding report on making the Earth a sustainable place. We had some inkling, when the Frederick Extra reported on the disbarred lawyer who took some silver bullion from a couple and was also threatening to sue the board,  that some craziness was afoot. (Check out that guy’s Stand and Fight site if you want to delve into the other side.) But we had no idea the nuttiness that is now the Carroll County government. There are some folks in that fair county who have not drunk the Kool-Ad as evidenced by this LTE and this one. We feel as though Carroll County is in DIRE need of their own local yokel site. So if y’all know of anyone willing to provide this essential service, send them our way. We’ll be happy to get them set up and on their happy way.  From what we have been able to dig up, they may have more dysfunction that we do!