Pandemic day what?

I don’t know about you, but we Yokels are exhausted. Daily we are bombarded with news that just keeps getting worse. Unwanted hysterectomies , meltdown by a top official, the west coast is on fire, it’s hurricane season and oh, don’t forget the pandemic is still very real. Sadly we just learned of the passing of the notorious RBG. Icon. 2020 just keeps on sucking.

The latest Maryland statistics show our numbers are increasing. Nevertheless, folks are clamoring for FCPS to start fall sports and send kids back to school. What data are the masses using to justify this change? Has anyone seen any data about Covid-19 in areas where sports are being played or where schools are open? How many deaths are ok? Are student or teacher illnesses more acceptable?Can we get transparency from our local health department about how many cases of Covid-19 have occurred  since preseason training commenced?

Have you heard about Archbishop Spaulding? What is the logic of moving to virtual for 2 days? It will be interesting to see how that plays out. What about this poor coach, who was 29 years old?

I know we all want our kids to be able to get back to normal. But in case you haven’t noticed, nothing is fucking normal around here anymore, and there is no end in sight. Let’s try and learn something from the countries that had this under control and opened back up and are surging again.

Don’t just say, “All the states around us are doing it, we should too!” Let’s hope that the BOE and Superintendent Alban are using data and not feelings, not the other counties/states/countries are in school/playing sports are so we should too bandwagon. Otherwise, they are saying that teachers and students lives aren’t valuable and some of you guys are expendable. Mmmkay?

And let your voice of reason be heard, cause we’ve been hearing the BOE has been getting bombarded by the voices of the Covid deniers.

Current Board Members

Brad Young

Brad W. Young, President, Board of Education
Current elected term: December 2018-December 2022
photo of Jay Mason Jay Mason, Vice President, Board of Education
Current elected term: December 2018-December 2022
Liz Barrett portrait

Liz Barrett, Board Member
Current elected term: December 2018-December 2022
Michael Bunitsky portrait

Michael Bunitsky, Board Member
Current elected term: December 2016-December 2020
photo of Lois Jarman Lois Jarman, Board Member
Current appointed term: January 2019-December 2020

photo of Rae Gallagher

Rae Gallagher, Board Member
Current appointed term: January 2020-December 2020

photo of Karen Yoho Karen A. Yoho, Board Member
Current elected term: December 2018-December 2022
photo of student member of the board Mia Martinez

Mia Martinez, Student Board Member
Current elected term: July 2020-June 2021




Straight talk. Coming right at ya. Wait, whut?

It looks like #kirbydelauter has a brand new website up and running. We are guessing it is just to make sure you know all the ways you can give him your hard earned cash money, for anyone who still has something left after the rush to invest in gold bouillon. Honestly, if we could send him a negative check for all the pain and suffering we have endured over the last almost 2 years we would. Maybe we will send him a bill instead. Like an invoice. Not proposed legislation. We are still waiting to see him come up with one of those on his own. We may as well be Waiting for Godot.

He also wants to make sure you know who all his friends supporters are.

Who doesn’t seem like they belong here? Anyone???
Also, we think the absolute best part of his new site is under the contact tab. Kirby would LOVE to hear from you. So, how about it? We definitely think you should give him a piece of your mind. Or ours. Be sure to let us know if you actually get a response that features “straight talk and straight answers.” It seems out of character.

We didn’t say it.

This is what persistence looks like

Today in Frederick there was a rally in support of Planned Parenthood–an organization that has helped one in five American women. Your local ladies have been grateful supporters for their role in our own family planning. Some amazing first-hand stories were shared today, and we would like to ensure they are given some daylight.

Women on the street were talking about the difference Planned Parenthood had made in our own lives in helping literally plan our parenthood prior to the ACA mandate that birth control be covered by health insurance. If the ACA disappears, this will become critical again. Another woman used their services because she needed to escape life-threating abuse. Access to reproductive choice is an essential part of being free from abusive partners (as is access to health insurance regardless of preexisting conditions–the last thing we need is women staying in abusive marriages so they don’t lose their health care).

97% of the services provided by Planned Parenthood have nothing to do with abortion.

50% of Americans call themselves pro-choice to 44% pro-life. This is what America looks like!
50% of Americans call themselves pro-choice to 44% pro-life. This is what America looks like!

The first speaker shared that in 2006 she had just started a business when she was in a committed and loving relationship and became pregnant. She was devastated when she suffered a miscarriage. Not being able to afford health insurance, she went to Planned Parenthood for her care. It was at this point she learned she had an ovarian tumor and was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer. Planned Parenthood saved her life eleven years ago.


A minister from the community also spoke in support of the organization, explaining that she went to Planned Parenthood to get a pregnancy test when she was working as a social services coordinator and did not have insurance. When she told her family she learned that she was expecting at a Planned Parenthood clinic, they asked, “Did they try to get you to abort?” This underscores that we have work to do so the reality of Planned Parenthood is understood. She now has insurance, but the healthcare for women’s health needs is so expensive that she plans to return to Planned Parenthood for some services. The icing on the cake was that the person who spoke before her in the capacity of Community Outreach Coordinator for PP is the daughter she was pregnant with at the beginning of her story.

Planned Parenthood is not the gruesome villain painted by opponents. They provide essential life-saving services. These are services that will become more critical if the ACA is repealed. Delegate Karen Lewis Young spoke about her membership on the Health and Government Operations Committee. Delegate Lewis Young also spoke eloquently about the very real difference between being pro-birth and pro-life. You go, girl! Real pro-life is pro-choice, too!

Stand with Planned Parenthood. They matter.


Define improves.

Why? Who cares what improves means? FCPS does! Your yokels received in their hot inboxes today an email to let us know the joyous news that the out of district application process has been improved!! Woohoo! Sounds fantastic.

Whom is this easier for?

Current process: submit application for out of district transfer. Once approved, you are done until your child finishes his/her stay at said institution. So if you get an out of district approval for your kindergartner, you are good until your child is ready to go to middle school. If you need to go out of district for middle school, you will have to submit a new application. Pretty simple.

New process: submit an application every year that your child will be out of district. Whoa, as a parent your work just increased! FCPS your workload just increased! By a whole lot. Per the FAQ published by FCPS, there are about 3000 out of district transfers in the system.

The same FAQ says:

FCPS found that the old procedures lacked a way for parents and administrators to regularly track and review how well out-of-district transfers were working for students. This meant that once a student received an out-of-district transfer, they often moved through their school years without a review by parents, teachers, and administrators of how well their transfer was serving them and meeting their changing needs. Accordingly, FCPS is clarifying, modernizing, and streamlining its procedures on out-of-district transfers.

Here’s an idea. How about instead of penalizing the families that were previously told they only had to apply once, making a policy for school administrators to be able to review the children enrolled via exception and make a decision at the school level as to whether their exception will continue to be improved. And how about publishing those criteria? Perhaps include grade requirements or behavior standards that students must meet or jeopardize their exception status? Putting the decision for the annual approval back to the main office seems inefficient and impersonal.

We yokels feel like we know what is really going on here. FCPS is trying to avoid redistricting. So many of our schools across the county have exploding enrollment. Remember whom to thank for that exploding enrollment when you see them around town. Your former BOCC president Blaine “$60” Young, and former commissioners and current council members Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter. Why is this their fault?  They are the ones that lifted the building moratorium previously put in place by Jan Gardener. Thanks to them we have more, more, more houses going up regardless of inadequate roads and schools to support the increase. Go ahead and thank Tony, too. He doesn’t think there are any traffic issues in Urbana.

On the one hand, we are thankful that FCPS is trying to help ease overcrowding without putting everyone through a painful redistricting process. On the other hand, we think this new “improvement” is not ideal.

Please FCPS consider instituting rules for keeping your out of district status.  Allow the administration at your out of district school to make the decision about your continued approval. Or make a grandfather clause. FCPS also needs to provide clarification regarding the magnet program. Do families in magnet need to reapply every year as well? What about high school kids in academies? What about IB? Do those 3000 out of district students include elementary magnet, and high school academy attendees including IB?Don’t penalize those who are following the previously established rules.

2016: Do not pass Go! Do not collect $200! Go Directly to Jail!


Your Lady Yokels are holding our collective breath that we can get through these final two days of 2016 without any more tragedy. If you need a distraction to get you through the next couple of days be sure to read our end of year posts. First up we have our Most Popular Posts of 2016. You can revisit your favorite Yokel posts about all that went on in this tumultuous year. Also, we have the coveted Yokel In/Out List. Check back with us on January 4 when we will restart our coverage of our favorite governmental body.

Blaine’s gonna invade the airwaves!



We have it on good authority that Blaine will be on WFMD tomorrow from 11-12 p.m. Wasn’t his sobbing, potentially perjury ridden performance on the Bob Miller show this week enough?What could he possibly say for one hour that any of us would want to hear? It’s really starting to sound as though those rumors about him running for the District 5 council seat are true. Why else would he be torturing us with so many public appearances?  If you have something you would really like to say to Mr. Young, please call the studio at 301-694-WFMD (9363).

We really, really don’t want to listen. But for you, our dear readers, we’ll try our best.

Get your soup and grab your dildos! Ted Cruz is a comin’ to town!!!

Local Grocers we hope you stocked up!
Local Grocers we hope you stocked up!

If you’ve got a hankering for some Campbell’s Chunky Soup you best haul your butt down to the store before Rafael gets here! We’ve heard he likes to buy it in bulk. (Seriously, what is wrong with him?)

Anyhoo, rumor has it that he’s going to make an appearance (taint) the Weinberg at 10 tomorrow. We want to encourage our fellow Yokels to show up at the Weinberg tomorrow with either a dildo, because Ted really hates them, or a can of soup if ya think the guy is hungry.

Here’s a hint as to which one we here at the Yokel have decided to bring:


Let’s give this charlatan a good old fashion Frederick welcome!

Local Yokel strays from the local..sorta.


Our faithful readers know we like to stick to the local. There’s so much going on in these here parts that we don’t usually stray beyond our borders. However, we feel the need to expand our net in order to help explain something that happened in our fine county yesterday.

We’ve heard that a group of fellas took to their truck, finely decorated with that symbol of Southern lost causes, and yelled obscenities at people of color who were walking down Market Street. We are smart enough to know that this could happen for a variety of reasons: drunkenness, stupidity, feeling they are entitled to their hateful opinions because someone running for our highest political office gives them the cover to do so.

It’s the latter we are going to focus on.

When Donald Trump first ran for office, it seemed like a gimmick. Some rich, bored, former reality show star just trying to get attention.  It has evolved, over the last few months, into something decidedly less optimistic. Mr. Trump’s “politically incorrect” campaign has given license to those with awful viewpoints to sing them loud and unashamed.  By saying the truly awful things that he does, Trump is taking us on a backwards train towards bigotry.

I am sure most of us have lamented the term “political correctness” at one time or another. One thing that we seem to forget are the reasons why we changed the way we talk. For one, we cleaned up our act so one group of people would not be made to feel inferior to another. Let’s not kid ourselves. Language matters. A lot. For a moment stop and think of all of the horrible words used to describe and address African Americans, Women, Asians and Latinos over the course of the 20th century.  Pretty terrible aren’t they? There are good reasons as to why its not okay to speak that way anymore. Then along comes Donald Trump who tells people that its okay to express their bigotry.  More than that really, he’s made people feel as though they are the ones who are oppressed when they can’t “tell it like it is.”

Where has this shift led us? Well so far: increased attacks on Muslims, 3rd graders taunting their classmate, high school students chanting, “Build the wall” and a myriad of other unfortunate cultural changes.

We get that people feel insecure when economic and educational opportunities are scarce. It’s scary that we live in a unpredictable world where people can  shoot or blow you up because of their extreme religious viewpoints. And like the old plantation owners of the failed Confederate republic, Trump feeds into those insecurities and prejudices by turning attention and blame away from where it really belongs…people just like him. Trump, and other greedy fear mongers, are responsible for middle class jobs being shipped overseas. They are responsible for driving people of different backgrounds further apart.  All Mr. Trump has offered us is a blame game and false solutions that will only tear this country further apart.

Now back to the local. Frederick, like anywhere else, has always had its racists. And only those people in the truck yesterday can attest to their motivations. One thing is clear though; Trump has paved the way for these kinds of people to feel comfortable in spewing their truly disgusting thoughts. There’s still time to stop this trend. Who is with us?

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Pay attention to who liked this as the person who posted it is no longer relevant in Frederick County politics.


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From Billy's page.
From Billy’s page.