´╗┐Straight talk. Coming right at ya. Wait, whut?

It looks like #kirbydelauter has a brand new website up and running. We are guessing it is just to make sure you know all the ways you can give him your hard earned cash money, for anyone who still has something left after the rush to invest in gold bouillon. Honestly, if we could send him a negative check for all the pain and suffering we have endured over the last almost 2 years we would. Maybe we will send him a bill instead. Like an invoice. Not proposed legislation. We are still waiting to see him come up with one of those on his own. We may as well be Waiting for Godot.

He also wants to make sure you know who all his friends supporters are.

Who doesn’t seem like they belong here? Anyone???
Also, we think the absolute best part of his new site is under the contact tab. Kirby would LOVE to hear from you. So, how about it? We definitely think you should give him a piece of your mind. Or ours. Be sure to let us know if you actually get a response that features “straight talk and straight answers.” It seems out of character.

We didn’t say it.