Time to hit the liquor store! It’s debate night!


Keep your organs in check people!
Keep your organs in check people!

Your faithful Yokels only expend our precious energy in creating drinking games about our lovable, quirky county council. We would be remiss, however, if we didn’t point you in the direction of a fun drinking game for tonight’s debate. For how can anyone be expected to get through it without liquid fortification?  Make sure you have a yuuge supply of booze on hand, it could be a long night! Click here to play.

Early voting begins on the 14th! Still undecided? Let #kirbydelauter help!


Hey Yokels! It’s finally Maryland’s turn to weigh in on this primary side show. Starting this Thursday you can choose who will run for President, Congressperson, Senator and a slew of local offices. If you don’t align with a particular party, you can still show up to pick three choices for our local school board. We here at the Yokel believe local elections are really important. There’s lots of good choices for the board, except one. Steer away from Cindy Rose. We will have more on  her in a separate post soon.

If you are still undecided whom to vote for to run for President, Kirby has some really good advice:

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Local Yokel strays from the local..sorta.


Our faithful readers know we like to stick to the local. There’s so much going on in these here parts that we don’t usually stray beyond our borders. However, we feel the need to expand our net in order to help explain something that happened in our fine county yesterday.

We’ve heard that a group of fellas took to their truck, finely decorated with that symbol of Southern lost causes, and yelled obscenities at people of color who were walking down Market Street. We are smart enough to know that this could happen for a variety of reasons: drunkenness, stupidity, feeling they are entitled to their hateful opinions because someone running for our highest political office gives them the cover to do so.

It’s the latter we are going to focus on.

When Donald Trump first ran for office, it seemed like a gimmick. Some rich, bored, former reality show star just trying to get attention.  It has evolved, over the last few months, into something decidedly less optimistic. Mr. Trump’s “politically incorrect” campaign has given license to those with awful viewpoints to sing them loud and unashamed.  By saying the truly awful things that he does, Trump is taking us on a backwards train towards bigotry.

I am sure most of us have lamented the term “political correctness” at one time or another. One thing that we seem to forget are the reasons why we changed the way we talk. For one, we cleaned up our act so one group of people would not be made to feel inferior to another. Let’s not kid ourselves. Language matters. A lot. For a moment stop and think of all of the horrible words used to describe and address African Americans, Women, Asians and Latinos over the course of the 20th century.  Pretty terrible aren’t they? There are good reasons as to why its not okay to speak that way anymore. Then along comes Donald Trump who tells people that its okay to express their bigotry.  More than that really, he’s made people feel as though they are the ones who are oppressed when they can’t “tell it like it is.”

Where has this shift led us? Well so far: increased attacks on Muslims, 3rd graders taunting their classmate, high school students chanting, “Build the wall” and a myriad of other unfortunate cultural changes.

We get that people feel insecure when economic and educational opportunities are scarce. It’s scary that we live in a unpredictable world where people can  shoot or blow you up because of their extreme religious viewpoints. And like the old plantation owners of the failed Confederate republic, Trump feeds into those insecurities and prejudices by turning attention and blame away from where it really belongs…people just like him. Trump, and other greedy fear mongers, are responsible for middle class jobs being shipped overseas. They are responsible for driving people of different backgrounds further apart.  All Mr. Trump has offered us is a blame game and false solutions that will only tear this country further apart.

Now back to the local. Frederick, like anywhere else, has always had its racists. And only those people in the truck yesterday can attest to their motivations. One thing is clear though; Trump has paved the way for these kinds of people to feel comfortable in spewing their truly disgusting thoughts. There’s still time to stop this trend. Who is with us?

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Pay attention to who liked this as the person who posted it is no longer relevant in Frederick County politics.


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From Billy's page.
From Billy’s page.