Blaine’s gonna invade the airwaves!



We have it on good authority that Blaine will be on WFMD tomorrow from 11-12 p.m. Wasn’t his sobbing, potentially perjury ridden performance on the Bob Miller show this week enough?What could he possibly say for one hour that any of us would want to hear? It’s really starting to sound as though those rumors about him running for the District 5 council seat are true. Why else would he be torturing us with so many public appearances?  If you have something you would really like to say to Mr. Young, please call the studio at 301-694-WFMD (9363).

We really, really don’t want to listen. But for you, our dear readers, we’ll try our best.

One thought on “Blaine’s gonna invade the airwaves!

  1. To understand BY’s Millerpsychological make up, you have to realize he is an “Elitist.” Billy Shreve was mistaken when he was calling Mr. Jerry Donald one at a County Council meeting once. I have total respect for Jerry’s performance on the County Council. However, BY believes is an entitled member of the Frederick County community because of his family. He is totally out of touch with reality. He is a narcissistic individual who believes his way is the only way. Talk about “Pay to play.” I gave each member of the County Council a copy of the Gazette story how BY raised a campaign war chest funded by all the developers in January 2013 to run for Governor of Maryland. Soon after, 23 developments were approved over the objections of the residents whose towns he destroyed. He destroyed the volunteer fire department system. He did only “MOE” on school funding. He put in contracts into the county budget for the benefit of businesses he owned. he cheated on his wife, he was involved with a County employee. Arrested for solicitation of prostitution for multiple offenses. And in his wisdom, threw the indigent residents of MonteVue and Citizens Care out by selling a valuable asset for a loss! He will be on WFMD, I suppose with Bob Miller (Rush Limbaugh wannabe). He better bring a violin if he going to cry the blues. I say BY can come back after the last DRRA goes void. Until then, he can wallow in his own cesspool of immoral behavior. Who needs him when Jan Gardner and the new County Council under Bud Otis has done a magnificent job!


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