Speculate wildly. Please!

We’ve been wanting to pull this out of moth balls.


Your yokels just got word that the rest of the meeting is up.

While we are again taking one for the team to find out what actually happened, we want you to guess what might have happened to get Billy to name names.


7 thoughts on “Speculate wildly. Please!

  1. I would guess the County employee inspected a project and found non-compliance with the applicable code. Instead of making the corrections or taking advantage of departmental appeal mechanisms, the owner/builder/developer of the project chose to go the political route. Instead of getting the inspector’s side of the story, Billy chose to make defamatory statements of and concerning the inspector. We had a similar experience during my tenure as BOCC president. A politically powerful development firm did not get a bid award. The firm approached the “pro-developer” members of the BOCC uttering false and defamatory statements about a County employee involved in the bid process. Those BOCC members requested a closed “personnel” meeting to discuss that matter. I sent an “in the clear, all points” e-mail (including the unsuccessful bidder) noting that i) I would not attend the meeting; ii) the firm’s remedy was a formal bid protest, not resort to the political process; iii) the County employee’s word was enough for me to determine nothing improper took place; iv) under the circumstances, the firm’s false and defamatory statements came uncomfortably close to violating the extortion laws; and v) if the firm persisted, I would refer the matter to the appropriate law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies. After the meeting, the County Attorney indicated that my e-mail had the desired effect and the matter was no longer an issue.


    1. That is exactly what we thing as well. Which one of Billy’s friends got fined? We feel really sorry for the hard working county employees that have to put up with his political vendettas.


      1. That is why the Good Lord created the Maryland Public Information Act. Anyone can submit a written application to inspect and copy “. . . any and all public records created or received by Councilman Shreve since January 1, 2017 in relation to and in connection with the specific County Inspector named by Councilman Shreve during the ‘Council Member Comments’ portion of the Council’s Tuesday, February 7, 2017 meeting . . .” or words of similar import. Applications should go to the attention of Linda Thall, Sr. Assistant County Attorney.


  2. While the employee likely wants all of this to go away, he/she should take advantage of the County’s grievance procedure. While the employee technically works for Jan, not the Council, it would behoove the employee to have his/her personnel file reflect that there was noting to Billy’s charges. If the employee is inclined to go this route, they need to proceed with all do haste. The time limits for filing a grievance are relatively short.


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