Cindy Rose is stupid AND dangerous

There continues to be absolutely no evidence Cindy Rose has ever read a book. Maybe if she had she would be aware that “Hitler’s Brown Shirts” were not a part of a grassroots organization protesting the government, but a paramilitary government police faction that operated tippy-top down, predating Hitler, and weaponized by him against the people to the point that stuff like, oh, say…Kristallnacht happened. If you are a reader, we have a book to recommend by Erik Larson called In the Garden of Beasts that may help clarify who is a good guy and who is in charge of whom in Nazi Germany. If you are Cindy Rose, there is a chance that they are going to make it into a movie. Get a load of this:

This is really, really reaching.

Here’s a tidbit for ya: in 1920 Hitler outlined the Nazi Party’s 25 Point Plan. Perhaps a more thorough investigator would like to check those out and assess in what ways history may repeat itself. Protesters tried to shout Hitler down at *his* big rally in Munich, and they got rounded up by these Brown Shirts (a.k.a. Sturmabteilung, or maybe you’ve heard of them called the SA)!  All of the people who possess critical thinking skills are able to see the delineation here where the Brown Shirts and the protesters are on opposite sides, right?

For the lady who is not even able to lay claim to the weakest degree of verystablegenius, please note that the government leadership and the ruling party who hold power (who would that be in America right now?) and who are getting shouted at by upset citizens are all on the same side of the analogy, and the Brown Shirts act against those out of power on behalf of the government to violate their free speech. Pro tip: Cindy Rose is a dangerous idiot.

She plugs away at proving it constantly. To the point that we have ignored a lot of it lately, because frankly it gets old, but this is beyond the pale. Before you get on the Board of Education, just get an education.

Maybe ever.

Let’s paddle all those brain washed kids! Your BoE election week in review!

We can barely keep up with this year’s slate of BoE candidates! We shared quite a few of Cindy Rose’s Facebook posts on our Facebook page last week, so make sure you take a gander at all of that!  Since we have heard so much lately about how Twitter and other social media outlets are the best way for politicians to communicate, we are going to go ahead and present to you some of our latest social media findings.

If you haven’t had the chance to read our post on what a friend of the Yokel termed “The Hate Slate”, please take the time to do so. There we not only point out how very poorly written their “For Immediate Release” post was, but we also took the time to research and refute the claims within.

Did we ever!

The Hate Slate really doesn’t like it when we re-post their posts, read their press releases, or write anything about their awful ideas. According to them, that is bullying.


LOL! If they want to believe that pointing out why they would be terrible members of our children’s board of education is bullying, we’ll just have chalk that up to one of the million things they are confused about.

Let us first see how some of our candidates felt about the school walk out, shall we?

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.31.50 PM
Take heed liberals! Cindy will have you beaten into submission!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.32.19 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.32.30 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.32.36 PM

Before we say anything else, let’s also explore what some members of her “Dream Team” had to say:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.39.12 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.34.01 PM

Chaz also went before the BOE this week to explain to us all how very concerned he is that those kids who did not want to participate in the walk out are somehow persecuted in an interesting interpretation of the 1st amendment:

Here’s our Yokel analysis of all of the above:

Free speech does not apply to kids if they disagree with our point of view. These teenagers could not have come to a different conclusion than us (i.e.-we don’t want to get shot at school) without somehow being brainwashed by the evil liberal teachers. However, if a teenager does happen to subscribe to our point of view, they are heroes and critical thinkers who are the TRUE future leaders of these here United States. Also, Freedom of Speech ONLY applies to those who share our point of view because those who express a different viewpoint RIGHT IN OUR VERY FACES  are somehow making us feel very bad and now we need our safe space!

Please, continue posting, people! PLEASE!

We also found a few goodies on the candidate page of Seth Eisenberg. Please take a hot second to read this blog post on his BoE page:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.56.29 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.56.37 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.56.45 PM

Yeah, how about that Maryland Case Search!? Go take a look folks! Of course people are going to look at what kind of person you are if you want to represent our interests! And that includes whether or not you have had any run-ins with the law! And of course we want those in charge of making educational decisions for our children to have a basic understanding of education (and to know how English works)! To us this requires ,at minimum, a college degree or some other kind of proof that shows you are beyond capable of analyzing research and passing budgets! (Yes, we know, elitist!) And #sorrynotsorry we are not going to be positive with people who have no business in the world running for the board of ed!

You may be asking why we have chosen to spend so much time lately on the board of education race. These types of races don’t usually get a lot of press and in our opinion that is a huge problem! If rational folks don’t pay attention you wind up with board of education members who choose textbooks that treat slavery as just another world migration, or decide that creationism belongs in a science classroom, or try to ban books like Harry Potter. We can’t let these people on our school board. Pay attention and be vigilant!

Here’s one more chuckle for your Sunday afternoon:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.36.38 PM
Appealing to the disgraced-several-times-over Milo Yiannopoulos for campaign advice is simultaneously tragic and hilarious. You have to be a special kind of nuts to get Twitter banned, and some of Milo’s big troubles come from appearing to promote pedophilia, so…

If you haven’t heard about Milo Y’s latest adventures, definitely enjoy some whimsical reading about his retracted CPAC invitation, kooky-stupid book deal that vanished into thin air, and termination from his cranky Breitbart covfefe production gig.


Texsplaining: child trafficking, crime, and immigrants, oh my…

Hey, folks. Two stories popped up on the news junkie radar yesterday, and got us thinking about Sheriff Jenkins “expertise” in a couple of key areas. When Jessica Fitzwater promoted the Human Trafficking Task Force, and the Frederick City Police Department took an active and engaged interest, but the Sheriff’s Department found it unnecessary (and Billy Shreve #neverforget said that some people are in favor of human trafficking) we developed a new awareness of this horrifying issue that our Fredneck Trump Train Faction seems so untroubled by. Oh, and Cindy Rose had some thoughts about that too, now that we recall. It was allegedly some sort of scam for teachers to get more training or something that makes covfefe amount of sense. How could you possibly look more foolish than dismissing the efforts to keep kids from being sex trafficked as an evil liberal teacher plot? But, you do you, crazies. Please proceed.

Well, yesterday The Washington Post had a story about a training program the Texas Department of Public Safety has launched to help officers recognize when they find a child who is being trafficked and what they can do to help. The officers down there have found it to be so helpful, they want to see it go nationwide! This is a fantastic story about good policing–please do follow the link. Isn’t it a wacky coincidence that this type of training was the exact reason cited for forming a task force locally? Is there some reason we wouldn’t be promoting good policing?

It’s incredibly disheartening to review the local discussions surrounding this issue. The more we learn about it, the more monstrous the ambivalence toward–or, more accurately, the hostility toward–acting to stop this seems.

Every damn day these people make us ask…

But there’s more Texsplaining to do because another thing that we read yesterday in The Houston Chronicle deals with immigrants and crime. We’ve bristled before at our local “expert” on the border and what exactly would qualify someone on the Mason-Dixon border to act as a special adviser on these matters. Well, it seems that the quite well-known and esteemed conservative think tank, The Cato Institute, has research indicating that undocumented immigrants in Texas are less likely to commit crimes than native born Texans are. In the immortal words of Rick Perry, “Ewps.”

“Using data from the Texas Department of Public Safety, researchers from the conservative think tank Cato Institute found the arrest rate for undocumented immigrants was 40 percent below that of native-born Texans.” — Fernando Ramirez, The Houston Chronicle, March 6, 2018

Law enforcement officers in real border states uphold sanctuary policies as a tool to help them to solve crimes because it increases the reporting of those crimes and the cooperation of witnesses. It seems like The Cato Institute’s research suggests something in support of that thinking. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from people who have first-hand experience and research in support of their positions? Just a thought.


Take our “Who could it be poll?!” It’s not hard we promise!

How we wish we could!

Here we are minding our own business on this nice Sunday afternoon, and this pops into our Facebook feed:

Click here to read the whole story, but here’s the gist of it:

The lawsuit argues that the policy violates the girl’s fundamental right to bodily privacy, and her mother’s fundamental parental rights regarding the care and upbringing of her child.”

The “mother” is not named, but we can pretty much guess who it is. Especially since “she” said she would do this very thing if the BOE passed this policy. Let’s see if we are all on the same page:


These types of suits have not been successful because the burden is on the plaintiff to prove they are being harmed. Too bad our school system has to not only be burdened with someone who assaults them with numerous PIA requests, but also has to waste money and resources to defend these types of lawsuits.

UPDATE: Here’s the Federal Court link:

Plaintiff’s names are “Mary Smith” and “Jane Doe”.

Pulling back the curtain, is the witch the hunted or the hunter?

You probably read this article in the FNP previously, but a recent comment caught our notice. It is a link to several email enquiries made by Cindy Rose, candidate for the Board of Education and self proclaimed education watch dog. Even after reading the article that alluded to many of the topics included in the link, it is still surprising and shocking to read these requests.

Seriously, is this her hero?


Ms. Rose wants to have her hand in every single aspect of FCPS. Every one! How does she keep track of all the witch hunts? Does she use excel? Does she have a ledger board? A notebook? Scrapbook? Spell book? A detective’s investigation board?

She must have a really big board.

She has bristled at being labeled a book burner, but these emails show she has questions on several books as well as videos that FCPS uses. What seems nervy is that the books she is concerned about, she admits she has not actually read, just read the reviews. How can you complain about something for which you have only read a review? If you are going to complain, at least make sure you really, really know what you are complaining about.

She has questions specifically about Jessica Fitzwater’s employment status with FCPS.

She has lots of questions about why the school is sending out information on community events.

Why does FCPS spend money?

Read the attachments for yourself. We just keep getting angry as we read and re-read them.




Basket of deplorables: Fredneck collection!

We Ladies of the Local Yokel are early birds, because let’s face it, if you go to the fair too late in the day you see stuff like this collection of whackadoodles at the GOP tent:

You idiots. Really. So stupid.
You idiots. Really. You are so stupid. And also deplorable.

Why did it not occur to these fools to at least pretend they might be in the half who weren’t going to hell in the handbasket of deplorables? What is WRONG?? with these people???? They might as well just tattoo, “I’m a racist, misogynistic xenophobe,” smack on the front of their bovine foreheads and call it done. We heard a rumor that the Republican tent is selling all their swag. So what this means is that there may be other losers who intend to buy this piece of garbage!

This is really not a bit like getting called a Yankee Doodle Dandy and then claiming the term as a badge of honor. There’s absolutely no way to fix this with some clever spin. They have always seemed pretty dumb, and pretty abhorrent. Points for self-awareness, we guess.

Wake us up when 2016 is over (also, PSA: don’t vote for Cindy Rose). K. Thx. Bye.

BOE to teachers: beatings will continue until morale improves

True confession. I am not a teacher. I saw the writing on the wall before I walked into the classroom. I have an English degree that I got at an engineering university. Men there vocally proclaimed that women only study teaching to get that coveted “Mrs.” degree those charming male engineers have to offer. I grudgingly went through the education program to maximize the limited job opportunities available to lovers of the liberal arts. To no one’s surprise more than my own I discovered that I passionately loved being in the classroom. I am an introvert who likes to “hide behind my keyboard,” but being with students and sharing a passion for learning made all of that fade into the background.

In spite of that I learned more things as a student teacher that I knew couldn’t live with. It’s an inflexible job. You have copious amounts of tedium to attend to. Parent/teacher meetings. Staff meetings. Continuing education requirements. Individualized Education Programs to maintain. Meeting with specialists who help with IEPs. Documenting everything, everything, everything so that kids with behavior problems or learning disabilities are functioning to the highest extent possible (or to expedite their removal from your classroom, in certain cases, in order for the needs of everyone else to be met). Planning. Grading. Not a single one of these things can be done during the time you are working with your class. Thanks to email and smart phones the time demands have become more strenuous over time. Teachers are increasingly likely to be in constant contact with parents, many of whom are themselves disrespectful enough toward teachers to blame them for instances of student irresponsibility. Now there’s all the testing and teaching to the test. Volumes have been and will yet be written about this.


First and foremost a teacher is a mentor and needs to have human moments with these young people. One of my students killed a pedestrian with a car, and we were asked to actively monitor that child’s psychological condition (not that we would not have been concerned without being told to be, for goodness sake). There were pregnant girls trying to make it through to graduation. One 18 year old had ADHD more extreme than I have seen before or since. He had no friends. He was a constant disruption to class; his immaturity was social suicide. The advantage of being young and new is coming in with fresh patience and empathy that students like this have exhausted in everyone else. There was the gang member who could have done better–and quite obviously wanted to. You work with such young people knowing there is no realistic way of getting them out of a toxic environment. Idealism fades fast. Then there were the other students–largely in the high achieving classes–who had a serious case of the “silver spoons in the mouths”. For them, many of those I just described existed only as abstract, troubled losers they almost never saw.

I arrived on this scene having already been told teachers are dumb. They suck. They work at this because they lack the necessary skills to do anything else, and will need to marry well to have a life. I didn’t want to cope with all of the above workload and emotional investment. On top of that I was up at 5 AM at the latest, after staying up late each night before to accomplish what I needed to for the next day. It is strenuous to plan out lessons for multiple classes and ability levels and maybe multiple ability levels in the same class, and grade piles of homework. In English, journalism, history, and theater classes this often involves a lot of reading and writing and nuanced response. In exchange for this brutal life I was unable to make a doctor’s appointment during the day, or have lunch at a restaurant with a friend who works elsewhere, or plan a vacation compatible with my husband’s work schedule.

Early teaching careers are extraordinarily stressful years because you don’t have an established body of lessons and plans and experience. You’re on your feet all day walking literally miles around your school building. Largely miles logged within the confines of your own classroom. Then piles of work await you when the classroom day is done. All over the country, and egregiously so in this county, people doing at least a job and a half worth of work are told to scrape by on paraprofessional pay. Here, most especially dumped on are the new hires.

Instead of heading into the classroom to make a difference as a semi volunteer (the first year teacher down the hall calculated her salary as hourly wages and said she made more working at Walmart), I took advantage of the late ’90’s dot com environment, even with my allegedly useless English degree. Just imagine how hard it is for someone who is drawn to math and science to be persuaded into the classroom. I walked into my first job interview, nailed it, got the offer, and accepted. I started writing software user manuals, which helps virtually no one. It provides none of the sense of purpose that teaching has. I was a 22 year old with a 26th floor window office with a gorgeous view, a ton of flexibility, and the panache of a tech world where sticking around leads to raises, bonuses, profit sharing, and stock options. Teachers get crapped on by everyone. It’s honestly amazing to me that anyone puts up with it. I have too well developed a sense of outrage to have sailed into that on moral fortitude alone. I remain ever angry on their behalf, and I urge you to stand up for what is right. None of us anywhere would have the jobs we have today, if it were not for the teachers who helped to get us here. Fight for them. We need these people.

You can contact the Frederick County BOE and urge them to reconsider their decision to cut funding from the salary pool at We are beginning to bleed teachers. In the future please pressure Frederick County to continue to improve funding for FCPS so that essential people are not fighting over tiny slivers of the pie. It’s too late for this year. Community engagement is critical. School quality affects everyone’s property value and crime rates.

Embarrassment of riches: BOE edition

We’ve had a lot of embarrassment of riches. The wrong kind. Typical shenanigans we get to mock, but this time…This time we are so fortunate.

The BOE race in Frederick County really only has one thorn. The rest of the candidates leave us feeling grateful for their talent, their engagement, and their commitment. They all bring a unique perspective to the table.

In no particular order:

Joy Schaefer and Zakir Bengali are respected incumbents on the board. They bring wisdom and experience to the table, they work well with others and have proven themselves good advocates for the needs of our students. They have performed their duties capably. Mrs. Schaefer speaks to an appreciation for different types of successful student outcomes, whether to learn a trade or continue on an academic path after graduation. Mr. Bengali, a retired scientist who advocates for celebrating the inherent strengths of an increasingly diverse community. Mr. Bengali has been unfortunately less visible in the campaign due to lack of presence on social media and a scheduling conflict with the FNP forum.

Ken Kerr introduced himself at the FNP forum as a teacher, administrator and businessman with the temperament to be a cooperative member of a team. The importance of these qualities really cannot be overstated. He has a doctorate in education and works at FCC, which gives him a great perspective on our community’s education needs.

Shirley McDonald moved from serving on the PTA in 1984 to president of the PTA, to a 21 year teaching career and has stayed active in education as a volunteer in the Citizens Advisory Panel. She wants to continue her advocacy for public education, and campaigning for BOE is a natural step in that direction. This evening at the budget hearing she stressed the need for Frederick County salaries to be competitive in order to attract and retain talented professionals.

Lois Jarman has already been on our radar for bravely coming forward to contest a situation where the Republican Central Committee intended to only allow the ideas of a single candidate for BOE, and we would be remiss if we didn’t again acknowledge the help of the Republican Women’s Club to do something to encourage a marketplace of ideas. One must presume as a Navy wife that she’s had good relationships with many a Republican woman over the years. She has run the gamut of roles at FCPS, from parent volunteer, substitute teacher, and 17 years in her own classroom. She emphasized that she would like to give back to the community that has done so much for her. Love this positivity.

Mike Bunitsky started his career in 1975 in PG County. He was most recently the Secondary Social Studies Curriculum Specialist for FCPS. He’s also held a range of roles. He says the two most pressing issues for FCPS are adequate funding and closing the achievement gap, and he thinks we need a lower student teacher ratio.

Jay Mason was raised in Lewistown, has a master’s degree in elementary ed, and has worked as president of Eliminating the Achievement Gap. At the FNP forum Mr. Mason expressed a desire to bring this into focus and to be a voice for the minority community on the Board of Education.

After poking around at these, we feel even more staunchly that we have a number of well respected, well qualified, and well meaning people running for the BOE. And that leaves only one we cannot advise voting for–silence speaks volumes here. You cannot go wrong with any of these other folks. This will be a tough decision. How lucky are we that the hard choice is how to narrow down a brilliant field of candidates? Thank you all for your candidacies.

How your options appear to compare 2 candidates on
How your options appear to compare 2 candidates on

Hello from the other side: NOBODY is in favor of standardized testing

Do these people even listen to themselves? They are constantly railing against straw man positions other people don’t actually hold (see any discussion of the second amendment and you will learn that all people who want to see any sort of moderating influence on elementary school children wielding rocket propelled grenade launchers if they so desire, are in fact making a power play to grab up the weapons of Joey Deerhunter <insert eye roll here>).

Apparently Cindy Rose is running for BOE, highlighted in a post by Mr. “Some People Call Me Thor” (whut????).  And this nugget of what he says is true: you can talk to anyone across the political spectrum and they don’t think Ben should take standardized tests. We don’t. Largely people (including us) don’t actually think most typical kids should spend all their time on them, either. If you have never seen it, we urge you to watch John Oliver’s segment about the big business of standardized testing in America. Pretty sure all this testing and curriculum sales to ensure success on the tests they sold you is not designed to benefit teachers or kids. Sounds like crafty shenanigans.

Our bone to pick here would be that in order to be an effective advocate for special needs kids experiencing this–the kind of lady who gets stuff done instead of continuing to have a festering problem, and gets to sit on the couch at the Today’s Show and explain to Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie what is happening and why it has to stop (and gawk in person at those superfluous drunken dingbats on the last hour) you have to shine a light on this in a different way. The Frederick County BOE supported Dr. Alban’s decision, asking for clarification at the state level. It is possible to make contact with the state board of education and your representatives at every level of government. It is easier than ever to exert pressure through positive use of social media and the sharing of information.  Maybe we could all lend her a hand with regard to that, because we do actually care, and we can switch tone as needed to be polite and logical and respectful. Then she won’t have to run, and can spend all her free time saying crude things on Facebook.

(Make sure you click through the comments)

Her focus–while important, surely critically so to her child and family–does not give her the kind of experience with broad application to all students. Unfortunately her demeanor when dealing with others does not lend itself to being a constructive voice for the community. We know, we know. We’re snarky too. That’s why we write snarky blog posts, and won’t be running for public office. None of us are patient enough to be cooperative with people we think are infuriating. It’s why #kirbydelauter and Billy Shreve are crappy legislators. Running a county and ranting are not the same thing.

This certainly does not amount to a reason for Whatshisname (Tron, was it?) to vilify FCTA. Who ever hears teachers exalting the vitures of standardized testing? Lois Jarman has a fantastic and 100% snark free blog post just today about the weakness of using standardized testing to evaluate students. Everyone’s students.

Our public school teachers are highly educated and well-trained. We should value their understanding of student learning and performance in the classroom. It’s evident that their assessments bear more weight than anything standardized.