Can’t teachers just live off their job perks?

Poor, sweet naive owlets.
Poor, sweet naive owlets.

In a surprise to absolutely no one with a hearty sense of logic, the FNP ran a story today entitled:

Low salary rankings a sticking point for Frederick County teachers

In our previous reports we’ve talked about this FACT.  We also expressed our outrage when BoE candidate Cindy Rose stated that salaries weren’t an issue. Look people, teachers are professionals, college educated and trained. Many go on to get Master’s degrees as well.  They plan day in and day out how to best help our children acquire essential skills, behave and function as part of a larger group. They invest their emotional, physical and mental resources into shaping our future. But you know what? They’ve gotta eat, raise a family and prepare for their own  futures. So if another county or another profession gives them the pay and security that they so richly deserve, what do you think is going to be the end result?  It’s not enough to say we have a cool town or that the personal satisfaction of teaching should be enough. There aren’t many jobs in which you are required to get a four year degree, take licensing tests and within ten years acquire a Master’s degree and still get paid so poorly. If you still think teachers don’t matter, that their job could be replaced by a computer, start reading here and here. We implore the BoE to reconsider their decision to take money away from salaries, for if we don’t have the talent we don’t have anything.

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