Seriously? How is our High Sheriff an expert on this?

If you watched yesterday’s county council meeting, you heard that our esteemed High Sheriff Jenkins was not available to present the mutual aid agreement with Washington County. When your Lady Yokels heard that he was meeting with the President well, we collectively looked like this:


Seriously folks, we love Frederick, but since when is our High Sheriff an expert on immigration or MS-13? There are bigger jurisdictions who surely have more expertise on this subject. Then again, maybe none of those folks toe the Trump line and wanted to be seen seated at the table with a man who says such terrible things about immigrants. Perhaps they don’t like the way that Trump paints all illegal immigrants as some kind of degenerate criminals. Our sheriff, on the other hand, holds no such qualms:

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 9.52.02 AMScreen Shot 2018-02-07 at 9.51.43 AM

Great Zeus this is embarrassing. Here’s a news report on how Jenkins tried to shame other jurisdictions who didn’t take the ICE money. It’s amazing to us, with all the real problems we have here in Frederick County, Jenkins chooses to grandstand on the immigration stuff as though we are some kind of border state. He took a trip funded by the anti-immigrant group, FAIR, to get a first hand look at the border, made commercials for the same group, and supported the English Language Ordinance ,which was decidedly anti-immigrant. How this all connects to his responsibilities here in Frederick is beyond us. We have a real opioid issue in this county. People are dying, lives are being destroyed. That is what needs to be fixed right now. (And by fixed we don’t mean Billy Shreve’s film project, because as nice as that may seem, we are super skeptical that any at risk kids will participate.)

Thankfully, we have an election this year in which we can elect someone who will concentrate less on grandstanding on the national stage and will focus on what’s going on here in Frederick. If you haven’t heard of Karl Bickel click on this link and read all about him. This is the kind of law enforcement leadership we need.


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