Basket of deplorables: Fredneck collection!

We Ladies of the Local Yokel are early birds, because let’s face it, if you go to the fair too late in the day you see stuff like this collection of whackadoodles at the GOP tent:

You idiots. Really. So stupid.
You idiots. Really. You are so stupid. And also deplorable.

Why did it not occur to these fools to at least pretend they might be in the half who weren’t going to hell in the handbasket of deplorables? What is WRONG?? with these people???? They might as well just tattoo, “I’m a racist, misogynistic xenophobe,” smack on the front of their bovine foreheads and call it done. We heard a rumor that the Republican tent is selling all their swag. So what this means is that there may be other losers who intend to buy this piece of garbage!

This is really not a bit like getting called a Yankee Doodle Dandy and then claiming the term as a badge of honor. There’s absolutely no way to fix this with some clever spin. They have always seemed pretty dumb, and pretty abhorrent. Points for self-awareness, we guess.

Wake us up when 2016 is over (also, PSA: don’t vote for Cindy Rose). K. Thx. Bye.

5 thoughts on “Basket of deplorables: Fredneck collection!

  1. I don’t do Facebook. Is there a web page?

    Two years ago I registered at the Dem booth at the fair, but never heard from them again.


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