Cindy Rose is stupid AND dangerous

There continues to be absolutely no evidence Cindy Rose has ever read a book. Maybe if she had she would be aware that “Hitler’s Brown Shirts” were not a part of a grassroots organization protesting the government, but a paramilitary government police faction that operated tippy-top down, predating Hitler, and weaponized by him against the people to the point that stuff like, oh, say…Kristallnacht happened. If you are a reader, we have a book to recommend by Erik Larson called In the Garden of Beasts that may help clarify who is a good guy and who is in charge of whom in Nazi Germany. If you are Cindy Rose, there is a chance that they are going to make it into a movie. Get a load of this:

This is really, really reaching.

Here’s a tidbit for ya: in 1920 Hitler outlined the Nazi Party’s 25 Point Plan. Perhaps a more thorough investigator would like to check those out and assess in what ways history may repeat itself. Protesters tried to shout Hitler down at *his* big rally in Munich, and they got rounded up by these Brown Shirts (a.k.a. Sturmabteilung, or maybe you’ve heard of them called the SA)!  All of the people who possess critical thinking skills are able to see the delineation here where the Brown Shirts and the protesters are on opposite sides, right?

For the lady who is not even able to lay claim to the weakest degree of verystablegenius, please note that the government leadership and the ruling party who hold power (who would that be in America right now?) and who are getting shouted at by upset citizens are all on the same side of the analogy, and the Brown Shirts act against those out of power on behalf of the government to violate their free speech. Pro tip: Cindy Rose is a dangerous idiot.

She plugs away at proving it constantly. To the point that we have ignored a lot of it lately, because frankly it gets old, but this is beyond the pale. Before you get on the Board of Education, just get an education.

Maybe ever.

Beating flies with sledgehammers: Your October 17th meeting round-up!

Tonight we finally had a public commenter in the form of Friend of the Yokel (FotY) Patrick Schempp. Patrick made some really good points concerning proposed changes to the DRAAs.

Billy votes against the agenda, for the budget amendments, and abstains from the minutes. No rhyme or reason whatsoever. Kirby needs a clarification about one of the budget adjustments. Rick Harcum comes to the rescue to spell the language out for him.

There are various confirmation votes on county executive appointments. All received 7-0 votes, except for someone on the Transportation Advisory Board that Billy votes against. Wonder what that person did to him! And if they want to be our friend!

Back for public hearings at 7:00.

First public hearing is on a bill that restricts recreational facilities that are designed only to serve residents in a development, to exist only within the borders of that development. Basically, if a development has a pool that only serves the residents of that development, it must be IN the development. Billy wants to know where his aerial photo is. Mr. Horn tells him it’s available. But Billy wants to know when Mr. Horn is going to wrap it all up in pretty paper and deliver it to his front door! Because you really don’t expect Billy to do any legwork on his own, do you? Jeez!

Tony wants to know if amendments are going to be added. Because folks,Tony says the Planning Commission voted against this 7-0. Nope!  It was really it 5-1-0, and he is told no. You see this bill had to come about because a development near Pinecliff had to run their water lines outside the development in to Ag land. For some reason both Billy and Kirby insist this incident has never happened in the county before. Staff want to make sure that running water lines through agricultural zones does not become a precedent just because it was allowed this one time.

Kirby says y’all are killing a fly with a sledgehammer and he’s totally against this bill. And man oh man, this guy wants to be county executive? I don’t think we are ready for over very own Ross Perot!


M.C. reminds everyone that this is not the time to be discussing amendments or changes of any kind. The point of a public hearing is to hear comment on the bill as written. The third reading is the time to discuss any changes. And man oh man, they’ve been doing this for almost three years now and she still has to remind them! Billy is rude as hell to the county lawyer when she tries to answer one of his questions by snapping, “I wasn’t talking to  you!” Hard to believe he’s still single, isn’t it ladies?

Maury delivers the truth to Billy!

Staff remarks that even though the Planning Commission voted against this bill they made no specific recommendations. Billy blurts out, ” It was so bad they didn’t even want to talk about it!” Such insight!

No one from the public felt the need to speak on this.

The second hearing was on Tony’s version of the Bussard Brothers’ bill. Once again, no one from the public was moved to attend. Ray Barnes passes out a memo with the planning commission and  staff recommended changes to this bill. Billy totally hijacked  this moment by asking for another aerial photo, which is then displayed on the screen. Billy recounts the tale of the owner of this woodchipping business. And then admonishes us all with these words, ” This is the American dream and we are crushing it! This is as Unamerican as it gets!”


Kirby very boringly reads off the aforementioned memo that Mr. Barnes distributed. And then to the shock all of your Lady Yokels,  he quotes an email from FotY Steve McKay. But, not before Kirby makes it very clear that he does not usually agree with  Mr. McKay nor is he the type of person that he would usually align himself with! However, Kirby does respect him because he shows up and he made some good points in his email. Stil, Kirby thinks this business should just be grandfathered in.

M.C. asks staff to highlight what they put in the memo and  for some reason causes all kinds of hullabaloo with Tony and Billy. Tony accuses M.C. of doing just what she was admonishing him for doing during the last hearing (not at all) and Billy complains that he asks for staff to come up all the time and is told that it’s inappropriate and now he has her on record! So there! Man, these dolts. But anyhoo, Mr. Horn returns to the desk in order to discuss what staff thinks.

We are thankfully spared the drama of council member comments because Tony, Kirby and Billy all decide to pass!  Thank Zeus for small mercies!

Until next time, enjoy this beautiful Fall weather.

Wanna see Kirby get his butt kicked by a girl?

We know you do.

Here’s the premise.

And then a person with a feminine name asks a very good question which we will paraphrase as, “Can you specifically explain why you hold this position?”


And the answer is: HELL NAW.

And furthermore:


Straight-talk/Straight-answers flying out his bunghole. Did he actually think that was a clever thing to say? Dear Melting and Tumbling Icarus, what a disaster…

Word to the wise (wait who would that be addressing?). Some advice: Don’t start a conversation that you know nothing about and then prove it.


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 8.29.58 PM
The linguistic experts at the desk posit that Malissa means Bad Melissa. We love you Bad Melissa. #Heroine. Go On with Your Bad Self.