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November 2016


And children have no filter. None.  Zippo.


We’ve received a few questions recently about who we are and why we are not adding by-lines to our writing, probably as our blog has received a little attention in traditional media outlets. For starters, what’s the point in running an underground newspaper if not for a little mischievous fun?

Our anonymity was mere happenstance. We hadn’t decided whether we wanted to be open about who we are. As a group we didn’t have unanimous agreement, so we opted to keep our names off of our website while we rolled it out. And then people started to say things, like that our children should be forced to wear red letters on their clothes at school, and we thought, “Eh…maybe it is just better this way.” Some of these people are whacko birds.

The truth is, women online get harassed. A lot. More and more attention has been given to that issue. That’s one thing that makes us (and some of our family members) reluctant for us to use our names, although hopefully no one would go personal. It’s just, sadly…that type of thing is common. A couple of our local ne’er-do-wells have some stuff on their permanent records that make them seem questionable. And others have kooky fetish interests that make us question whether or not they’re the safest around. Perhaps it is an overabundance of caution, but…here we are, and that’s our story and we’re sticking to it for now. We are pretty sure in the end our identities will be a secret impossible to keep, so we will see what happens when the day comes that we’ve been unmasked. We’re guessing this post will be the I-Told-Ya-So of the future. We’ll keep a detailed catalog of screen captures for your entertainment, of course (and for law enforcement, should it become necessary).

Maybe most interestingly, there is a long American tradition of anonymous political opinion writing. Most editorial boards write weekly columns without a by-line other than Board of Editors. In our earlier days, it was the custom for opinion writing to be done anonymously. John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison were all “anonymous cowards” (and wrote in response to other people using pen names and anonymity, as well) if examined under the same sorts of criticisms that we are. We’re fine with that kind of company.

Here we are in the grand tradition of (Poor) Richard Saunders trying in vain to drive home his point: It is ill-manners to silence a fool and cruelty to let him go on.

You are vile and disgusting.

You are Local Yokel!


Dear Readers,

We here at LY headquarters have been overwhelmed by your support over our Anonymous post! In your honor, we decided to created a bumper sticker on Zazzle. Let’s annoy the naysayers by plastering these all over town! We promise to use the money for a good cause.


Your LY blogger ladies

Giving Tuesday, Yo!

Over the weekend we highlighted the Emerge Maryland Virtual Bath Bombs to support women candidates. Suggestion: if you are participating in Giving Tuesday, perhaps you might like to give a Bath Bomb in the name of #Kirby Delauter, if you are feeling the super saucy holiday Local Yokel spirit! And in that vein, we have a few other ideas.

A nice lady from Stop Child Predators wrote an LTE commending the Council decision to set up a task force on human trafficking. It would be an excellent idea to send them some $$$ in honor of our most ridiculous former county commissioner/prostitution aficionado/aspiring D5 councilperson.

A donation to the NAACP in honor of Tony Chmelik. Why? No reason. No reason at all.

And last but not least, a donation to Frederick County Public Libraries in honor of Billy Shreve.

Middle finger!
Middle finger!



To be or not to be a hypocrite


The local Republican Central Committee, steered by our own Billy Shreve, has had a quite a bit of the drama lately. Things came to a head last night when certain members of the committee, in the spirit of Trump (their words), are attempting to “drain the swamp” of those they no longer want on the committee. Third world dictator accusations were slung, lawyers were called and state delegates shut down. What we are interested in are the new by laws that were adopted at last night’s Drama Fest 2016:

  • Causing harm to the “reputation and good name” of the Republican party “as it pertains to official business.”
  • Verbally harassing or abusing committee members in “in plain view of the public” or during an open session of the committee.
  • Disclosing remarks made by any committee member during a session closed to the public without explicit permission from the person who made those statements.

Nice use of the scare quotes! Now what we want to see Billy do is propose these changes to the county charter. Just imagine these new by-laws when it comes to our own county council:

  • Causing harm to the reputation and good name of the Frederick County Council as it pertains to official business.
  • Verbally harassing or abusing council members in plain view of the public or during an open meeting of the Frederick County Council.
  • Disclosing remarks made made by any council member during a session closed to the public without explicit permission from the person who made those statements.

What’s good enough for the Republican Central Committee is good enough for the council! We can’t let there be any double standards!


Poll time! Who said this terrible thing?

The Extra Buzz on has us all atwitter this evening. There is a report of an overheard conversation of one of our esteemed county council members. Take a little peek:

Overheard at a recent government-style gathering [paraphrased]: Civilian to County Council Member: I might like to live on a farm someday. What’s that like? CCMember: Sharecropping went out about 100 years ago [actually, it’s more like 60.] The civilian was black.

There really are only two choices.
It’s not who you think!

This mystery calls for a poll! Who do you think said this terrible thing?

Billy and Kirby embarrass Frederick County. Edition 20,000,000,001.

It’s all so upsetting to us when we learn that Billy and Kirby’s antics have leaked out of the county. Like a toxic spill, we hope that we can contain their nonsense within our borders. Apparently, that was just wishful thinking. In today’s FNP there is a brilliant LTE by the president of Stop Child Predators, an organization based in Washington, DC. In her letter, Stacie Rumenap,  praises the thoughtful, caring and deliberate members of the council while taking our two local nincompoops to task! Just a taste:

One member, Councilman Billy Shreve, not only voted against this measure, but he made outrageous comments stating that there are groups on both sides of human trafficking and there are groups in favor of human trafficking.

Make room Peppermint, we want to hide too!
Make room Peppermint, we want to hide too!

We are so sorry rest of the world! We promise to make things better in 2018!

Best frenemies!

So obviously you’ve probably noticed we have Republican friends and Democratic friends, but we ourselves are pretty libby lib. People have been bemoaning the polarization in America today, and it isn’t hard to find examples of that, but around here more often than not there are things at the local level that we can find to bridge the gap. And one of those things is Billy Shreve!

Just look at how our counterparts over at Red Maryland think the exact same thing about Shreve that we do! Namely, he is “asinine,” plus this part that sounds just like something we might have written:

…it has been proven time and time again this year that when it comes to being a member of the Central Committee that Billy Shreve can always fail to meet the lowest of expectations.

He kinda loses us when he goes on to call the Houghs, “a popular State Senator and his wife…” That’s a bridge too far for us, but hey, we will stay tuned to whatever Red Maryland wants to dish up for either half of the Shrelauter faction.

This part we probably should keep on the down low, but there are some words of wisdom here that ring true (along with the implication we again agree with that Billy is a man-child):

It’s fortunate that Shreve is not intending to serve another year as Chairman because it’s clear that Frederick County, a county that is vitally important to the re-election of Governor Hogan in 2018, needs an adult to lead it for the next two years.

But, neener neener, I am the new chair of the Republican Central Committee. 2016 is probably gonna be my year. heh heh heh
An oldie, but a goodie.


Secret admirers: Coveting Emerge MD bathbombs like Oprah’s Favorite Things

Your Local Ladies have made it known that we have great admiration for Frederick’s own Councilwoman Jessica Fitzwater, Emerge Maryland alumna. Well, guess what other good news Emerge Maryland has for us! They have a whole bunch of ladies who have stepped up to say they are ready to get involved, and now they need money. Well, this news is Local Yokel’s Favorite Thing. So, give them some money! They are running a virtual holiday-stocking-stuffer-bath-bombs-for-the-ladies fundraiser. We can think of nothing better for either the feminists among us, or–even better–if you happen to know one of those types of blowhards who would get on an airplane and rant about the “Hillary bitches.” Hey, his words, not ours. A bath bomb for Democratic women candidates is way better than the coal that dude deserves.

We have experienced a YUGE influx of interested qualified candidates. We are thrilled beyond belief but we need more resources to ensure we can provide the best training available to the largest class in our history. We need your $3 BIGLY.

Bath bombs for the naughty! Bath bombs for the nice!
Bath bombs for the naughty! Bath bombs for the nice!

Here’s some astute wisdom we lifted right off of their website. Hopefully they won’t mind, since we’re sharing their fundraiser.

“You can’t vote for the best candidate if she’s not on the ballot.” Del. Brooke Lierman

Can ya take a minute to ring up the Governor?

It’s a time for a full scale Yokel call to action folks! Our governor, Larry Hogan, was decidedly anti-Trump throughout this whole campaign season. Even to the point that our own Billy Shreve was trying to shame the governor into throwing his support behind the Orange Menace. Well now that we are here and there’s been one horrible appointment after another, this is what the Baltimore Sun reports that our brave leader advises the residents of Maryland to do:

Gov. Larry Hogan, offering rare public comments about the election of Republican Donald J. Trump, said Monday that “everyone ought to take a deep breath.”


We don’t know about you, but a deep breath was necessary after reading that! Guess what Guv?We are not going to take a deep breath when the proprietor of a hate filled, misogynistic website is named the President’s Chief Strategist! We will not take a deep breath when a man who called the 1965 Civil Rights Act a piece of “intrusive legislation” is tapped to lead the Justice Department!  And we certainly will not take a deep breath as the worst of the worst around us spews hate at our fellow human beings.

Our State Attorney General has opened a hotline for Marylanders to report any hate crimes. In his statement on this issue Attorney General Frosh wrote:

“Over the last week, reports of hate incidents directed at racial and ethnic minorities, Muslims, Jews, women, immigrants, and the LGBT community have increased. Sadly, Maryland is not immune to this outbreak, and it is important to remember that our laws prohibit this kind of conduct and provide protection from it”.

And don’t think we’ve been immune to it here in Frederick. Two recent FNP stories have shown otherwise.

We think the governor needs to be made aware how insulting and condescending his just take a “deep breath” comment is. If you agree please take a minute and give his office a call at 410-974-3901. Or if email is your preferred method of contact this link will take you to a contact form. Let the governor know that we here in Maryland will not tolerate him telling us to “take a deep breath”.

Smuckers demands action!
Smuckers demands action!


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