Can ya take a minute to ring up the Governor?

It’s a time for a full scale Yokel call to action folks! Our governor, Larry Hogan, was decidedly anti-Trump throughout this whole campaign season. Even to the point that our own Billy Shreve was trying to shame the governor into throwing his support behind the Orange Menace. Well now that we are here and there’s been one horrible appointment after another, this is what the Baltimore Sun reports that our brave leader advises the residents of Maryland to do:

Gov. Larry Hogan, offering rare public comments about the election of Republican Donald J. Trump, said Monday that “everyone ought to take a deep breath.”


We don’t know about you, but a deep breath was necessary after reading that! Guess what Guv?We are not going to take a deep breath when the proprietor of a hate filled, misogynistic website is named the President’s Chief Strategist! We will not take a deep breath when a man who called the 1965 Civil Rights Act a piece of “intrusive legislation” is tapped to lead the Justice Department!  And we certainly will not take a deep breath as the worst of the worst around us spews hate at our fellow human beings.

Our State Attorney General has opened a hotline for Marylanders to report any hate crimes. In his statement on this issue Attorney General Frosh wrote:

“Over the last week, reports of hate incidents directed at racial and ethnic minorities, Muslims, Jews, women, immigrants, and the LGBT community have increased. Sadly, Maryland is not immune to this outbreak, and it is important to remember that our laws prohibit this kind of conduct and provide protection from it”.

And don’t think we’ve been immune to it here in Frederick. Two recent FNP stories have shown otherwise.

We think the governor needs to be made aware how insulting and condescending his just take a “deep breath” comment is. If you agree please take a minute and give his office a call at 410-974-3901. Or if email is your preferred method of contact this link will take you to a contact form. Let the governor know that we here in Maryland will not tolerate him telling us to “take a deep breath”.

Smuckers demands action!
Smuckers demands action!


Your Friday dose of excuses and witch hunts!


In today’s Political Notes, Danielle Gaines, touches on the Kirby sign controversy. (Your Lady Yokels are mentioned!) What excuse does Kirby offer for his Mantrum Facebook post?

“I took a sign off my property that was not authorized to be there,” Delauter said.

As far as the “One shot one kill” statement, Delauter said it was intended only to tell Republicans to vote only for Rose in Tuesday’s election. (There are three open seats on the ballot.)

“It has nothing to do with harming anybody,” Delauter said. The reference refers to having one shot to place a Republican on the school board. If GOP voters also vote for a Democrat, it would “kill” their support for Rose.

First off, there’s three open seats on the board. So if every Republican voted for Cindy and one or two other Democrats it wouldn’t necessarily “kill” their support for Rose.  This strategy of one vote is really myopic and prevents people from exploring candidates for the other two open seats. Essentially they are allowing everyone else to choose the two other candidates that will sit on the board by encouraging them to give up those votes. Now, as to whether or not either one of those signs was authorized to be there:

The Maryland State Highway Administration removes political and other temporary signs from state roads within a general right of way. The agency considers that area to be the space between utility poles on either side of a road, SHA spokesman David Buck said. The right of way could include private land.

“No non-approved signing is allowed in our roadways. Period,” Buck said.

SHA workers will pick up signs when they see them and take them back to local shops. The agency focuses particularly on areas where drivers should pay attention, such as ramps.

“The last thing we want people to do when they should be devoting their full attention to driving is … looking at a whole bunch of campaign signs,” Buck said.

And honestly, the point of all this wasn’t really about whether the signs should be there or not. It was about the way that Kirby handled the whole situation…on a petulant child.

Now that’s not the only goody in the Political Notes section this fine morning. Kirby wants to know who is behind ads in some local papers asking voters to support Yes on Questions A and B.

Well, the paper found out in two flashes of a kitten’s tail. County Executive Jan Gardner. After clearing it with the legal department and seeing that other jurisdictions have done the same, it was decided to run the ad in three local papers. What we love, love, love about this section the most is this quote:

In an interview, Laxton noted that the County Council voted 7-0 in support of the measure, and the ad was forwarded to the council’s leadership before it was approved for printing.

Which doesn’t exactly mesh with this quote from earlier in the article:

“I’m trying to figure out who authorized payment for that,” Delauter said in a phone interview.

Sigh. You voted for both of these charter amendments Kirby! And if you had bothered to ask just one person at Winchester Hall we bet you would have found the answer to your question.  But that is not the # way is it?

Kirby please take a break this weekend. Back away from the computer, stay away from signs and just kick back and relax. We beg you!


Who had a little too much Halloween punch last night?

Hello faithful readers, we hope you had a very Happy Halloween. In this last week leading up to the election, we thought y’all could use some comic relief. An alert Facebook reader sent this down the ole Yokel line today:


Either can we! The tears won’t stop coming down!

Can you imagine if he were our County Executive! We know, Halloween is over and we shouldn’t be scaring you any longer. I think we are oh so glad and relieved that we managed to sidestep having our very own John Leopold in Frederick. We’ve also been made aware that some of the more…how shall we say…”sophisticated” among us have advocated writing Blaine’s name in for the BOE race. Because sure! What better role model for our kids and school system than that guy! How many sex scandals until you are ineligible for the school board? We forget.

Who could be better? Oh yeah! These three:

3 and done!
3 and done!

Crazy untucked: Cindy Rose edition

After we had some words of wisdom to drop on our local looney depository the other day, we realized we neglected to specifically address some advice to Frederick County’s most freak flag flyingest BOE candidate (nonpartisan, por supuesto). We sat on it for a bit because every day the cons list we keep runs longer and longer.

*Always. Just who we need on a deliberative body. Someone who guarantees that they will be uncivil and uncooperative.
*Always. Just who we need on a deliberative body. Someone who guarantees that they will be uncivil and uncooperative. Please excuse the language–it really makes us cringe. We are citing a potty mouth, not using it ourselves. Not that we don’t appreciate a good swear now and then, but we try to respect those who do not share our enthusiasm for such colorful colloquialisms. High Rd., Cindy. Take it. View’s nice from up here.

Although, perhaps after seeing that there is a gallery collection of her nutbaggery plucked from the interwebs, someone wiser than she has told her to zip it up and hope that no one will notice. If only whomever that may be could have intervened for Blaine (who Mrs. Rose adores) before it was too late.

Maybe you like a pot stirrer. Or maybe you heard how important special education is to her. After all, she was able to talk David Vogt into sponsoring a bill to allow special needs parents to opt out of standardized testing. Oh, how did that go?

A few local entities didn’t support the bill. Why, why oh whyyyyy wouldn’t anyone be in favor of something that is supposed to help the children? Check it out. Probably because there are all kinds of special needs. That’s what makes the needs special, after all. Painting with a broad brush is exactly what we shouldn’t do in order to accommodate unique sets of circumstances, so special needs advocacy organizations were kinda, “NUH-UH.”




And let’s not forget her appearance on the Glen Beck show. Here she lamented the fact that children were taught that other countries provided free child care and that child care in the United States was expensive. Also, she was very upset over the fact that children were being taught that they were part of a global community and it was their responsibility to demonstrate when they felt the sting of injustice. Somehow, in Glenbeckistan, these concepts are Un-American? Sure feels like the one who is Un-American is the one who won’t allow any criticism of the United States and wants to ban books. What’s particularly amusing about her appearance is that she is oh so sure that she has the support of the school board to get this book removed. Amusingly enough, that did NOT happen. Maybe because it is a waste of taxpayer money to get a new set of text books every time someone objects to a paragraph, especially when textbooks are hardly the primary way of teaching subject matter in 2016.

Then there’s the April 11th Frederick News Post Board of Education Forum. How can a person running for the BOE believe that salaries are not a concern? Under what rock must one live to think that Frederick County does not have a problem recruiting and retaining teachers due to the low salaries offered here? Just clueless. It’s the starting salaries that are lowest in the state. The ones willing to stomach that aren’t complaining about it as their first on their exit interviews. The ones who were not willing to accept the lowest pay in the state never accepted that job!

On her website there’s a link to a form letter that anyone who wants to opt out of testing is encouraged to use. It comes from a place called the Thomas More center. What’s the Thomas More center? Here’s how they describe themselves:

The Christian values upon which this Nation was founded are under attack. The ACLU and like-minded organizations are using sympathetic courts to destroy the religious and moral foundations of our great nation. Using the metaphor, “a wall of separation between church and state,” which is found nowhere in our Constitution, they attack crosses, Ten Commandment monuments, Nativity displays, Christmas celebrations in public schools, the Pledge of Allegiance, our national motto, “In God We Trust” and prayers at public meetings. The main battleground in this culture war is the courtroom and that is where the Thomas More Law Center is defending the religious freedom of Christians.

And …

Radical Muslims and Islamic organizations in America take advantage of our legal system and are waging a “Stealth Jihad” within our borders. Their aim is to transform America into an Islamic nation. They have already infiltrated the highest levels of our government, the media, our military, both major political parties, public schools, universities, financial institutions and the cultural elite. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, political leaders still claim “Islam is a religion of peace.” Our national leaders refuse to identify Radical Islam as the enemy. Political correctness has paralyzed our government’s ability to deal with these threats. That is why the Thomas More Law Center has been at the forefront of legal battle against this internal threat.

And we would be remiss if we did not mention her current campaign strategy of encouraging people to only vote for her. Out of a slate of 8, of which you can vote for 3, only her. She cannot find one other person on that list that she would like to run with? What does that say about her ability to work with others on the school board? Is this really about the community, or is it just about her? We’ll let you decide the answer to that one.


Early voting begins on the 14th! Still undecided? Let #kirbydelauter help!


Hey Yokels! It’s finally Maryland’s turn to weigh in on this primary side show. Starting this Thursday you can choose who will run for President, Congressperson, Senator and a slew of local offices. If you don’t align with a particular party, you can still show up to pick three choices for our local school board. We here at the Yokel believe local elections are really important. There’s lots of good choices for the board, except one. Steer away from Cindy Rose. We will have more on  her in a separate post soon.

If you are still undecided whom to vote for to run for President, Kirby has some really good advice:

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!