Mansplaining 101. An appeal of the unnecessary kind.

If you make an appeal for something that isn’t happening and will continue to not happen, does that mean you get to take credit for it not happening? What are we even talking about?

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Seriously, you don’t get to take credit for this.
In today’s FNP we find out that Tony sent a request to Jan to continue to not do something she has already said she won’t do. Tony is concerned that the Bussards will be fined while the whole zoning issue surrounding their mulching business is being sorted out.

“I have never before been asked to not do something that I am already not doing!” she wrote. “It has been very clear that the County would not assess fines as long as an effort toward compliance was in the works. The County always works with property owners and businesses to solve problems and we will continue to do so.”

For this, we are awarding Councilman Chemlik the following award.


In other news, #fakenews, we have seen an online petition circulating to save Maryland’s flag. The only problem? No one is trying to change it. Go waste your outrage on an actual real issue please.

To be or not to be a hypocrite


The local Republican Central Committee, steered by our own Billy Shreve, has had a quite a bit of the drama lately. Things came to a head last night when certain members of the committee, in the spirit of Trump (their words), are attempting to “drain the swamp” of those they no longer want on the committee. Third world dictator accusations were slung, lawyers were called and state delegates shut down. What we are interested in are the new by laws that were adopted at last night’s Drama Fest 2016:

  • Causing harm to the “reputation and good name” of the Republican party “as it pertains to official business.”
  • Verbally harassing or abusing committee members in “in plain view of the public” or during an open session of the committee.
  • Disclosing remarks made by any committee member during a session closed to the public without explicit permission from the person who made those statements.

Nice use of the scare quotes! Now what we want to see Billy do is propose these changes to the county charter. Just imagine these new by-laws when it comes to our own county council:

  • Causing harm to the reputation and good name of the Frederick County Council as it pertains to official business.
  • Verbally harassing or abusing council members in plain view of the public or during an open meeting of the Frederick County Council.
  • Disclosing remarks made made by any council member during a session closed to the public without explicit permission from the person who made those statements.

What’s good enough for the Republican Central Committee is good enough for the council! We can’t let there be any double standards!


Best frenemies!

So obviously you’ve probably noticed we have Republican friends and Democratic friends, but we ourselves are pretty libby lib. People have been bemoaning the polarization in America today, and it isn’t hard to find examples of that, but around here more often than not there are things at the local level that we can find to bridge the gap. And one of those things is Billy Shreve!

Just look at how our counterparts over at Red Maryland think the exact same thing about Shreve that we do! Namely, he is “asinine,” plus this part that sounds just like something we might have written:

…it has been proven time and time again this year that when it comes to being a member of the Central Committee that Billy Shreve can always fail to meet the lowest of expectations.

He kinda loses us when he goes on to call the Houghs, “a popular State Senator and his wife…” That’s a bridge too far for us, but hey, we will stay tuned to whatever Red Maryland wants to dish up for either half of the Shrelauter faction.

This part we probably should keep on the down low, but there are some words of wisdom here that ring true (along with the implication we again agree with that Billy is a man-child):

It’s fortunate that Shreve is not intending to serve another year as Chairman because it’s clear that Frederick County, a county that is vitally important to the re-election of Governor Hogan in 2018, needs an adult to lead it for the next two years.

But, neener neener, I am the new chair of the Republican Central Committee. 2016 is probably gonna be my year. heh heh heh
An oldie, but a goodie.