Poll time! Who said this terrible thing?

The Extra Buzz on thefrederickextra.rocks.com has us all atwitter this evening. There is a report of an overheard conversation of one of our esteemed county council members. Take a little peek:

Overheard at a recent government-style gathering [paraphrased]: Civilian to County Council Member: I might like to live on a farm someday. What’s that like? CCMember: Sharecropping went out about 100 years ago [actually, it’s more like 60.] The civilian was black.

There really are only two choices.
It’s not who you think!

This mystery calls for a poll! Who do you think said this terrible thing?

One thought on “Poll time! Who said this terrible thing?

  1. I have heard that the KKK is still active in Thurmont. While I can’t prove it, a Frederick County librarian told me that a
    young boy was shooting his mouth off! She did not believe it until she heard the boy herself saying very racially charged comments! Who knows what the truth is, but I have no reason to doubt it.


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