Billy and Kirby embarrass Frederick County. Edition 20,000,000,001.

It’s all so upsetting to us when we learn that Billy and Kirby’s antics have leaked out of the county. Like a toxic spill, we hope that we can contain their nonsense within our borders. Apparently, that was just wishful thinking. In today’s FNP there is a brilliant LTE by the president of Stop Child Predators, an organization based in Washington, DC. In her letter, Stacie Rumenap,  praises the thoughtful, caring and deliberate members of the council while taking our two local nincompoops to task! Just a taste:

One member, Councilman Billy Shreve, not only voted against this measure, but he made outrageous comments stating that there are groups on both sides of human trafficking and there are groups in favor of human trafficking.

Make room Peppermint, we want to hide too!
Make room Peppermint, we want to hide too!

We are so sorry rest of the world! We promise to make things better in 2018!

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