Time for your favorite game: Doubling Down on the Dumb Dumbs with Billy Shreve!

If you’ve read our coverage of the past county council meetings you know that Billy has advocated for a People’s Court. We’ve talked previously about how way out of the scope of his legislative powers this idea lies. But alas:

Doubling down on the dumb ideas does not make them smart Billy!
Doubling down on the dumb ideas does not make them smart Billy!

So let us try to explain this to you Sir! The County Executive is the Executive Branch of the County Government. The Executive Branch is responsible for enforcing the laws. The court system is the Judicial Branch. The branch responsible for solving disputes between citizens and the county, citizens and citizens, etc and so on. Your job, as a county council member, falls under the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH. You are responsible for making laws! You have the power to craft legislation. If this still isn’t clear watch these two videos:


Or if you prefer going old school, there’s always School House Rock. Maybe a song will make it stick!


Now your Lady Yokels are going to have some fun imagining what would occur if such a People’s Court should come to fruition.

Why Billy Why?

Let’s imagine an upstanding citizen can no longer take the fact that his neighbor keeps using his side yard as a toilet!

Shreve: What brings you here to Frederick’s People’s Court?

Plantiff Hatfield: My no account next door neighbor will not stop peeing in his yard. I’ve called Jan Gardner, but for some reason she won’t sit in the bushes with me and wait for it to happen again.  It’s frightening the missus and making an unsightly brown patch that has migrated onto my property.

Defendant McCoy: It’s my property! And my wife said I could do it!

Shreve: You said you called Jan Gardner and she refused to come out? See how unresponsive our county government…

County Lawyer (Or anyone who paid attention during their high school civics class): If I may interject. There are public decency laws in play here. Next time the offending neighbor is urinating you have the option to call the Sheriff. The Deputy can then issue a citation.Then the offender will have to go through the already well established court system to receive his punishment. Have you tried that route?

Plantiff Hatfield: Billy you said you could help!

Case Closed!
Case Closed!

Just imagine that scenario over and over and over again no matter what the complaint! Billy you can certainly help the public when it comes to changing or making a law to remedy an ill. However, you do not have the power (or the temperament, or the experience, or the knowledge) to adjudicate disputes!!!! Maybe schedule a lunch with Scott Rolle so he can explain it all to you!