Secret admirers: Coveting Emerge MD bathbombs like Oprah’s Favorite Things

Your Local Ladies have made it known that we have great admiration for Frederick’s own Councilwoman Jessica Fitzwater, Emerge Maryland alumna. Well, guess what other good news Emerge Maryland has for us! They have a whole bunch of ladies who have stepped up to say they are ready to get involved, and now they need money. Well, this news is Local Yokel’s Favorite Thing. So, give them some money! They are running a virtual holiday-stocking-stuffer-bath-bombs-for-the-ladies fundraiser. We can think of nothing better for either the feminists among us, or–even better–if you happen to know one of those types of blowhards who would get on an airplane and rant about the “Hillary bitches.” Hey, his words, not ours. A bath bomb for Democratic women candidates is way better than the coal that dude deserves.

We have experienced a YUGE influx of interested qualified candidates. We are thrilled beyond belief but we need more resources to ensure we can provide the best training available to the largest class in our history. We need your $3 BIGLY.

Bath bombs for the naughty! Bath bombs for the nice!
Bath bombs for the naughty! Bath bombs for the nice!

Here’s some astute wisdom we lifted right off of their website. Hopefully they won’t mind, since we’re sharing their fundraiser.

“You can’t vote for the best candidate if she’s not on the ballot.” Del. Brooke Lierman