What does Billy think is the “absolute right thing to do”? BEHOLD:

Surely you heard the infuriating news that the Orange Menace banned transgendered people from serving in the military. He cited monetary concerns and distraction as reasons to ban people who are brave enough to sign up to serve our country. Something, both he and his relatives avoided at all costs. We won’t address the distraction part of his reasoning, because GROW UP, however, the monetary reasoning doesn’t seem to pan out either.

What does this have to do with Sheep Shreve, well look:

ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT THING TO DO! ABSOLUTELY! Oh please Billy please talk to Nancy so your opinion can be out for all to see! And how does he suppose this makes us all great again? Oh that’s right, we keep forgetting that MAGA is code for some rose colored discriminatory 1950’s utopia that these fools believe once existed.  The only thing that made us chuckle just a little yesterday was this analysis of the situation:

Billy had another Orange Menace re-tweet yesterday that we find perplexing:


What is that even suppose to mean? Are Billy and Trump hoping to establish some kind of theocracy?  We’ll let Mr. Whiskers take it from here:


Return of the untucked craziness. Volume: Infinity.

It ain’t good folks!

At the conclusion of the last BOE election we were all so happy to let Cindy Rose rest in our archives. Not forgetting about her, since we suspect she will try to make another run, but very happy indeed not to have to worry about her being on the board.

Of course we’ve seen her here and there on Facebook saying some things that we certainly do NOT agree with. But hey, everyone (including us) has the right to their opinion. And thank Zeus above she wasn’t in any position of power to do anything about her rants!

Then today came. Ignoring her was no longer an option.

On two separate appearances on WFMD, Ms. Rose called in to share her concerns about Board of Education policy 443.1.  This proposed policy simply makes official what FCPS has already been doing regarding transgender students for the past six years. It should be no mystery, that in this current political climate, the BOE would feel the need to set this policy in stone, should it?

According to the written article on WFMD’s website, Cindy was quoted as saying:

“It seeks to create a protected class of students with rights above and beyond the rights of regular boys and girls”.

Knowing that the written report of these conversations never gives you the full flavor, we went back and listened. And people, please devote the 14 minutes to listen to this, because not only do we suspect that you will be horrified by what Cindy has to say, but by Bob Miller’s two cents on the subject as well.

During this conversation Cindy not only informs us that transgender students will have rights above “regular boys and girls” (what is regular anyway?), but that all the progress we women have made since Title IX was passed will be lost. You see folks, Cindy ran track in school and if there was a transgender girl on her team, well hell, no more blue ribbons for her.  In fact her exact words were girls “will have to sit in the back of the bus”.  Just like African-Americans had to in the time of segregation!

She is also upset because the FCPS policy states that schools do not have to report to the student’s parents if they identify as transgender. Cindy thinks that this insinuates that all parents will beat their kids if they found out they were transgender. This she finds “unconscionable.”  Well, it would certainly be nice if every child felt they could safely tell their parents that they were gay, transgender or anything out of the norm for their family. However, the reality can be quite different for some. Her hyperbolic angry rant over this part of the policy is unbelievably naive.

Cindy ends her interview with Bob by stating that she will file a lawsuit against FCPS should this policy pass on the 14th. So along with her bazillion PIA requests, the school system will now have to waste money defending against a lawsuit that they will most certainly win. (Transgender students almost always win these kinds of lawsuits. Google it!) Keep your eyes open folks, we predict she will try to get a seat in 2018.


We here at the Yokel look forward to the day when we don’t have to argue about this stuff anymore. While a considerable amount of progress has been made, it’s very frustrating that some are still trying to put up road blocks.  Cindy is calling for people to show up to the June 14th meeting to voice their opposition, so we need to have more people there in support. Click on this Facebook event for more info.



What a week it’s been!!!

So much has happened this past week in Ye Olde Fredericktowne that your friendly Yokels have decided to do a weekly roundup. Let’s start with the County Council and happy budget fun time.

We’ve written two posts this week about budget talk. Read it here and here. However, we were very interested to find this in the Political Notes section of the paper this morning:

County Executive Jan Gardner’s budget announcement last Friday included a new little nugget. Well, five of them.

Gardner said she extended an invitation to all seven Frederick County Council members to talk about the budget, including a list of their priorities. Five members took her up on the offer: Democrats Jerry Donald, M.C. Keegan-Ayer and Jessica Fitzwater and Republicans Bud Otis and Tony Chmelik.

Gardner said she couldn’t meet all of their requests, but each was considered in her proposal.

Councilmen Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter, also Republicans, didn’t take Gardner up on the offer, apparently.

It seems they have other plans.

Shreve, who is still upset the council doesn’t have a dedicated budget officer, gave handouts to his colleagues, showing that they are the only council in the state without such help. Nevertheless, Shreve said he was going to dig into the numbers.

“I’m going to work on this budget. Look at it. See if we can make some changes,” he said Tuesday. One major change he pitched included scrapping a plan to keep the county’s property tax rate steady — which will yield increased revenue — and instead lower the rate and cut spending.

“The easiest solution … is if you have the same amount of revenue as you did last year, you adopt the same budget you did last year,” Shreve said.

Kirby and Billy are fine sitting on the couch thank you very much!
Kirby and Billy are fine sitting on the couch thank you very much!

So not only are they refusing the County Executive’s invitation to come discuss the budget, which really is a dereliction of their duty, but Billy is all fine and dandy with keeping everything the same. Why should we strive to improve? A real brain stumper!

Next on our wrap up is Sheriff Jenkins. As we are sure you all know our Sheriff testified in front of Congress this week about illegal immigration. Last night, Sean Hannity had the Sheriff and two other guests on for four minutes of the most exquisite fear mongering we have ever seen.

Is that comment for reals?
Is that comment for reals?

Look, we here at the Yokel do not want anyone, be it citizens, immigrants, or illegal immigrants, committing crimes. And if someone had hurt our kids, we cannot say that we wouldn’t feel the same way that poor woman who testified with the Sheriff does. However, this kind of sensational talk does nothing to bring about meaningful immigration change.  What it does do is incite fear and discrimination against the Latino community. Not one of us wants criminals running around our community. Building a wall is not a realistic solution towards that goal. Also, it is a known truth that huge numbers of “illegals” arrive by plane and overstay an expired, once-valid visa, so wasteful government spending on a stupid wall is stupid and wasteful. But now we totally get why Fox News watchers are so angry and paranoid all the time. Jeeze O’Flip that channel! And we also didn’t realize how scary a place Frederick is to live, the internets must be wrong about us.


Who exactly is the beast in this scenario Gaston?
Who exactly is the beast in this scenario, Gaston?

Last on our roundup: You may have heard that a certain Presidential Contender was in town yesterday. Another nugget from the Political Notes section was this:

Apparently, that relationship stuck. Ahead of Cruz’s rally on Thursday, Hough picked Afzali to pick up the candidate from the airport. And if Cruz’s camp was impressed with Folden’s driving skills, they may have had a different review of the Afzali Cab Service. “My husband went slow, because I needed to talk to Ted,” Afzali said. “We had a lot to talk about.”

If Cruz wasn't so terrible we might have felt sorry for him. But since he is, we laughed and laughed.
If Cruz wasn’t so terrible we might have felt sorry for him. But since he is, we laughed and laughed.

If you missed our tweets about his speech head on over to @fclocalyokel and take a looky look. The most disturbing story to come out of that mess was the transgender student who was thrown out of rally. You can read the story here. But James, we would be remiss if we did not officially give you a Yokel tip of the hat:

Thank you for having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Always be proud of who you are!
Thank you for having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Always be proud of who you are!

We really don’t get all this fervor over public bathrooms. Whether you like it or not transgender people have been using public bathrooms for years. And has society crumbled as a result? No! Because nothing bad has happened! You really should be more afraid of former Republican Speakers of the House and U.S. Senators. But if you can’t get past it, Kirby has a solution: