Return of the untucked craziness. Volume: Infinity.

It ain’t good folks!

At the conclusion of the last BOE election we were all so happy to let Cindy Rose rest in our archives. Not forgetting about her, since we suspect she will try to make another run, but very happy indeed not to have to worry about her being on the board.

Of course we’ve seen her here and there on Facebook saying some things that we certainly do NOT agree with. But hey, everyone (including us) has the right to their opinion. And thank Zeus above she wasn’t in any position of power to do anything about her rants!

Then today came. Ignoring her was no longer an option.

On two separate appearances on WFMD, Ms. Rose called in to share her concerns about Board of Education policy 443.1.  This proposed policy simply makes official what FCPS has already been doing regarding transgender students for the past six years. It should be no mystery, that in this current political climate, the BOE would feel the need to set this policy in stone, should it?

According to the written article on WFMD’s website, Cindy was quoted as saying:

“It seeks to create a protected class of students with rights above and beyond the rights of regular boys and girls”.

Knowing that the written report of these conversations never gives you the full flavor, we went back and listened. And people, please devote the 14 minutes to listen to this, because not only do we suspect that you will be horrified by what Cindy has to say, but by Bob Miller’s two cents on the subject as well.

During this conversation Cindy not only informs us that transgender students will have rights above “regular boys and girls” (what is regular anyway?), but that all the progress we women have made since Title IX was passed will be lost. You see folks, Cindy ran track in school and if there was a transgender girl on her team, well hell, no more blue ribbons for her.  In fact her exact words were girls “will have to sit in the back of the bus”.  Just like African-Americans had to in the time of segregation!

She is also upset because the FCPS policy states that schools do not have to report to the student’s parents if they identify as transgender. Cindy thinks that this insinuates that all parents will beat their kids if they found out they were transgender. This she finds “unconscionable.”  Well, it would certainly be nice if every child felt they could safely tell their parents that they were gay, transgender or anything out of the norm for their family. However, the reality can be quite different for some. Her hyperbolic angry rant over this part of the policy is unbelievably naive.

Cindy ends her interview with Bob by stating that she will file a lawsuit against FCPS should this policy pass on the 14th. So along with her bazillion PIA requests, the school system will now have to waste money defending against a lawsuit that they will most certainly win. (Transgender students almost always win these kinds of lawsuits. Google it!) Keep your eyes open folks, we predict she will try to get a seat in 2018.


We here at the Yokel look forward to the day when we don’t have to argue about this stuff anymore. While a considerable amount of progress has been made, it’s very frustrating that some are still trying to put up road blocks.  Cindy is calling for people to show up to the June 14th meeting to voice their opposition, so we need to have more people there in support. Click on this Facebook event for more info.



4 thoughts on “Return of the untucked craziness. Volume: Infinity.

  1. Lafferty, et al. v. School Board/Virginia Supreme Court affirms trial court . Ms. Rose should do her homework – this is a ruling handed down last month from the VA Supreme Court re what has been referred to for years as the ‘Potty Policy.’


  2. On what grounds does she plan to sue? She has no standing and can demonstrate no harm or ill effect. You can’t just sue things because you don’t like them. If you could, she’d be sued to oblivion.


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