New fun time: Council meeting bingo

We thought we’d mix it up a little this week. Here’s your agenda. In case you do feel compelled to drink at any point, we’ll recommend you toss back an Alien Secretion and encourage Xenu to scamper on outta here.


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Hey folks our county is in The Washington Post! Oh wait, it’s about Kirby. :(

Who is responsible for Frederick County government's latest spiral of shame?
Who is responsible for Frederick County government’s latest spiral of shame?

We have to wonder if Kirby and Billy set up a schedule of which one of them is going to embarrass the county each week. On Sunday afternoons do they sit down with their Champibbles and Fireball shots and decide whose turn it is? Can you picture it? We certainly can:

Kirby:” Well, Buddy you did go on the radio and claim that everyone in the county calls you when their loved ones have a drug problem.”

Billy: “True enough, but let’s not forget you submitted an unbalanced budget to the dictator in hopes that she would consider it.”

Kirby: “Yeah, that was a doozy, but you’ve refused to vote on budget issues or follow Robert’s Rules of Orders.”

Billy: “True that! But I can’t think of anything new to do this week, so can you help a brother out?”

Kirby: “10-4. I’ll think of something good. Why do you think Bud and Tony don’t attend our little get togethers”?

So Kirby it was. And we all know the story of the ethics decision, the WFMD interview and of course the contentious council meetings. But guess what?! Now everyone else does as well! This morning The Washington Post ran a little story about our most esteemed council man’s latest behavior. A paper with a circulation of over 400,000 and a website with over 50 million readers. GREAT!

He refused to be interviewed for said piece but we did get this nice little quote.

“I haven’t bid county work in four years, but I think I should have that option like everyone else,” Delauter said.

And now we are going to have to read this book:

We know how you feel little girl!
We know how you feel little girl!

How can we keep doing this week after week? Are Kirby and Billy ever going to get it together? Kirby brought us all a little bit of infamy back in January with his “suing the newspaper for using my name antics” and we really hoped he learned to tone it down. But no, now he’s a celebrity and not in a good way. Therefore, everything he does is going to be considered newsworthy. So until he’s finally taken his leave of the council we suspect we are going to have many more national embarrassments to endure. So Salut Billy and Kirby, this one’s for you!

Gets yours at
Gets yours at

What in the Sam Hill is Shreve doing?

We’re hardly the first ones out in cyberspace taking note that Little Billy was in an “I’m not gonna” (hurumph) mood at the council meeting yesterday evening. The pressing question is why he wants to pee in Chmelik and Delauter’s tea like that? With 3 Democrats and 4 Republicans on the council, it’s a close race. One of those Republicans, Bud Otis, has shown that he is willing to work together as a team on behalf of the county (is it that he aspires to be reelected; what a weird thing for an At-Large representative to think on…but we digress). That leaves the tea block at 3, since as we heard (oh how we heard) Otis is a turn-coat. With Billy abstaining on his votes, that’s just 2 left. Goodness, if his grasp of first grade word problems is this bad, you think he’d be a more enthusiastic supporter of the local school system (no fair claiming he was the BOE liaison, we know he didn’t really participate in that either).

We hope this keeps up. Boy howdy. If the locals can’t have a sensible council member, we will take the next best thing: a nutty one who takes careful aim to shoot himself in the foot.