What in the Sam Hill is Shreve doing?

We’re hardly the first ones out in cyberspace taking note that Little Billy was in an “I’m not gonna” (hurumph) mood at the council meeting yesterday evening. The pressing question is why he wants to pee in Chmelik and Delauter’s tea like that? With 3 Democrats and 4 Republicans on the council, it’s a close race. One of those Republicans, Bud Otis, has shown that he is willing to work together as a team on behalf of the county (is it that he aspires to be reelected; what a weird thing for an At-Large representative to think on…but we digress). That leaves the tea block at 3, since as we heard (oh how we heard) Otis is a turn-coat. With Billy abstaining on his votes, that’s just 2 left. Goodness, if his grasp of first grade word problems is this bad, you think he’d be a more enthusiastic supporter of the local school system (no fair claiming he was the BOE liaison, we know he didn’t really participate in that either).

We hope this keeps up. Boy howdy. If the locals can’t have a sensible council member, we will take the next best thing: a nutty one who takes careful aim to shoot himself in the foot.

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