It’s time to be triggered! Your revisionist history workshop round-up!


With discussion of Citizens-Montevue on the agenda, you know Shrelauter is going to have words to say.  For those of you who are new around here, back in 2014 the Young BOCC sold the county nursing homes to a company called Aurora. There was A LOT of criticism concerning this deal, with a very vocal contingent of concerned citizens speaking out against it. When Jan Gardner was elected  County Executive in 2014, one of the first issues she tackled was bringing the nursing homes back into county hands.  Which she did!

Esteemed Budget Director Lori Depies, shows us this very fine power point presentation. Contrary to what Shrelauter told us would happen, the homes are no longer showing a loss! They are actually making money! And taking in more indigent seniors. Well, well, well, all this talk causes Kirby to be triggered.


Since the beginning of this year, Citizens/Montevue has received a 5 star rating, which is much improved from the 2 star rating they garnered in 2014. Since the county has reacquired the homes, Aurora has been retained as the manager of the facility.  Kirby wants us all to realize that it was a great move to bring Aurora in! You know because the poor scapegoated Young BOCC took much undeserved flak when they opened the door to them! What Kirby is trying to gloss over is that his board’s move was to SELL the nursing home to Aurora not have them manage it, a move that would have put indigent seniors at risk because of the continuing care agreement that the Young board signed with Aurora that stated they only had to take future indigent patients if they happened to have the room! This was a major reason why Jan thought it necessary to return the homes to county control. Plus, the county would have had to come up with an additional $7 million dollars, which was not in the county budget, to give to Aurora should this deal have gone through. So Kirby is once again WRONG and deliberately trying to mislead those of us that don’t pay attention around these parts.


Just sub Kirby for defense!

But, nice try #! Billy makes some noise trying to disparage the numbers, but he’s wrong as well, and boring so let’s move on.

Next, up is a presentation from the nice people at the United Way. Take a minute and go through their slide show to learn how many of our neighbors are really struggling to make ends meet in our county and our state.

Lastly, Jerry and Kirby present their dueling Senior Tax Credit bills, which honestly don’t seem very different. Jerry seems to have a better handle of what is in his bill than you know who. Quelle Surprise! Anyhoo, Tony suggests that the two of them sit down and hash out one bill and they actually agree!

Now, your Lady Yokels have to go and check if Alabama is going to remain the boil on the butt of this country!

One does not remove thyself from public life by continuing to call into the radio!



Despite his promises that he was going to remove himself from the public view, Blaine can’t seem to stay away from those WFMD airwaves.(Which is funny because we heard that DC 101 was super anxious to talk to him last week.) Whether it’s calling Bob Miller up to admit he lied to the judge, or appearing on Pattee Brown’s weekend show to recite a laundry list of excuses, he just can’t seem to help himself.

“What is it now?”, we can hear you groan!  Apparently he called in again yesterday to bash Jan’s decision to bring Montevue and Citizens back into county control. False equivalency is up first on the menu:

“The fact is this government shouldn’t be in the health care business. I think that we’re learning that at the national level with people wanting to overturn Obama Care,” Young said.

He’s got to find a way to bring Obama into this doesn’t he? Well, he might be right to a degree. A recent Gallup poll found that almost 60% of people favor getting rid of the ACA in favor of a single payer system. That’s right, people want MORE government regulation of their healthcare.

Here’s the part that really gets us though. You would think if one really wanted to argue how bad a deal being in the healthcare business is for the county one would be a tad more articulate than this:

“We have lost tens of millions of dollars, as high as maybe sixty or eighty million dollars, maybe one hundred million,”

And this part just doesn’t make any sense at all:

“And obviously Aurora must be good at patient care because they’re going to be taking care of the patients now up to the next 18 months. Which my prediction is that they will be in there longer than that. This is just a ploy to kind of say that I’m taking it back and that someone else is going to run it because all we ever heard about was how bad Aurora was,” Young said.

Mostly we heard what a bad financial deal this was for the county. Coupled with the fact that our indigent residents would no longer be guaranteed the care they so deserve. But how is it a ploy? That sentence makes zero sense.


Why does WFMD keep giving him an outlet in which to express himself?


It is done! Montevue and Citizens are back in county hands!


At 3:30 this afternoon Jan held a press conference. We were informed that as of September 1st the nursing homes were back in the county’s hands. The same legal agreement that was discussed on May 18th is still in effect and on the county website shall anyone want to review it. Additionally, all lawsuits concerning this sale are either dismissed or in the process of being dismissed.

According to Jan, to proceed with the sale would have cost the county $15.4 million, to keep it 1/2 of that. Why? Because we hadn’t paid off the debt and would still have five payments to make under the continuing care agreement. Should these numbers pan out then this whole sale was a horrible deal for the county.

Aurora will continue with the day to day management and slowly new indigent patients will be allowed in. Jan also wanted to address the rumors that $38 million in new debt was incurred. Now who would have said such a thing?


Oh yeah! Well, it’s not true. No new money was needed. They refinanced that bonds that hadn’t yet been paid off. Many people were upset when the old BOCC sold off the nursing homes and we are sure they are happy to hear of this. Obviously some dead horses are going to have to be beaten because of this, but for now we will rejoice in the knowledge that our new government is responsive to it’s citizen’s needs.

What dead horse is getting throttled this week?

Nobody told your Lady Yokels that dead horse hunting season was now open in Frederick!  Surprisingly, this week’s dead horse doesn’t symbolize Jerry and Jessica lining their pockets with all those gold doubloons. What horse’s bones are Billy and Kirby beating this time? Take a gander:


If being on the hook for millions, that's right millions, of more dollars is solving the problem, then I guess for once he's right!
If being on the hook for millions, that’s right millions, of more dollars is solving the problem, then I guess for once he’s right!

What does Kirby have to say? Let’s summon him and find out:


If he put this much time and energy into his council man job we would all be better off.

Now we are forced to summon the ghost of Mark Twain:


We covered Kirby’s school construction workshop and Jan’s presentation concerning the acquisition of the nursing homes from Aurora. Why weren’t Kirby and Billy concerned about building schools when it was a developer free for all during the last BOCC? For, in a logical world, that would have been the perfect time to make sure our infrastructure and schools were up to snuff.  Why, also, did they vote against funding schools above MOE? It clearly could not have been a secret that the people who were going to occupy these adobes would have offspring that they would like to be properly educated. Or was it? But of course this is all Jan’s fault! Every last bit of it!


It’s that time of the month!

We hear ya Peanut!
We hear ya Peanut!

As reliable and as looked forward to as our monthly menstrual cycles, Kirby publishes some drivel on the noodlely appendage. This month’s submission was so long that the Editor of said website had to publish this disclaimer:

Editor’s Note: County Councilman Delauter (sic) piece is quite lengthy, which was brought on by the detailed facts he presents. It is well worth the read.

Well that’s makes it tons more appealing!!  It is really hard to decipher, we even think some paragraphs may be out of order, but we will give it the old college try!

As best as we can make out, here’s his main points:

  1. David Gray-bad!
  2. Jan Gardner-even worse!
  3.  Nursing home-money pit!
  4. Jan targeting businesses!
  5. Whoa! That’s a lot of numbers!

That’s the best we can do with this one. You can try it for yourself, but you may want to fortify yourself with some liquid courage first. We need to go lie down now.

The path back to power is long and rambling.

Man, how bad is it when even Donald Trump doesn't like you?
Man, how bad is it when even Donald Trump wants to distance himself from you?!

Yokels, if you’ve been with us from the beginning you know that  Blaine Young is the reason that we started this little blog.  As we read his letter to the FNP entitled:

Blaine Young: ‘Work together, or nothing will get accomplished’

we knew we had to do something. Our first instinct was to go on an angry, drunken rampage through the streets of Frederick. Cooler heads prevailed and we instead decided to start a blog on the corruption and down right craziness that exists in our local government.  For almost a year, certain characters have kept us very, very busy. Even the one that promised we wouldn’t be hearing from him for 10 years.

In fairness, or because they wanted us to have an endless stream of material, someone at the FNP has given Blaine  a column. It’s always terrible, and today was no exception.  Let’s begin with the title:

What does ‘open for business’ mean anymore?

Sorry Hoots, but if we had to endure it so do you.
Sorry Hoots, but if we had to endure it so do you.

Didn’t he hear that when Jan took down the “open for business” signs all local businesses, especially hot dog stands, were required to shut down? I mean really Blaine, get with it.

The first few paragraphs are dedicated to educating us to how Democrats ruin everything. Of course! Republicans, on the other hand, would like to get rid of ALL regulations, except those that protect the public. To do otherwise would be picking the winners and losers.  Then we are treated to his views on  government services (Keep in mind folks, this guy was in charge of our government for 4 years and wanted to become our County Executive. Man we dodged a nuclear weapon!):

Sometimes the government would even go into business competing against the private sector, such as a golf courses, health and fitness, aquatics, nursing homes, entertainment, hotel and conference centers — just to name some categories close to home.

So is it his contention that the government provides  recreation and medical services just to stick it to local businesses? There couldn’t possibly be other reasons could there? Like cost, accountability and equal access?  Hmm, let’s continue….

Sorry Sprinkles, we’re almost done.

His enlightened views on the tax code:

The tax code is a mess on all levels, local, state and the federal, but we created this mess. We desperately need tax reform and a simpler, more equitable tax code. I’d propose either a flat tax or fair tax. But this will never happen, because politicians would lose the power to directly benefit those who helped elect them.

Sigh, then he meanders his way back to Maryland.  You know the most business unfriendly entity on the face of the Earth!?  Because folks, no Fortune 500 companies operate out of Baltimore.  Thankfully, though, the Gods of fortune have heard Blaine’s cries for help:

It was a major step to elect a governor who understands how business works. Gov. Larry Hogan actually owned and operated a business that employed people. Now, no disrespect to other small-business owners, but unless you have a business location and employ at least a handful of people, it’s hard to understand the everyday challenges that a business owner encounters. In my opinion, career politicians who have never owned a business are the core of the problem, and this needs to be addressed if we are ever really going to have a government that encourages free enterprise instead of stifling it.

Hey Guv, Blaine wants to know if there are any open positions on your staff.

We are happy to know that Governor Hogan employed people instead of let’s say baboons. Business people of course have a perspective to bring to the table. But not the only perspective. So is Blaine actually advocating that business people are the only ones qualified for public office? It sure seems so. Things haven’t been working out so well on  that front though:

We have very few business people serving in elected office or who ever aspire to serve. When I look locally, I can only find one, and they are trying to drive him out of business or out of office.

Who, pray tell, is he referring to? A real stumper!

Well, Blaine has a  solution to all of our anti-business woes. There’s only one person brave enough to strip all regulations, ban all governmental functions and get this country back on course again! Are you ready folks?!:

This is why I believe Donald Trump has hit a nerve in this election cycle. Some people say we need a successful business person who tells it like it is to straighten this country out. Now, we always want to start at the top to fix our problems but it’s Congress and the state Legislature that needs to be changed first.

“Some people”:

2016-03-10 (1)

Do these mysterious “some people” really think that Trump is qualified to run the free world because he’s run a trazillion businesses into the ground? Is it a fair trade to elect a racist misogynist xenophobe to the highest office because he’s employed people? How can that be a reasonable action to propose? Oh yeah right, it’s Blaine.

If you do get a chance to read the article, MAKE sure you read the comments. They’ll give you a chuckle or two.  In all fairness, not everyone was upset about this column:

Why is everyone always calling Billy? Stop it people!
Why is everyone always calling Billy? Stop it people!


Hey Carroll County, wanna make a deal?

We would barely have to change the map!
We would barely have to change the map!

Hey Carroll County neighbors! How ya doing on this crisp Fall morning? Many of us over here in Frederick have a proposition for you. How about a little land deal, specifically the section of Union Bridge that FORMER BOCC President Blaine Young now occupies? Please take this proposal under serious consideration, we’ll let it go for pennies.

We have spoken of the previous bitterness that Blaine exhibits when Jan fixes his monumental mistakes. And with all earnestness, we here at the Yokel hoped he would find new purpose in his lawn care business and would leave us all the hell alone. Alas,one look at this morning’s Letters to the Editors shows just how naive we were. The only consolation we receive is the comment section which is on full blown anti-Blaine alert . We are not even going to pick apart the letter since it’s a bunch of nonsense that doesn’t deserve the time we would waste. However, we will say that chuckling occurred when he stated that money saved could have been used towards schools and roads. Does he think we are all new here?

Before we sign off, a shout out to Harvey Burnsteel of Thurmont who wrote a great LTE about Mr. Shreve this morning. Here’s our favorite part:

Shreve’s performance to date, further supported by his letters to the editor, is barely above poor. We citizens of Frederick County deserve better representation than this.

Agreed Mr. Burnsteel, we all deserve better.

Billy Blue Light Special

The FDR of Frederick County, Billy Shreve (hahahahahaha, poor FDR, rolling in his grave…) was having a regular Fireside Chat on WFMD again this morning. At first we thought we might not listen and just make up what he said, since it was likely to be so predictable. And, yes, we could have nailed it to the wall without the 20 minutes wasted. Jan’s a dictator without a plan who lost money and yaddayaddayadda. We’ve already been through all those counterpoints.

Those newspapers of the nation which most loudly cried dictatorship against me would have been the first to justify the beginnings of dictatorship by somebody else.--Franklin D. Roosevelt
Those newspapers of the nation which most loudly cried dictatorship against me would have been the first to justify the beginnings of dictatorship by somebody else.–Franklin D. Roosevelt (Did FDR read The Tentacle?!)

The true surprise is that Bob Miller pushes back about Jan’s dictatorship. He also calls copious attention to the fact that the people who wanted a charter government were insistent upon a County Executive who had the power to make decisions and act on them, and that “those people” got what they wanted. Wonder which people Mr. Miller is referring to…Does anyone recall Billy expressing any concern about how easily a C.E. might become a “dictator” before it was Jan Gardner’s job?

There was a clip with Jan Gardner from MidMaryland Live saying that she couldn’t understand how a fiscal conservative would have supported the deal made by the BOCC that got us into all this mess, and it’s a question many, many other people wonder about as well, but Bob went to a commercial break and we then came back to some surrealist nonsense about how if you take your car to the government to fix instead of Jiffy Lube then you have to live at the government’s auto repair shop now. This may be a slight paraphrasing, but it did not make a lot more sense. And remember we talked about this back in April.

To make bad worse, Kirby called in from the netherworld and said the worst thing about private enterprise is that you have to go to work every dang day, and insinuated that other people don’t, as though you can’t be fired for doing a bad job if you work at a county run nursing home. He also fails miserably at making the point he wants to make, since if you go out of business as a private facility, you cease to exist. In the case of indigent elderly patients that would necessarily be a worse outcome than the county accepting a loss during that fiscal year.

Numerous people on numerous issues need to recognize that doing the cheapest thing is not always the best (even if and when the premise of said argument isn’t necessarily cheaper anyway). I don’t shop at Kmart. I don’t want anyone receiving Kmart quality healthcare, and I don’t want any kids in this county at Kmart quality schools. As a private business, in the immortal words of Dustin Hoffman, “Kmart sucks.” They aren’t even particularly successful at selling low quality junk. Let’s stop trying to make everything Kmart.

Also, BS looked into his BS crystal ball and decided that in 2 years the whole thing will be run into the ground and losing money. We may need a hashtag to keep updated on the doomsday scenario. #brokein2years ? Open to suggestions, locals!

It’s time for more B.S. from B.S.


Sometimes we have to wonder if Stanley Snow hired a Pavlovian psychiatrist to bring about some kind of wild dog response whenever Billy hears the word Aurora.

Seriously folks? Why is Billy so gung ho for Aurora all the time?
Seriously folks? Why is Billy so gung ho for Aurora all the time? (And we know this isn’t the exact Pavlovian method but it’s fun!)

So what has Billy done now some of you may be asking? First let’s take a tour of Councilman Billy Shreve’s Facebook page. Take your Dramamine and fasten that seat belt because it’s going to be a rough one.

Part One:

Officially from the desk of Billy Shreve!
Officially from the desk of Billy Shreve!

Part Two:


Then we have this charming little discussion:


And folks this is funny:


Billy claims that he’s posting a building permit, but clear as day:

What's that say at the top?
What’s that say at the top?

So lessons learned from Shreve’s Facebook page:

-Jan’s a Nazi, or Joan of Arc, or falling on her sword, or fill in the blank.

-Billy can’t read the titles of his documents or just hopes people won’t click and read.

-Jan is using eminent domain right now this very second.

-Billy cares about the poor residents of Citizens/Montevue and Jan does not.

Then today on THAT website Billy is a guest columnist.  He issues a Call to Action that he and Kirby are leading against Jan’s fight to return the nursing homes to county control. Read if you dare.

Months ago, we had many questions about the continuing care agreement that the BOCC signed with Aurora. Remember this language:

IV. FUTURE INDIGENT CARE. In addition to Aurora’s continuing care obligation for the subsidized MALF residents required, above, after leasing CCRC’s Facility Business Assets and Real Property as defined in the Asset Purchase Agreement Aurora shall accept new assisted living residents requiring financial assistance, to the extent MALF beds are available, provided County agrees to pay, and continue to pay, Aurora’s full private pay amount in place at the time of each admission. The County’s commitment to fund these additional MALF residents must be reflected in a separate written agreement between Aurora and the County shall not be required or inferred by any provision of this Agreement.

To the extent that beds are available has always been a sore point for us. Can’t Aurora just fill up all the beds and not have any for the indigent? And let’s not forget that Jan’s reasons for not making the last payment was because the price negotiated for the care was for a greater number of patients than is currently receiving care. Why doesn’t that get the fiscal outrage machine in motion?

And let’s not forget that this whole sale may have been illegal according to the State. You see Maryland contributed $200,000 to the building of the new facility and as a result was supposed to have a say on what happened to it. Blaine showed up in Annapolis and with much drama tried to hand the Division of Public Works a check for said amount but was refused. Learning that not everyone can be paid off. And let’s not forget this nice LTE from a member of the Maryland Commission on Aging. A lot of good points raised.

And this whole eminent domain thing is not set in motion yet. Jan has made it very clear that she is still trying to negotiate with Aurora. Billy and Kirby, on the other hand, want no discussion. They don’t even want to admit that there may be a little bit of a problem with this deal. So really where do their interests lay?

Don’t forget tonight’s the night of the hearing. 7:00 at Winchester Hall.

From the quill of #kirbydelauter

We're with you Mr. Octopus!
We’re with you Mr. Octopus!


In the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt, #kirbydelauter likes to keep us informed of his thoughts through a monthly column on THAT website curiously named The Tentacle. Read it in full for yourself here.

Now sit down readers, because we aren’t in total disagreement with #. We think he makes some good points about the public comments. Has there been any good answer as to why they were taken away from the beginning of the meeting? We do agree that it is a little arduous to sit through what is sometimes a 4 hour and 40 minute meeting to get your chance to speak. Anyone with any insights on this please share, because it’s a worthy discussion to have.

HOWEVER, we do have some issues with what he had to say.  We do not agree with the council man’s assertion that the council should vote on an issue right after the public hearing. In fact we think he makes our point for us when he states:

Another change that should be made is that we should vote on the issue at the public hearing. This is when things like public comment are fresh in everyone’s mind, and when you can have the debate with concerned residents. As it currently stands, we vote at the third hearing, which could be as much as a month from the date of the public hearing. That makes it very difficult to remember all of the information gathered at the hearing; and one thing you lose, in particular, is the emotion that people had at that hearing. Even if you take copious notes, it’s still difficult a month later to capture all items of importance that the hearing displayed.

An issue SHOULD NOT be decided upon because of the emotion of the situation. And that is exactly why the council should be given the time to digest what has been presented to them. EXACTLY WHY. And Mr. Delauter, if you are reading this, the county records all of your meetings so you can click here to replay all the emotions you may have forgotten.

Kirby, of course, doesn’t miss an opportunity to mention the English Language Ordinance and Aurora because blah, blah, blah..who cares? But we do love this last line:

You have to keep in mind, we’re not elected forever, so how would we want a meeting to run if we were on the other side of the dais?

Oooh when, oh when is he going to be on the other side of the dais?