Who researched this place? Oh yeah, right.


The never-ending saga of the Aurora take over of our county nursing home has taken a new turn. In today’s Frederick News Post we are alerted to a new lawsuit filed by the county:

Instead, the county stated in its counterclaim that Aurora broke its contract with the county by failing to pay several employees for unused annual leave, paid time off and sick leave, up to a total of 96 hours, when the employees resigned.

Aurora took ownership of the operations of the centers on May 1, 2014.

The contract stated that Aurora was to allow all county employees to continue working at the center but didn’t guarantee any length of employment.

To recognize the unused leave that the employees had built up over the course of their employment with the county, the county agreed to give Aurora a payment equivalent to what it would cost to pay out the employees for this time.

The county determined this amount was about $367,500 and paid Aurora, the counterclaim stated. The employees were entitled to a cash payment under the contract if they left the company and hadn’t used their time off, the counterclaim stated.

But when Aurora terminated the workers’ employment with the company, the counterclaim stated, Aurora refused to pay the employees for their unused leave.

Gardner said she was displeased when she heard this.

We are displeased as well! We thought a nursing home akin to Disney World would be a little more on the up and up. So what happened to this $367,500? And did anyone do any research, beyond a visit, as to how this company functioned? One click to the website Glassdoor, and we found a ton of people complaining about the low wages. But I guess that really didn’t matter to the last BOCC. Because if it’s in the Yellow Pages, well you know.

Another part of this story bothered us.  The contract that the BOCC signed with Aurora guaranteed county employees a job.  And there was a bunch of talk about how this supposed fact made this a good deal for everyone. However, there was no time limit mandated as to how long Aurora had to keep the former county employees.  So this brings into question the sincerity of the claims that were made to us when this whole deal was going down.  This piece of information also brings back memories of another story in which we uncovered that the contract stipulated Aurora had to cover the current indigent patients. However, they were under no obligation to do so in the future.  Not that this is news or anything, but this contract served no benefit to the residents or employees of Montevue and Citizens. And, if you think for one minute that low wages and high turnover are a good recipe for running a nursing home, then we have some swamp land in Florida we would like to sell you.

Keep up this fight Jan! Who wants to take bets on how quickly Billy will be on WFMD?

Your Monday boredom report.


If you’ve read our past musings about Billy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he likes to post county documents to his Facebook page. Not all, only those that he thinks will get people all riled up. Take for example, that time he posted the legal documents in which Aurora made the county aware they were suing them. More recently he posted the English Language Ordinance repeal bill. No comment, just put it out there. Want to know what it is now? I am sure you don’t, but if I had to look at it:

Since Blaine doesn't have the bully pulpit anymore, I'll take up the torch!
Since Blaine doesn’t have the bully pulpit anymore, I’ll take up the torch!

That’s right it’s the county’s agreement with Regina Williams concerning her employment with Frederick County. Now please notice that this is addressed to Jen Fifield at the Frederick News Post. We applaud reporters for using the Freedom of Information Act and reporting to us what is happening in our government. And from that point of view, we get it! Newspapers are in the business of keeping us abreast of what goes on behind closed doors, without the media our democracy could not exist. Billy’s motives is what bothers us. From the Aurora payment, to the repeal bill to this. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of question as to why this may not have been the best working situation for both the County Executive and Ms. Williams. It was a conflict of interest when she was involved with the President of the Board of County Commissioners and it’s a conflict because she’s still in a relationship with the man who wanted Jan’s job. From every viewpoint this is a human resources nightmare. Billy seems not to know whom he represents. He puts stuff out there, quite often with no comment of his own, and it’s really hard to figure out what his point is. Plus, it’s really getting quite tedious bringing this stuff to light. So Billy, please, please stop it.

It’s Groundhog Day Folks!



Over and over and over again.
Over and over and over again.


We have only been at this blogging thing for less than two months. And in that short period of time we have written three separate posts about Billy going on the radio “updating the facts” ( Read #1, #2 and #3 by clicking on the numbers) concerning Aurora and Jan not paying their bill. So we are so very sorry to have to bring this to you…again:

We swear this is a new one!
We swear this is a new one!

Please don’t kill the messenger folks! We know it’s frustrating. At least he’s tagging fewer people. So what is it now you may be screaming!? Curiously Aurora has decided to slap the county with a $3.25 million lawsuit. Even though they are scheduled to sit down with the county on June 10 for a mediation session. Makes no sense to us either! What makes even less sense, however, is why Billy is posting the letter from the lawyers on his website, why he keeps going on WFMD (!@#?) to “update the facts”, why he is acting as an agent for Aurora rather than one for the county. But these are questions we have asked in our last THREE posts  and  lo and behold we haven’t received any answers. At this point we are losing hope.

Come on Billy don't drive us into the ditch!
Come on Billy don’t drive us into the ditch!


Billy Shreve…Take Three!

For a few days it had been quiet, almost too quiet in the land of Billy Shreve. But as a mother of young children surely knows, when it’s quiet there’s trouble a brewin’.

Again? Seriously, again?
Again? Seriously, again?


So this quiet time was spent “updating the facts”. Good Poseidon of the Sea that can’t be good can it?!


Stop going on the radio Billy! Just stop it!
Stop going on the radio Billy! Just stop it!

No it was not. And oh how we apologize to Bob Miller for our critique of his morning show. Because we did not know (and wished we still did not) of the horror that awaited us on the afternoon program with Tim May. So many apologies Bob. As an example of the extreme sacrifice we go through for you let us tell you a story. A nice caller pointed out that laws and contracts get changed all the time. When people’s opinion of a matter change or a new administration comes in it isn’t unusual for changes to be made. Well this poor nice caller did not realize that he committed the high crime of blasphemy with what seemed to us perfectly rational arguments.  But, thankfully Private Eye/Man of the Cloth Tim May was there to point it out. Because dear caller you know what law can never been changed? THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!!! BAM! Take that you ignorant fool, argument over.

So to continue, we come in at the 3rd hour, because as much as we love you dear readers, there is only so much in terms of our sanity that we are willing to sacrifice. At the beginning of this hour we are welcomed by the very persistant voice of our friend Mary. Mary, leader of the “How could you Bud Otis?” brigade had some very reasonable remarks about Jan. It’s too much b.s. for us to wade through on a Friday. But she did leave us with some good sound bites. Jan’s governance so far has been “hypocrisy in action” and damnit “Facts Matter”! Well thankfully that was over quickly and on comes Billy.

Now, from the looks of his Facebook status it seemed as though we were going to get some new information. But looks are often deceiving. Because all we heard was the same old, same old that we heard on the last two radio appearances. (See #1 and #2 here) He was asked why the CEO calls him instead of Jan. The best answer Billy can give is that Jan won’t reach out to him. Why she should have to do this is beyond us. But he then goes on to say that he and Kirby were in on the deal from the beginning so he feels more comfortable calling them.  Which one is it?

We pointed out in an earlier post that the way the Continuing Care agreement was crafted it was very easy for Aurora to get out of treating future indigent patients. Billy as much admitted to this, saying that the county would have to pay the full rate. While he did not specify exact dollars we can only assume the full rate is a shitload of money. Billy did leave us with a couple of thoughts on the subject of Aurora. First of all, he didn’t start all this hoopla because CEO Snow called him (a departure from his earlier statements) it’s because the poor residents have been calling him personally worried about their future. Man, to be Billy’s phone. How does it not ring all day and all night? But the piece de resistance that Billy had to say about the nursing home is this: Aurora is like Disney World and the county’s is like a prison.  That’s right folks, it’s all sunshine and cotton candy up in Aurora’s house. But the county run home, you might as well be in Alcatraz.





Then we get to talks of the budget and oh how cute, nobody can remember Bud Otis’ name. These guys are hilarious. Billy starts off by saying that the budget process was the worst process he had ever been involved in. The worst! He wants more positions and he’s still whining about not getting his meeting with the budget officer. But it’s just the same old same old we’ve heard from the past few weeks. We had some glimmer of hope we would hear something new. Right before the last break Billy was warned that he was going to be asked why he can’t be civil. But of course, they never came back to this point. Because Blaine called in and repeated the same exact lines he said on last week’s  Bob Miller’s show.

So there you have it folks. Same old same old. The only updated facts was that Billy only acts in the interest of the old, poor patients of Aurora. Not CEO Snow, whom apparently has Billy’s direct line. Why he keeps torturing us with these radio appearances we cannot guess. But we’ll be here to listen so you don’t have to.

Thank Billy It’s Friday!

We here at Frederick Local Yokel cannot get one day off from Billy’s antics! Not one! Soon we are going to have to submit an overtime notice to his office, because really it is becoming all too much. What did he do now? Well just look:

lawyerletter blur

We will blur out these documents since the county says they are confidential.
We will blur out these documents since the county says they are confidential.


On his public Councilman Billy Shreve Facebook page he decided to publish both the invoice and letter that the county received from Aurora. Even though we don’t agree with Billy’s opinion on this matter we don’t see anything wrong with him hashing out his opinion on the radio or in the newspaper or even on television. But we have to think that some line has been crossed when he posts documents addressed to the county on his Facebook page. Documents that could eventually be a part of a lawsuit, documents that are not even addressed to him, documents that the county says are confidential. According to the Code of Ethics he is supposed to abide by, we see many possible violations. For example: Avoid activities, which would compromise or give the perception of compromising the best interest of the employer. Or perhaps this one: Avoid the appearance of unethical or compromising practices in relationships, actions and communications. There are many more so please look at the code for yourself. Whether Billy likes it or not he represents Frederick County and no matter his feelings on this particular issue, he should really take more care as to what he posts on his Facebook page.

This week in radio appearances…

First we must start with a complaint! We have had to listen to WFMD three times this week! We were subjected to propaganda such as: ” Fox News, we report you decide” and some odd PSA about how you are the worst parent in the world if you allow your graduating senior to go to beach week. We want you to know what we go through for you, our gentle readers.

Let us begin with yesterday’s phone in appearance by Blaine Young on the Bob Miller show. Martyr Blaine is very, very upset about some things. First of all, he begins with, “Every deal that has my name on it is a bad deal for the citizens of Frederick County.” Well, duh. And then after repeating this platitude goes on to say, “Plain and simple, in this day and age the last thing the county needs to be in is the nursing home business.” He then repeats this for all you idiots who didn’t understand him the first time. Bob Miller, helpfully points out that technically we are still in the nursing home business if we are paying for the 58 indigent residents that were there at the time of this deal. To which Blaine said that it’s only for a little while and the government doesn’t know what it’s doing and it’s a horrible center and money, money, money. But here’s the kicker. Jan you need to get over Blaine! Stop texting, calling and blaming everything on him! He’s moved on gosh darn it! Why can’t you let him be!? We must give a shout out to Bob Miller. At the end of the interview Blaine told Bob that he is soliciting funds for his new Presidential Library. Bob responds, ” What’s it going to have in it? Two comic books? I didn’t even know you could read!” We were shocked as well. And it’s really funny to make fun of people who actually like to read. Hilarious!

I never learned to read

So, last night we were helpfully alerted to the fact that Billy was going to make yet another appearance on Bob’s morning show. First, it’s at 7:20, then no it’s 8:20 but he didn’t actually make it on until 8:36. So there’s 16 minutes of our life lost forever! All kidding aside we do appreciate some of the push back that Bob has given Billy over this whole Aurora scandal. He once again asked Billy why he never contacted Jan directly. Billy says he didn’t need to, he contacted the lawyers. Bob points out that she may have been able to explain to him her reasoning for withholding the next payment to which Billy replied, ” I don’t think if she explained it the results would be any different. The process is the process.” We feel the same way. There are no words that Jan could have used that would have gotten through to him. NONE. So it was much of the same re-hashing of his appearance earlier in the week. But at the end Billy tells us the real reason he came on the radio. He claims the residents were calling Aurora concerned they were going to be kicked out. Even though both Aurora and Jan have publicly announced this would not be the case. He doesn’t care about Aurora, no siree Bob, only our poor residents.

Well, well, well, that is certainly news to us. But we have a very specific question. Billy and Blaine both claim that the poor residents of Frederick County will still be allowed to use the nursing home, with county funds, if need be. However, this clause in the Continued Care agreement :

IV. FUTURE INDIGENT CARE. In addition to Aurora’s continuing care obligation for the subsidized MALF residents required, above, after leasing CCRC’s Facility Business Assets and Real Property as defined in the Asset Purchase Agreement Aurora shall accept new assisted living residents requiring financial assistance, to the extent MALF beds are available, provided County agrees to pay, and continue to pay, Aurora’s full private pay amount in place at the time of each admission. The County’s commitment to fund these additional MALF residents must be reflected in a separate written agreement between Aurora and the County shall not be required or inferred by any provision of this Agreement.

leaves us with this question: If Aurora fills up all the beds, can they turn the indigent away? No where in this clause, or in the agreement itself, is there any requirement that a certain number of beds be set aside for this purpose. So it seems as though the county has left a nice loophole for Aurora to get out of providing care if they should happen to fill all their beds up. If that is the case, I believe we will have to side with Jan that it’s a bad deal for Frederick County.

He who must not be named…..

Our resident Frederick County king of high drama is at it again! It all started last night with this post:

Side note: Why is he tagging Blaine Young? Does he still require his permission before acting?
Side note: Why is he tagging Blaine Young? Does he still require his permission before acting?

We here at Local Yokel could barely sleep last night wondering what on God’s green Earth could have Billy in such a state. Why the vaguebook post? And oh no, are we actually going to have to listen to WFMD?!

Well yes, we did. And it was horrid, but that’s  another tale for another time.  And here’s Billy’s let’s get this out on the wire news: Jan didn’t pay Aurora and a bunch of poor elderly patients are going to end up on the street. And how can Jan be such a big meanie and not care about these poor elderly patients who have no where else to go? I was lucky that I had just swallowed my coffee or I would have been out shopping for a new Ipad this afternoon. When morning host, Bob Miller, asks if he has talked to Jan, while flipping through his own Rolodex for her number that he knows he has somewhere, Billy says no but he tried to call the attorney and that jerk didn’t return his phone call.

So that appearance led to this press release:

Looks official!
Looks official!

At this point we are hazarding to guess that he still has not talked to Jan.  So, in order to answer these accusations, Jan holds a 3 p.m. press conference, where her anger towards he who must not be named is only nominally concealed.

During this press conference Jan informs the public that no one is in danger of being kicked out of Montevue or Citizens. In fact, their bill has been more than paid for until the end of the year.The money that Billy (and apparently the CEO of Aurora calls him whenever he has an issue) questioned is currently in escrow. Why? Because the county, the group of concerned citizens that sued the county, and Aurora are in private mediation over this matter. They sit down next month and at that time they will decide what their next step should be. The CEO was made aware of this, so it’s curious as to why he would call Billy, and no one was in danger of being out on the street. In fact, Jan says that the county has more than paid the bills of the indigent patients since Aurora over estimated the number of people in their care.

Throughout the conference, Jan refused to address Billy by name, instead referring to him as “a certain irresponsible council member”. She used the terms irresponsible and fear mongering to describe this whole charade.  We are left with a couple of questions about this whole situation. Why does the CEO of Aurora call Shreve when he has a question? And why the hell does Shreve care so much about them getting paid on time? We certainly know from his past record that it is NOT because he cares about what happens to the elderly people in our community.