We hear ya Peanut!
We hear ya Peanut!

As reliable and as looked forward to as our monthly menstrual cycles, Kirby publishes some drivel on the noodlely appendage. This month’s submission was so long that the Editor of said website had to publish this disclaimer:

Editor’s Note: County Councilman Delauter (sic) piece is quite lengthy, which was brought on by the detailed facts he presents. It is well worth the read.

Well that’s makes it tons more appealing!!  It is really hard to decipher, we even think some paragraphs may be out of order, but we will give it the old college try!

As best as we can make out, here’s his main points:

  1. David Gray-bad!
  2. Jan Gardner-even worse!
  3.  Nursing home-money pit!
  4. Jan targeting businesses!
  5. Whoa! That’s a lot of numbers!

That’s the best we can do with this one. You can try it for yourself, but you may want to fortify yourself with some liquid courage first. We need to go lie down now.