It is done! Montevue and Citizens are back in county hands!


At 3:30 this afternoon Jan held a press conference. We were informed that as of September 1st the nursing homes were back in the county’s hands. The same legal agreement that was discussed on May 18th is still in effect and on the county website shall anyone want to review it. Additionally, all lawsuits concerning this sale are either dismissed or in the process of being dismissed.

According to Jan, to proceed with the sale would have cost the county $15.4 million, to keep it 1/2 of that. Why? Because we hadn’t paid off the debt and would still have five payments to make under the continuing care agreement. Should these numbers pan out then this whole sale was a horrible deal for the county.

Aurora will continue with the day to day management and slowly new indigent patients will be allowed in. Jan also wanted to address the rumors that $38 million in new debt was incurred. Now who would have said such a thing?


Oh yeah! Well, it’s not true. No new money was needed. They refinanced that bonds that hadn’t yet been paid off. Many people were upset when the old BOCC sold off the nursing homes and we are sure they are happy to hear of this. Obviously some dead horses are going to have to be beaten because of this, but for now we will rejoice in the knowledge that our new government is responsive to it’s citizen’s needs.

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