Let’s spice this meeting up! Your October 18th drinking game!


This week’s meeting looks a little, how shall we say it? Boring as all get out. So let’s stray away from the agenda this week and envision some possible scenarios we may see at tonight’s meeting.

When Billy talks about his PTSD from the sexual harassment he suffered, mix yourself up a tall Pink Faced Liar.  For someone who is the co-chair of the local Trump campaign cannot feel this way.

Kirby’s upset about someone “misconstruing” a piece of legislation that was passed during his BOCC days. Wants to make it “known” that whatever new legislation that is before them, even if it contains all the same words, is certainly NOT the same thing. Make sure you have a Goodbye Sigh to get your through this tirade.

Any mention of someone being a moron before gathering all the facts deserves an Idiot Box.

Tony is going to vote for something, but not before he lets us all know why he really shouldn’t be. Have some Why Not on hand for this one.

Jerry has to fact check ole # for the eleventybillion time. It is futile. Sip an good old Oxymoron in honor of Jerry’s efforts.

M.C. projects the patience of a Saint when presented with the most illogical, grandstanding council members this side of the Mississippi. When she once again tries to bring everyone back to the task at hand, have yourself a Saint Lawrence cocktail.

Jessica has to clear something erroneous that Kirby said about the teacher’s union, or TIF’s, or human trafficking or anything really.  Go ahead and have a Painkiller in her honor.

Bud has to demean himself by addressing Billy’s most ludicrous suggestion that he sexually harassed him.  Mix up a whole pitcher of Crazy Monkey, for we feel like one right now.

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