Nothing Happened.

So, there was a council meeting today and by the time we got connected to the WiFi the business was pretty much done and on to Public and Council Member Comments.

This would have been the shortest council meeting in history, except someone mistakenly activated the Hashtag Signal again. D’oh! So then we had to listen to Kirby’s regularly scheduled nursing home/Jan Gardner rant, recently augmented by his hotel TIF tiff. There was even some stuff in there he wasn’t sure if had happened or not, but it probably did, so why not throw a fit about it anyway (psssst: because that makes you look stupid…). If he could limit the Two Minutes Hate to two minutes, things would be a lot nicer for everyone involved. Frankly, we’re getting bored with him. His effort to weave from one talking point to the next has the end result that he rarely makes any sense.

Calling #KirbyDealauter. (Never.)
This device needs some kind of secondary verification.

Other members of the council spoke of nice and positive things like the rededication at Culler Lake, Oktoberfest, that our county has been identified a County of Opportunity, and recognition given to the Hispanic and Latino community in Frederick. Jerry Donald did some pro TIF/hotel chattering, pointing out that the mayors of absolutely everywhere came out to say what a good thing that downtown hotel will be for the whole dang county.

Even Billy didn’t sound too crazy tonight. Most probably because he is all burned out from the derpfest he has been on since this whole Trump campaign tickled his fancy (oh no…that’s probably not the right way to allude to Trump or Billy, given the recent news here, there, and everywhere…). Maybe he’s feeling dejected because Trump is going to get his butt handed to him in this election, although we seriously doubt Billy has ever heard of Nate Silver or Sam Wang or poll aggregation or the electoral college at all, so he probably has no idea really. Sad.

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