Has Billy seen the light??

In FNP’s Political Notes section today, reporter Danielle Gaines writes about Billy’s extremely bad judgment concerning the Cub Scout pic. In this article we learn that everything is as bad as it seemed. Billy tries to frame this whole incident as an “innocent” picture in which the boys asked for the stickers and the signs. Well, we know how stingy the Republican Central Committee is with their Trump signs because Billy proudly proclaimed on Katherine Heerbrandt’s radio show that they raked in thousands of dollars at the fair selling them. So no kids, you can’t have a sign but Uncle Billy will gladly allow you to snap a pic with one!

The leader of said troop, admittedly an old pal of Billy’s, said that one child sat out of the picture. And if that isn’t an indication of why such a thing shouldn’t occur we don’t know what is! What kind of leader allows an activity in which one or more of your members are going to feel excluded? How many of these parents and boys felt the need to go through with it because their leader and some of the other boys were so gung ho? The leader claims that they have “chalked this up as a learning lesson.” We certainly hope so. Billy sure hasn’t. After he received his letter of reprimand about using political signs in Winchester Hall his response was:

Shreve said if anyone talked to him before filing complaints, he would have described how the photo innocently came about.

Yeah, doesn’t matter Billy. You and the troop leader are supposed to be the grown ups. Just because you got all giddy thinking these kids were so into Trump doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want to!

It’s the last line of this story that we would like to focus on now. Now, take a seat, remove all sharp objects and hot beverages from your area. Are you ready?

“I think anytime you assume anything without getting all the facts first, you’re a moron,” he said.

Billy’s new name tag? Oh the irony.

WOW! JUST WOW! Your Lady Yokels almost fell over after reading that! Let’s go back in the Yokel archives and see if we can uncover a time or two or three or a million when Billy spoke without getting all the facts.

Remember a few weeks back when Billy assured us that we could drink out of any stream in Frederick County and then a report came out the very next day telling us that was certainly not the case? Or how about the time he suggested a class action lawsuit against Bud Otis for changing political parties? Let’s not forget about the time when he voted for a change to the hotel tax while he was a BOCC member, but then oh so magically changed his mind when his enemies wanted the same exact change. You may also remember that time when he and his buddy Kirby put out a press release asking for people to apply to the position of Budget Director. Something they did not have the authority to do. And let’s not forget his very interesting, “fact based” arguments as to why we should keep the English Language Ordinance. Even though Frederick County could not adhere to it because, interestingly enough, the county government must follow State and Federal regulations. Big surprise that he doesn’t understand how government works. Of course we cannot forget about what we learned yesterday. Billy claims that he is so very hurt and demeaned now that he has experienced sexual harassment first hand. However, that has not stopped him from being the co-chairman for the campaign of the one who is well on the path to being the greatest sexual harasser of our time!

Quite honestly we could sit here and do this all day long. But we think you get the point. Unless Billy has had one these moments:


Oops, just kidding!


Which is oh so doubtful. We can only assume that he is an obtuse hypocrite who does not deserve the honor of representing our fine county.

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