Let’s all be elitists! Send in your legislative ideas!

This evening, the county council will embark upon a workshop to consider legislative ideas to send to Annapolis. Don’t forget that you can email either the County Executive or your council member with any ideas you may have.

Some of our representatives shriek loudly about how everything is horrible in our fine county. Will they have any ideas to submit this evening? Late last evening we were lucky enough to receive Kirby’s legislative priorities. Read all about them here. Your Lady Yokels are on the case.

Jeremiah is a little more polite than we are.
Jeremiah is a little more polite than we are.

Some ideas from the past year. ICYMI.

2 thoughts on “Let’s all be elitists! Send in your legislative ideas!

  1. Members of the County Council must have a minimum IQ of 75 (mildly retarded) to be elected to office! They need to know how to read and write their own legislative proposals, and most importantly not be obstructionists to the earnest efforts of the other County Leaders who are trying to make this a great place to live.


  2. At tonight’s meeting, did anyone notice the shirt Kirby Delauter was wearing at the dias? It stood out to me since it appeared to be brand new bright blue shirt advertising “CAT” (Catepillar) tractors! The equipment that he uses for his business! At every turn, Shelauter look out for their own interests. I wonder if he was being compensated for wearing it, since it is product placement in the purest sense!
    The next one could be a “BS REALTY COMPANY”, or “KD FOR CE IN 2018”. I have already express my concerns about mixing business on the dias with Roger Wilson, and Bud Otis to stop this before it gets out of hand. It’s bad enough that they are the rotten apples in the barrel.


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