Last night’s meeting: an embarrassment of riches

Great Suffering Sappho!

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. Legislative priorities. Jerry Donald deserves the award for understanding representative democracy. Thank you sir, for pointing out that we should promote priorities that impact county level government. We elected these people, however imperfect, to do the job of county council member. Not state delegate, not congressperson. Not to create a direct democracy and get everyone’s input on the already random list of potential priorities, such as:

  • Defunding Planned Parenthood (again, not county business)
  • Promoting concealed carry (Just in Frederick County, or what? Is Kirby with his anger management struggles really the poster boy for this issue? David Gray and Doug Browning might need a GoFundMe for some Kevlar)
  • Voter ID laws–shot down in Texas! as a poll tax.
  • Speculating about the ordinances that shut down Emmitsburg’s hot dog stand so they may be repealed (Why not just ask the owners? Are we pro salmonella?!?!)

And speculate we MUST! Community members in the area suggest that it was a problem that their port-o-pot wasn’t handicapped accessible. In which case, why not just get the ADA compliant port-o-pot?

Beef N Buns in paradise seems like maybe they solved the same issue by not having public restrooms. I don't know who wants to investigate that. Maybe someone in the State House?
Beef N Buns in Paradise doesn’t have public restrooms. Maybe that solves the problem.  Should we take that idea to the state and see what’s up?

We heard from M.C. Keegan-Ayer that the Board of Elections is not aware of any incidences of voter fraud in Frederick County, but maybe they should investigate that one super interesting public commenter who would not give an address, and somehow voted in multiple council districts within Frederick County. *But NOT for Kirby!!!! Even if he lives in a cardboard box and does not have an address or a driver’s license, he deserves to be able to vote. Just not for everyone.

At any rate, many thanks to the many amazing speakers and caring citizens in Frederick County. You make us proud to live here.

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