Bruce Lee once said showing off is the fool’s idea of glory. Your September 6 county council run down.

So here we find ourselves once again. Up on the dais sit seven elected officials. Four caring, earnest, hard working individuals who have our county’s best interests at heart. One who vacillates between being a semi-reasonable legislator and hitching his wagon to a pair of rabid beasts. And then the two most disagreeable, vindictive, blathering idiots we have ever had the displeasure to lay our eyes upon.Yes folks, tonight was THAT bad.

The meeting began an hour later than usual due to Shreve’s constant complaints about Bud not having a crystal ball to predict the length of a meeting. We start right in on the craziness with the consent agenda. Kirby wants items 047 and 048 removed so he can rant. It is done, but let’s first share what Facebook Kirby of August 24 had to say about these consent agenda items concerning the Homeland Security Grant.


So Kirby has invited a couple of our faithful county employees to ambush ask questions of. He has them turn to the section concerning salaries, because you see, Kirby’s Facebook tirade was about how this grant will run out in two years and the county will have pick up the tab. How did he obtain this information? Where does any idiot get their heartfelt erroneous opinions? What we do know is that he was dead wrong… once again. It is explained to him, very politely, that this is a recurring grant that they have received since 2004 and will continue to receive. Therefore this will not be a problem for the future CE and county council to solve. Isn’t it easier to ask questions first before making an ass of yourself? But tis not the way of our great Facebook scribe.

We are then treated to a wonderful presentation by the capable and intelligent Mr. Roger Wilson. He gave us a calendar concerning the legislative initiatives the county would like to give our representatives in Annapolis. Jan will be holding a town hall meeting on October 6 at Winchester Hall if you have any suggestions.

Now we’ve come to the section of the evening that boiled our blood. We didn’t think we could be more disappointed, disgusted or generally put off by the entity known as Shrelauter. Boy were we wrong. It’s time to vote on the bill concerning Adequate Public Facilities and Developer’s Rights and Responsibilities. We’ve had a 1st reading, a 2nd reading which included a public hearing and now it’s time to vote. Billy very smugly pipes up, “Bud can you explain this bill? ” As though he’s an innocent wee bairn just trying to get some information. What he is trying to do is to get Bud to recite a very complicated bill in order to humilate him. Jerry sees this for what it is and gives Billy the what for. Billy very innocently murmurs, “I asked Bud.” To which Jerry replies something to the effect of: Well, I’m answering. Kirby then chimes in saying, “You should know what your bill says.” (How rich coming from someone who steadfastly refuses to submit any legislation.) To which he is told it was Jan’s bill. Bud reads to the idiots what the bill says. They answer by trying to grill him on parts of it and now we can just imagine the meeting that took place between the two of them and Blaine to flesh this all out. Can’t you see it folks?  Bud isn’t having any of this, and good Steve Horn comes to the rescue. Wasting his poor breath reciting information that everyone knows and depriving the two dimwits of their coup. Is this how the next two years are going to be folks? Are we to be subjected to adolescent high jinx just because Bud was a big meanie and did subscribe to their obstructionist style of legislating?


Thankfully there was a break so your kind Lady Yokels could collect themselves. We returned at 7 for a public hearing on the changes to the Fire Services bill. Only two people spoke. 3rd reading, and vote at a later meeting.

Now it’s time for Council Member comments. Kirby’s going off about  returning the money to Baltimore again. He procured himself a letter from the High Sheriff saying that he’s very mad that he was not properly consulted about returning the funds. (It’s at this moment that we are going to make you aware that the Washingtonian Magazine has reported that a rumor is afoot the High Sheriff has his sights set on the County Executive Office). And guess what? We don’t give a good hot damn what the Sheriff thinks about the money! It’s not his job to balance the county budget! And we would think he would be more on board with helping his fellow brothers in blue out!

Even though the meeting was moved to 5:30, Shreve is still going to complain about how he had to twiddle his thumbs in his office for an hour. Don’t you people know that this job should take the least amount of his oh so valuable time?! He’s got his rollerblading to think of!

Jessica very eloquently puts into words what we’ve been saying about all this meeting time nonsense. You can not predict how long they are going to last! Especially with this group she adds! EXACTLY! How many more times until you think it will sink into that thick skull of his?



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